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HSSB604: I just like this part of you


Exiting Yan Di’s place, Feng Yunsheng instantly heaved a lengthy sigh of relief, even patting her chest a little exaggeratedly.

As Yan Zhaoge watched on smiling from the side, noticing his gaze and understanding his meaning, Feng Yunsheng said exasperatedly, “He still is our Chief at the end of the day, also being the number one expert of the Eight Extremities World.

With that formless atmosphere around him, let alone ordinary people, even other Martial Saints would not be able to compare to that.

It is only natural that I am like this.”

“Oh” Yan Zhaoge said nothing, only continuously smiling towards her.

Helpless, Feng Yunsheng’s shoulders slumped slightly, “It’s mainly that…he’s your father…”’

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “An ugly wife has to meet her parent-in-laws someday.”

Feng Yunsheng chuckled, staring at Yan Zhaoge, “I’m very ugly”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “Not ugly, of course not…”

Feng Yunsheng had just nodded satisfiedly when she heard Yan Zhaoge continuing, “It’s just that your face is a little round, your ears a little big, your brows a little thick, your person a little short…”

“Yeah, yeah.

That’s right, that’s right,” Feng Yunsheng nodded sarcastically, looking at him from the corner of her eye.

She did not have an oval face like Meng Wan and Sikong Qing, her face instead being shaped more like a goose egg.

While it was not round, it appeared a little abundant somewhat.

As Feng Yunsheng cultivated every day, her body was naturally maintained in the same state.

Still, if she were a normal person, if she gained fats, it would be her face on which the flesh first grew.

At first glance, her features and brows were not as dazzling and captivating as the beauty Meng Wan or Sikong Qing possessed.

However, it was a kind that grew on people, possessing a flair of its own.

It was just that her brows were thicker than most other females.

Coupled with her resolute gaze, this caused her to be overflowing with valour, decreasing the soft beauty of her features somewhat.

The only deficiency in her beauty was that her ears were indeed a little big.

Feng Yunsheng usually draped her hair down her shoulders and back, covering up her ears whether intentionally or not.

While she was magnanimous and cheerful, she had that sort of vanity as well.

As for her being short, this was purely Yan Zhaoge looking for trouble.

Feng Yunsheng’s height was upper average amongst females.

Still, of Fu Enshu’s disciples, she was indeed slightly shorter than Sikong Qing and Yin Liuhua, the height difference being even more pronounced when compared against her Master.

Yan Zhaoge having jokingly found fault with her on all these, Feng Yunsheng could not help but roll her eyes.

Looking smilingly at her, Yan Zhaoge finally said, “…Still, I just like those with slightly rounder faces, slightly larger ears, slightly thicker brows, slightly shorter heights.

A certain someone fits all these criteria perfectly, not missing any in the least.”

Feng Yunsheng imitated him, spreading her hands apart, “What great fortune then.

Otherwise, there would be no one else under the broad heavens who would want me.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, taking out a long strip of cloth and going near Feng Yunsheng.

Feng Yunsheng was slightly taken aback.

Yan Zhaoge slipped the strip of cloth behind her neck and brought her hair together.

“I have some myself,” Feng Yunsheng said, but Yan Zhaoge had already bundled up her hair into a long ponytail.

Looking at Feng Yunsheng’s two exposed ears, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It would be a great waste to hide it.

Do you know With your hair behind your head, your features are even more beautiful, your face appearing even younger, as if you were still sixteen or seventeen.”

Feng Yunsheng didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “Are you saying that I’m already old now”

Yan Zhaoge tied her hair, “Who is joking with you When we martial practitioners have achieved a certain cultivation level, we are all able to modify our appearances, even returning to how we looked like when young.

Still, trust me on this.

You indeed look nicer this way, your other advantages being exemplified even more clearly.

As for your ears being exposed, it actually doesn’t mean much at all.”

