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HSSB609: Thank you for coming, you’re welcome to come at any time


The acupoints of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body pulsed, a chaotic qi mass seemingly concealed within each and every one of them which contained infinite, limitless power.

As all these chaotic qi masses circulated, they lost the phenomena of chaos, the accumulated oceanic amount of true dragon qi that had yet to be refined surging out from within.

This was not like the essence qi of merely a single ice dragon corpse that he had obtained in the former residence of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint back then.

Instead, the massive amount of dragon qi from the dragon tomb had all congregated together.

Such momentous true dragon qi having surged within the Extreme Yang Seal, its power instantly awakened to a whole new level.

The violent golden seal glowed with brilliant light all around like the sun in the centre of the sky, directly dispelling the gloomy dimness that had sought to corrode it.

The corrosive power of the Rahu Star, whilst able to devour and corrode the power of the Sun Star, was not truly its bane.

Whether the east wind would overcome the west wind or it happened vice versa would ultimately depend on which of the two was stronger.

Water could extinguish fire, but if the fire was too strong and the water too limited, it would instead definitely be the water being vaporised completely by the fire.

Across the wound of the sky, Nong Yuxuan’s voice was slightly sunken, “It seems like this time’s corrosive power was indeed insufficient…”

“I’ll first let you be happy for a few days.”

His voice was ephemeral as the wound of the sky slowly closed.

The figures of Zhang Chao’s trio appeared there as well, their auras even more powerful than back when they had been in the Eight Extremities World just earlier.

Yet, their moods were also even more stifled as a result.

As Zhang Chao stared at Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, stared at the wreckage of the former World Illuminating Peak beneath their feet that had already been levelled, his gaze was even gloomier.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di continued gazing above the sky, not avoiding his gaze in the slightest.

Nong Yuxuan’s voice resounded, “Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Di and Yan Zhaoge, we will meet again.

It will not be long.”

“Thanks for the treat,” Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Thank you for coming, you’re welcome to come at any time.”

As the wound of the sky closed, the space above the site of the former World Illuminating Peak was still chaotic beyond compare, the spiritual qi veins here virtually having collapsed as it would require a long time before they recovered.

Illusory clouds and winds still stirred between the heavens and the earth, not calming for a long time.

The radiance of the Extreme Yang Seal dimmed once more, again becoming ordinary and innocuous.

Yan Zhaoge kept it.

Yan Di came beside him, asking him, “Over a year’s time will be needed before it can again be used”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “This is an unavoidable thing.

It was not a treasure that I could wield in the first place.

It is already abnormal that I can use it.

Otherwise, the Radiant Light Sect would also not have fallen to the extent of getting all wrecked and bloodied in our Eight Extremities World.”

Yan Di pondered as he said, “Logically speaking, it would be safer for you to try to head to the World beyond Worlds only after the Extreme Yang Seal can once again be used.

However, according to Old Man Mo’s words, the timeflow of the World beyond Worlds is such that our enemies will have more time to prepare than us in the Eight Extremities World.

They will definitely be sufficiently prepared.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Even if the timeflow were the same, it still wouldn’t be ideal to wait.

I have to go up as soon as possible.”

Yan Di’s heart jolted slightly as he seemed to be thinking about something, “Is it related to the force the Radiant Light Sect used earlier in order to counter the Extreme Yang Seal”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That’s right.

If I did not see wrongly, that was the power of the Rahu Star.”

“The Rahu Star is an opposing star of the Sun Star, both of them being opposing powers.

The Extreme Yang Seal is the most powerful treasure we know of that manifests the power of the sun.

However, if they possess a powerful Sacred Artifact that manifests the power of the magnificently dim Rahu, they would be able to use it to deal with the Extreme Yang Seal that we possess.”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, “This treasure of magnificent dimness likely exists, being located in the World beyond Worlds.”

“I feel that the Dim Glorious Devilish Qi that that Nong Yuxuan released just now did not originate from some martial art.

Instead, it is a sliver of energy that he obtained from that treasure.

While it was depleted in the clash against the Extreme Yang Seal just now, this person will not hold back.”

