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HSSB61: The Sacred Sun Clan comes knocking


Hearing Elder Qin’s instructions, Yan Xu fell silent for a moment before he nodded, got up and headed outside.

Feng Yunsheng bowed to Elder Qin.

“Thank you, Elder.”

Elder Qin waved his hands.

“Little girl, this matter regarding you is too important–this old man cannot simply make a decision about it on my own.

You will have to wait for the final decision to come from the main headquarters of our clan itself.”

“Yes, this junior understands.”

Feng Yunsheng now swivelled her head to look at Yan Zhaoge, saying in a low voice, “Thank you.”

The Heaven Sealing Gorge was something that even she, as a past disciple of the Sacred Sun Clan, had heard of.

The Heaven Sealing Gorge was where Broad Creed Mountain held those who had committed serious crimes.

Only those who were utterly evil yet could not be sentenced to death at the time or Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners who had committed extremely grave mistakes would be imprisoned there.

According to rumours, it was a place where the light of day could not be seen—a place with an environment that was even more atrocious than that in the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

Since Broad Creed Mountain was founded, there had yet to be anybody who had been able to escape on their own after having been imprisoned there.

Yan Zhaoge looked at her nonchalantly.

“I just have confidence in myself.”

Feng Yunsheng answered impatiently, “Yes, I lacked confidence in you—that was my fault.

Next time, I will definitely make sure to have faith.”

“Next time, I’ll say ‘Nice one, I knew I could rely on you!”

Yan Zhaoge let out a ‘ha’ sound as he said, “Low-key, low-key.”

At this moment, outside the mansion, a ring of golden light that looked like the sun was suspended in mid-air above the street, causing the surrounding area to become extremely hot and unbearable as the passers-by hurriedly withdrew.

Those more knowledgeable knew that this was the Sacred Sun Clan’s Principal Elder in the Eastern Tang Kingdom.

And now he had on the look of soldiers before the walls of an enemy city—his target being the headquarters of Broad Creed Mountain’s Principal Elder in the Eastern Tang Kingdom.

Obviously a conflict had occurred between the two Sacred Grounds yet again.

In the Eastern Tang, this kind of thing was not all that rarely seen.

Still, much of the conflict between the two clans took place in the dark.

Now however, one’s side Principal Elder was overbearingly knocking on the other’s doorstep.

“The conflict between the two sides has gone up by another level, but I feel like it shouldn’t be to the extent of directly breaking out into a fight here in Jingyang City, right A clash between two Martial Grandmasters—just the resulting shockwaves would be enough to level the surrounding area into a flat land!”

Many people were extremely worried.

From that golden sun hanging in the sky, a violent voice resounded, “Yan Xu, I know that that brat surnamed Yan is back!”

“He harboured a disciple of my Sacred Sun Clan who betrayed and escaped from the clan, even injuring the disciples that my Sacred Sun Clan dispatched to capture her back!”

“If your Broad Creed Mountain cannot teach its disciples, then let me teach them for you!”

“Hand over Yan Zhaoge and that lowly maid immediately! Otherwise I’ll tear down this place of yours!”

Yan Xu’s calm voice now resounded from within the mansion, “The whereabouts of my clan’s disciples is not something that this old man is accountable to you for.

If your Sacred Sun Clan lost your disciple, go and find her yourself! What does it have to do with my Broad Creed Mountain”

“There’s no one that you want here.

Stop making random excuses.

If you want to find trouble, this old man will accompany you for a bit.”

From within the golden sun, a human figure gradually materialised.

It was an elderly man who was wearing a golden robe, with a look of wealth about him.

He stared at the mansion below him, laughing fiercely.

“Injuring disciples of my Sacred Sun Clan and harbouring fugitives of my Sacred Sun Clan—your Broad Creed Mountain has really grown brave indeed.”

“Looks like you have forgotten that if it hadn’t been for my Sacred Sun Clan being merciful in the past, your Broad Creed Mountain would long since have been extinct!”

Hearing this, the Yan Zhaoge within the great hall scoffed, “Not afraid of twisting your tongue even under such a strong wind.”

When the Flame Devils had first invaded and then been repelled, the exalted Hantian Zhan Dongge had fallen, with Broad Creed Mountain having suffered the greatest losses amongst the various Sacred Grounds.

With that, the Sacred Sun Clan as well as the other Sacred Grounds had been granted a chance to catch up to Broad Creed Mountain.

Some respected the contribution that had been made by Zhan Dongge and Broad Creed Mountain, but there were also those who had ill intentions, wanting to make use of the chance to topple the clan while it was down.

Luckily, the Broad Creed Mountain of that time possessed many competent people.

One of them, who had willingly served by Zhan Dongge’s side, though his radiance was outshone into obscurity by the former, now stepped out.

This person was the Heaven Diviner Zhan Xilou.