Feng Yunsheng looked quietly at Yan Zhaoge, tilting her head slightly with her gaze soft as she smiled after a long time, “Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

Yan Zhaoge put his hands on his waist and appraised her before finally smiling satisfiedly, “Yes, perfect.”

“Se…senior apprentice-brother Yan” Now, a joyfully surprised whilst also rather hesitant voice resounded from the side.

Looking over, Yan Zhaoge saw a youth standing by the side.

“Oh, junior apprentice-brother Lan” While they had not met for quite some time, Yan Zhaoge still immediately recognised the other party as a member of the group of young disciples he had once led to the Sealing Dragon Abyss of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, his name being Lan Wenyan.

In the Eastern Tang, he had once been beaten up terribly by Ye Jing due to having righteously spoken up for Yan Zhaoge.

Fortunately, he had gradually recuperated after having returned to the clan.

A number of years having passed, once a Martial Artist, he was now already a Martial Scholar.

Seeing that Yan Zhaoge recognised him, Lan Wenyan was instantly overjoyed.

He clutched his sword, unconsciously gripping it even more tightly.

That sword was a mid-grade artifact.

Speaking of which, it was Yan Zhaoge from whom he had gotten it.

After Lan Wenyan had been injured by Ye Jing that year, Yan Zhaoge had once found someone to send him medicine.

He had also said that he had a mid-grade artifact reserved for him.

Whenever he refined his qi into aura-qi and stepped into the Martial Scholar realm, that would be when that mid-grade artifact would be his.

Mid-grade artifacts were usually possessed only by outer aura Martial Scholars.

While it did not mean much to the current Yan Zhaoge, to Lan Wenyan who was currently still an inner aura Martial Scholar, it was indisputably a divine weapon.

To Lang Wenyan, this sword’s position was also far from what other weapons could compare to.

After having taken his leave of Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, Lan Wenyan looked at Yan Zhaoge, yet was stunned once more.

After all, while he too was incomparable to how he was in the past, the changes in the current Yan Zhaoge surpassed these by hundreds, thousands of times.

Once, Yan Zhaoge had been an outstanding senior apprentice-brother of the same generation, being a role model for them all.

After that, various miraculous performances had allowed Yan Zhaoge to surpass the restrictions of seniority and age, causing his fellow disciples of the same generation to find it hard to treat him as someone of the same generation any longer.

Yan Zhaoge’s power shot up unceasingly within the clan, even becoming one of their key decision-makers.

With the actualisation of the destruction of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall as well as the slaying of the Radiant Light Sect’s troops, Yan Zhaoge had virtually become a living legend of the Eight Extremities World, causing Lan Wenyan to feel rather bedazzled by this.

He had emotionally emitted a sound just earlier.

Yet, truly standing before Yan Zhaoge now, he could only feel like his body was even trembling slightly, his tongue swelteringly dry as he knew not what he should say at all.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at Lan Wenyan.

He had a blue-bordered blue robe over his white clothes, actually already having long since been promoted from an ordinary disciple to an elite disciple.

“The blue robe is not easy to wear.

If you want that black border on your blue robe, you will have to far surpass others of the same generation in your efforts and perseverance,” Looking at Lan Wenyan, Yan Zhaoge was rather emotional before he smiled, “Just relying on rewards to encourage others would not be good.

Still, I understand your personality well, and we also share ties of destiny.”

“It’ll be like this.

Just like last time, I have a mid-grade spirit artifact left behind for you.

Whenever you step into the Martial Grandmaster realm, that is when it will be yours.”

Feng Yunsheng smiled by the side, not speaking.

She knew that the mid-grade spirit artifact was certainly not the main point.

Even if it was, Lan Wenyan also wouldn’t treat it in such a manner.

He could currently feel Yan Zhaoge’s hopes and encouragement towards him that resembled an agreement between men.

Feeling his body no longer trembling, Lan Wenyan stood tall, saying loudly, “As senior apprentice-brother Yan instructs, I will definitely work hard.”


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