“Also, this Nong Yuxuan sounded full of confidence rather than speaking big words.

Thus, I guess that he has already obtained clues as to the location of that supreme treasure of magnificent dimness.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at the Extreme Yang Seal in his hand that resembled any ordinary copper seal, “This treasure cannot fall into the hands of the Radiant Light Sect.

From a certain perspective, it actually also restricts the martial arts of the Radiant Light Sect to a very great extent.”

“While the martial arts of the Radiant Light Sect are not completely from analysing the power of the sun, there are also similarities in this.

If we possessed this supreme treasure of magnificent dimness, it would definitely be a great help for us in dealing with the Radiant Light Sect.”

“The World beyond Worlds is vast and plentiful, with an abundance in spiritual qi and a comparative lack of loss of legacies from the Great Calamity as it leads the other worlds in all areas.

Meanwhile, when those from other worlds surpass the third level of the Martial Saint realm and ascend to the World beyond Worlds, they might also be drawn into joining a sect of the World beyond Worlds like the Radiant Light Sect, becoming guest Elders there.”

“There are as many experts as there are clouds in the Radiant Light Sect.

Currently, they have their forces engaged by the Dim Darkness Sect and the other powers of the World beyond Worlds.

While they would definitely have to stand against them, for them to truly obtain victory and destroy their enemies would require more strength on their part.”

Yan Zhaoge lightly rubbed his temples, “If that supreme treasure of magnificent dimness that opposes the sun and expels light lands in the other party’s hands, with an increment in power to one side and a decrement to the other, it would really be too disadvantageous for us.”

Yan Di said, “Old Man Mo mentioned the situation in the World beyond Worlds, and you heard it as well.

You should know that your power is still insufficient without the Extreme Yang Seal.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “But the other side doesn’t know that I have a treasure which can protect me, resisting the pressuring power of dimensions as I pass through the wounds of the sky.”

“With the Northern Ocean Clone accompanying me, I should be able to deal with most situations.

It is also not like I am directly going over to trample on the headquarters of the Radiant Light Sect this time.”

As Yan Zhaoge said this, his smile turned cold, “Of course, that will come sooner or later.

What will be coming now is merely preparation for that fact.”

Yan Di said, “I can really rest at ease regarding you now.”

“Still, according to our earlier plan, I will have to remain in the Eight Extremities World for the time being to guard against them invading once more.”

He raised his head and glanced at the still chaotic sky, “Having taken more than a year to come this time, it is likely due to them having had to locate the position of the Eight Extremities World.

Now that they are already able to do so, they would be able to come any time they want next time.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I think so as well.

As soon as they have gathered sufficient power, they will ‘descend’ once more.”

“Still, in coming again, they will have to gather sufficient forces to stand against both you and the Extreme Yang Seal.

That would not be an easy thing.”

“However well established the Radiant Light Sect is, having consecutively lost so many experts over here, rather than just having pulled their tendons, they will probably have much to weep on.”

“After all, there are still equivalent forces in the World beyond Worlds, those massive entities who are looking for trouble with them.

Thus, those who descended these two times must have been taken out from the mix with much effort.

Wanting to gather yet more people and quite a number of them as well, it will not be so easy for them next time.”

Yan Zhaoge paused momentarily before continuing, “If the other party temporarily remains on the defensive in the World beyond Worlds, specifically concentrating on dealing with us in order to obtain the Extreme Yang Seal, that would be a different story altogether.”

“Thus, having gone to the World beyond Worlds, even if others do not expose my identity, I will have to find a more or less appropriate moment to spread the news, drawing the attention of the Radiant Light Sect.

Otherwise, the pressure here at the Eight Extremities World would be too great.”

Yan Di did not feel looked down upon due to Yan Zhaoge’s words.

His pride did not equate to blindness.

“After this, I will be constantly stationed here, awaiting your good news,” After having said this, Yan Di directly sat down in the meditative position atop the wreckage of the former World Illuminating Peak.

Yan Zhaoge bowed towards Yan Di, smiling, “I already have some ideas regarding this.”


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