He was the Exalted Hantian Zhan Dongge’s brother, and also the one who succeeded him as the next Clan Chief.

After Zhan Dongge fell, Zhan Xilou, who succeeded him, took charge of the clan splendidly with his own power and revealed a shocking brilliance.

And it was because the previously unknown Zhan Xilou had suddenly sprung up out of nowhere that, even though Broad Creed Mountain’s strength had been greatly damaged following the first invasion of the Flame Devils, it could still stand firm against all adversities and managed to make it through its darkest hour intact.

Zhan Dongge and Zhan Xilou also came to be known as the most legendary pair of brothers in the Eight Extremities World after the time of the Great Calamity.

The founder of the Sacred Sun Clan, who had been respectfully christened as the Sacred Sun Saint by the masses and had successfully led his clan to prominence following that battle with the Flame Devils, clashed with Zhan Xilou and Broad Creed Mountain often.

Under Zhan Xilou, Broad Creed Mountain adopted a conservative position, hiding its strength and keeping a low profile.

It quietly built up its power once more while also moving and retreating as needed, never allowing the Sacred Sun Clan to truly gain too much of an advantage from it.

Afterwards, the Sacred Sun Saint resigned and passed down his position of Clan Chief, following which no news of him was ever heard again.

Zhan Xilou, on the other hand, fell in yet another great war with the Flame Devils, spilling the last drops of his blood for the Eight Extremities World just like his brother before him.

However, with Zhan Xilou’s hard work, Broad Creed Mountain had gradually been able to gain a stable foothold once again, from its original state where it’d seemed like even the wind and the rain could have caused it to quiver and shake.

It was only that during this same period of time, the Sacred Sun Clan, following much expansion and development, finally managed to surpass Broad Creed Mountain, thus usurping its position as the strongest of the Sacred Grounds.

Yan Zhaoge shrugged his shoulders.

“If his family’s Sacred Sun Saint is still around, please ask him to show himself.

With the attacks of the Flame Devils getting fiercer and fiercer in the present day, he would be just the sort of expert the Eight Extremities World needs.”

Yan Xu’s figure now appeared above in the air above the mansion, as his gaze met that of the Sacred Sun Clan’s golden-robed Elder straight on, “Destroy my Broad Creed Mountain If you think you can do it, then feel free to try.”

The golden-robed Elder laughed coldly, “If I didn’t lack the permission to, I would have taken care of you long ago.

Today, I will start by destroying you!”

His aura-qi surged, as he was once again enveloped by golden light.

It was unlike the illusory sunlight that the likes of Xiao Shen and Chao Yuanlong could produce.

Instead, he had truly transformed into a sun, brilliantly illuminating the surrounding lands.

The moisture in the surrounding air completely evaporated.

Small cracks began snaking through the ground along the street, and the grass and the trees all became charred and withered.

Under the high temperature, the surrounding air distorted.

Yan Xu was expressionless as, a serious look in his eyes, both his hands pushed outwards simultaneously.

The cultivation of a Martial Grandmaster was shown in its full entirety as the Tu**a palm that Yan Xu was currently using was dissimilar to the same martial art when utilised by a Martial Scholar like Yan Zhaoge.

Purple flames instantly appeared, transforming into an actual sea of flames which clashed with the huge golden sun.

The purple Tu**a flames and the golden sunlight met in mid-air, as the surrounding temperature instantly rose yet again.

Some dry, flammable objects from the surrounding environment immediately ignited as the heavens and the earth within the surrounding hundred li all but transformed into a world of flames.

As the Eastern Tang capital Jingyang City shuddered, line after line of spirit patterns began appearing on the ground.

The air became slightly cooler, as Yan Xu and the golden-robed Elder both felt themselves being suppressed by a formless pressure.

The two did not cease fighting, as they allowed Jingyang City’s grand formation to suppress the area that their clash would affect as it was made to do.

Within the air, the purple Tu**a flames and the golden sunlight clashed and roiled unceasingly, causing the very heavens to roil and the earth to overturn.

The great sun that the golden-robed Elder had transformed into resembled the true overhanging sun itself.

The sun suddenly began gradually getting smaller, the figure of the golden-robed Elder reappearing.

The sun now materialised at his palm, incomparably refined and dazzling as compared to before.

The golden-robed Elder lifted his hand, as it seemed like he was lifting up the very sun itself.

Then, he struck out with his palm!

With an inward motion of Yan Xu’s palms, the purple Tu**a flames in the surrounding air also began agglomerating.

The leaping flames were suppressed and refined to the point of possessing true form and substance, as they actually took the form of a massive purple pill furnace.

The purple flames within the pill furnace leapt about unceasingly as with the heavens and the earth as the pill furnace and the universe as the driving force, a domineering power headed straight for the sun in the golden-robed Elder’s palm!


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