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HSSB607: Chaotic devils beneath sun and moon, My sabre shall hence break


Speaking fairly, being the sole martial practitioner of the Eight Extremities World in history to have surpassed the third level of the Martial Saint realm and ascended into the World beyond Worlds, Zhang Chao naturally possessed extraordinary strength.

Be it talent or strength, he would definitely be considered one of the peak experts in the entire history of the Eight Extremities World.

Yet, the people he had met now could truly not be judged by normal standards and logic at all.

The current Zhang Chao having descended into the Eight Extremities World, his cultivation base would be restricted to the peak of the third level of the Martial Saint realm by the power of dimensions.

However, his opponent was someone he would be unable to easily win against even if he were in his peak condition at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Yan Di’s expression was calm, his hands empty.

He was already unable to wield high-grade spirit artifacts now, because they were completely unable to bear that sharp, tyrannical sabre-intent of his at all.

The sabre-light extinguished the descending sun within the sky, a muffled groan resounding.

A figure no longer descended, instead rising upwards once more.

Yan Di’s figure rose as well.

The few remaining figures amidst the infinite radiance above the sky descended together as well.

At this moment, the dimensional boundaries of the entire Eight Extremities World seemed to be shaking all at once.

At the same time, many peak experts descended into this world, the impact instantly brought about by this seemingly about to cause the entire Eight Extremities World to implode.

There were five other figures apart from Zhang Chao.

That vast power shocked the heavens and shook the earth.

Shockingly, every single one of these experts was at the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

The leading two, like Zhang Chao, caused the heavens and earth to shake along with their mere movements, their cultivation bases clearly having been suppressed by the power of dimensions.

Terrifying power congregated as even merely breathing seemed to disrupt the normal spiritual qi flow of the entire Eight Extremities World.

These two people raised their hands together, the sun and the moon flashing interchangeably in one of their palms, light illuminating the heavens and the earth.

It was precisely the Sun Moon Interchanging Art of the Radiant Light Sect along with the supreme martial art, the Sun Moon Divine Palm.

The sun and moon were grasped within that palm, yin and yang interchanging along with infinite brightness.

Meanwhile, the other party’s palm contained multiple surging layers of black qi which were evil and strange as they distorted terrifyingly.

The black fog that resembled thick ink surged amidst the incomparable brightness, the radiance actually unable to penetrate through it.

Within the thick fog, there seemed to be countless devils roaring together, causing the minds of others to waver as it was hard to withstand.

Yan Di shot over towards them, completely fearless as he struck up with his sabre, phenomena appearing in the tens of thousands as he cleaved through the heavens and split the earth apart.

Who cares about the overhead sun and moon or the dance of the chaotic devils.

All of them, my sabre shall hence break!

Where the sabre-light passed, the great sun sunk, the bright moon dimmed, the devilish qi being swept completely away as the numerous devils met their end.

As those two people stumbled backwards in retreat, Zhang Chao and another two people continued onwards.

While Zhang Chao had no Sacred Artifact, from the bodies of the other two third level Martial Saints of the Radiant Light Sect surged the radiance and great power of Sacred Artifacts, light surging to the heavens in an instant which shook the entire universe.

Yan Di’s expression did not change in the least.

The Clear Qi Robe appeared on his body.

Bolstered by it, his aura similarly skyrocketed, beating his opponents back into continuous retreat.

The final of the six opponents did not combine forces to attack Yan Di along with the rest.

Instead, he turned and shot over towards Yan Zhaoge.

He transformed completely into a streak of light, instantly traversing the horizon as he seemed to ignore the existence of time, ignore the distance of space.

This was the final direct lineage of the Radiant Light Sect apart from the Sun Moon Interchanging Art and the Radiant Light Illuminating Art, the Thousand Illusory Streaking Light Art.

Yan Zhaoge felt as though he was virtually unable to catch a glimpse of his opponent’s figure at all.

Even having reached the third level of the Martial Saint realm, the Northern Ocean Clone would not be able to surpass such a speed.

Yet, Yan Di was not flustered in the least as he directly struck out with another sabre, the sharp, tyrannical sabre-intent seemingly birthing abnormal changes at this moment.

Everything in the surrounding space around him seemed to slow down, seemingly converging towards stillness.

Meanwhile, his own sabre-light appeared even swifter.

The figure of the Radiant Light Sect expert who was trying to attack Yan Zhaoge incomprehensibly slowed.

At this point in time, Yan Di’s sabre-light had appeared before him in just an instant.

As their strikes collided in mid-air, that Radiant Light Sect expert groaned tragically as fresh blood scattered directly on the great earth down below.

After sending this opponent into retreat, Yan Di did not cease in his movements.

His sabre strikes were like shocking waves and tides, being tough and violent yet flowing in an endless stream.

A few more strikes were immediately unleashed, sending yet more opponents of his into retreat.

Apart from Zhang Chao, the other Radiant Light Sect experts all possessed one low-grade Sacred Artifact each, their power breaking space itself apart as they had already destroyed the surrounding heavens and earth about the World Illuminating Peak to an incomparably terrible extent.

The Eight Extremities World seemed like it might be ripped apart from the inside at this place.

Yet, Yan Di was ever undaunted as he fought fast against slow, fighting one against six for a time as he actually managed to retain the initiative in this fight, preventing the Radiant Light Sect experts from moving a single step past him.

Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at the people within the sky.

Now, he slowly raised his right hand, clenching it into a fist.

Accompanied by this clenching motion of Yan Zhaoge’s, brilliant sunlight shot into the heavens, a great golden seal taking form amidst the sunlight with a majestic, domineering power that these heavens and earth seemed almost unable to tolerate.

The lofty, majestic power was such that no one present would be able to ignore it at all.

High-grade Sacred Artifact, Extreme Yang Seal!

Seeing the Extreme Yang Seal, the faces of Zhang Chao and the others were all sunken as water as they soundlessly sighed.

While they knew the might and fearsomeness of the Extreme Yang Seal, in having dared to descend into the Eight Extremities World, the Radiant Light Sect experts would already have taken it into account and had a certain degree of confidence somewhat.

It was just that they not thought that the situation might actually turn out like this.

Yan Di’s unimaginable might had truly taken them by surprise, leaving them unable to easily adapt.

While they knew that Yan Di’s strength was far from ordinary, they also knew that not even two years had passed since Yan Di had Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood.

Within such a short amount of time, Yan Di had actually been able to advance yet further, stepping into the second level of the Martial Saint realm.

This truly surpassed all their expectations.

Meanwhile, Yan Di who had stepped into the second level of the Martial Saint realm was truly incomparably powerful such that even they of the Radiant Light Sect who hailed from the World beyond Worlds were utterly shocked by it.

The Purple Sun Martial Saint, Zhang Chao, felt his heart tighten.

Even the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge whom he had fled from upon the mere inkling of that year had not been as terrifying as Yan Di was at the same cultivation level!

While he, Zhang Chao, had successfully ascended, the current Yan Di was truly the number one expert of the Eight Extremities World in its entire history.

Under such circumstances, having additionally encountered the Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yang Seal, Zhang Chao and the others completely lost all means of coping with it.

Retreating was their sole choice.

Otherwise, they would only follow the fates of Deng Sen’s group, meeting their end in the Eight Extremities World for good.

The three whose actual cultivation bases surpassed the third level of the Martial Saint realm, Zhang Chao included, had their power simultaneously surge.

Yet, it was restricted by the power of dimensions, gradually vanishing within the heavens and earth of the Eight Extremities World.

As for the remaining three people, they shot towards the radiance in the sky that had still yet to completely disperse.

That was the remnants of the wounds of the sky.

Having descended this time, they had made sufficient preparations, keeping a path of retreat open.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di naturally would not let their enemies leave as easily as this.

They could not be happier killing as many of those Radiant Light Sect experts as they could.

Yan Di’s sabre-light arose, cleaving through the horizon.

Not just the three who were fleeing towards the wound of the sky, even Zhang Chao and the others who had yet to completely ascend and leave were swept within as well.

The terrifying Extreme Yang Seal also attacked mightily towards them.

Now, however, a stream of black qi suddenly surged within that wound of the sky.

Where the black qi passed, the sunlight instantly dimmed as all was dark between the heavens and the earth.


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