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HSSB611: Vast Ocean World once more


“Young Master ah, let me go to the World beyond Worlds with you!” Ah Hu’s big face pushed itself before Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile, “I’m not going over to be a guest this time.

It might be very troublesome.

Are you sure you want to go along”

Ah Hu chuckled, “Of course I want to go.

With a figure like you, Young Master, fortune and authority follow everywhere we go.”

When Yan Zhaoge had gone to the Vast Ocean World previously, it had been an urgent situation.

Ah Hu having been in charge of escorting Fang Zhun and the Clear Qi Robe back to Broad Creed Mountain, he naturally hadn’t been able to catch up with him.

Having heard about Yan Zhaoge’s experiences in the Vast Ocean World afterwards, Ah Hu had instantly been stunned on the spot, being overwhelmed by a heart-wrenching feeling.

This time, he would definitely have to go along with Yan Zhaoge no matter what.

He almost hugged Yan Zhaoge’s thigh and began to howl and weep.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “While you might not be able to act unbridled as you like in the Vast Ocean World, my name will still be pretty useful.

Even if I am not there, you can still borrow my authority to act superior and almighty.”

Ah Hu smiled, “Even that wouldn’t be as cool as remaining by Young Master’s side.”

“Yes, I like what you said,” Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “Just don’t complain about it when the time comes.”

Ah Hu’s head immediately shook like a drum, “I won’t, I won’t! How’s that possible”

Yan Zhaoge looked towards the side where Feng Yunsheng was currently looking down at the black sabre in her hands.

Having unsheathed the sabre, her fingers slid gently across its blade.

She did not feel the normal coolness of a metallic blade, also being unable to see the circulation of sabre-light as it seemed as though the temperature and light had been completely retracted within the sabre itself.

Feeling Yan Zhaoge’s gaze, Feng Yunsheng looked up, “While I had already known previously that this sabre was strange, I had not thought that it would actually have such an origin.”

“When choosing this sabre that year, I had merely felt that while this sabre didn’t look very special, I seemed to feel a sort of special connection with it somewhat.

From the looks of it now, this itself is already unordinary.”

Feng Yunsheng lightly raised the black sabre in her hands.

She tapped it lightly, but no sound was emitted.

Accompanied by the increase in grade of this sabre, this sabre seemed to have become more and more drawn in into itself, having become more and more silent.

Only when this sabre was facing its enemies did it shock the world.

Yan Zhaoge asked, “While you have changed your Sacred Sun Clan martial arts foundation, you have still always cultivated in the West Tilting Heaven Incinerating Sabre of the Seven Great Sun Arts.

Have you felt any abnormalities”

Feng Yunsheng pondered, “It has not weakened.

Instead, it feels even smoother and easier to use.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “The power of corrosion destroys sunlight, strengthening itself.

Your sabre and martial arts combining, it would indeed be possible for such a situation to occur.”

“Still, it is still too early to say this now.

Perhaps all will be revealed when we arrive at the World beyond Worlds.”

Feng Yunsheng said, “Right.”

Then, she sheathed her sabre.

Yan Zhaoge looked at Sikong Qing and Ying Longtu, saying, “The two of you should accompany us to the Vast Ocean World.”

Sikong Qing nodded while Ying Longtu pursed his lips, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan, senior apprentice-sister Feng, can’t I go to the World beyond Worlds together with you”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It is still a little too early for that.

Still, you don’t have to be in too much of a rush.

Personally, I actually hope that all of you would be able to head to the World beyond Worlds a little earlier.

The cultivation environment there is superior to in both the Eight Extremities World and the Vast Ocean World.

With your talent, you should be able to develop better there.”

“Still, don’t be too hasty.”

Ying Longtu obediently nodded, “Okay, senior apprentice-brother.”

Yan Zhaoge led them out of the room together.

Outside the door, there were a limited number of Broad Creed Mountain disciples waiting for them.

They were all geniuses who were direct disciples.

“Having gone to the Vast Ocean World, it will not be as safe as it is here in the Eight Extremities World.

It is not that there is no danger of dying, and it would not be easy to return as well,” Yan Zhaoge said in a mild tone, “While the time flow there is much faster than in the Eight Extremities World there, the feeling within it is exactly the same.

A year there still feels like a year.”

“Being able to progress would naturally be great.

When you have returned to the Eight Extremities World in the future, you will have saved a countless amount of time.

It will be glorious as you stand before those whom you are familiar with.”

“Still, it would be no different if you remain unmoving.

It would be no different when your longevity is up and the great limit descends.”

Yan Zhaoge gazed at them all, “Everyone already knows about the existence of the World beyond Worlds now.

Our generation of martial practitioners should have this aspiration.

Our gazes should not stop at the Eight Extremities World.

It is there actually there which we must go.”

Everyone before him, Sikong Qing and Ying Longtu before him, emotionally responded affirmatively.

“By senior apprentice-brother Yan’s teachings.”

“By senior apprentice-uncle Yan’s teachings.”

Fu Enshu and the First Seat Elder of the Martial Inheritance Hall, Elder Qin, stood by the side watching Yan Zhaoge’s lecturing.

They did not interrupt him, instead nodding slightly at his words.

“Senior apprentice-uncle Qin, we will be going then,” Fu Enshu nodded towards Elder Qin.

In heading to the Vast Ocean World, Yan Zhaoge himself would not be staying there for long.

While Broad Creed Mountain had no intention of increasing their territory there, just the young disciples alone would be insufficient and unstable.

Similarly having gone to the Vast Ocean World before, being familiar with the people and ways there, Fu Enshu had been placed in charge of leading their group.

Elder Qin said, “Be careful in all things.”

Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu both nodded, “Do not worry.”

Standing quietly behind Yan Zhaoge, the Northern Ocean Clone now extended his palm, radiance lighting up as there seemed to be infinite space contained within, a mustard seed able to contain a mountain.

The radiance swept up Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Then, the Northern Ocean Clone cupped his fists towards Elder Qin before turning.

He strode forward before taking to the air, ascending into the sky.

The Northern Ocean Clone headed east, arriving at the Outer East Sea.

The dragon tomb already having collapsed, the path of the ancient, cold abyss could not be easily traversed.

Thus, Yan Zhaoge still chose the area in the Outer East Sea.

In heading to the Vast Ocean World previously, the passageway had been temporarily formed, not having been a stable dimensional passageway.

Still, with the unpredictability of spacetime, it would still be more reliable to go where they had once opened a dimensional passageway before.

From the place in which it had once been opened, it would be easier to precisely lock onto the Vast Ocean World as opposed to somewhere else.

Having arrived at the Outer East Sea, Yan Zhaoge took out the Lofty Prestige Mirror, infusing his true essence within.

Patterns of light surfaced on the mirror, together forming a small, intricate spirit array.

Guided by the spirit array, where the mirror light shone, an illusory path immediately appeared before Yan Zhaoge.

The path extended unceasingly into the distance, meandering amidst the distorted space as if it was opening a door within space.

Sweeping everyone along, the Northern Ocean Clone strode forward, entering this temporarily opened dimensional passageway.

Traversing through multiple layers of space, the world before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up as a vast jade sea now appeared before his eyes once more.

Looking at the mist that suffused the air before him, Yan Zhaoge knew that he had returned, arriving at the Bewildering Maze Sea of the Vast Ocean World.

Still, before he had stabilised himself, intense power fluctuations suddenly emanated from both sides of him.

From the left, a spirit turtle hovered above the sea’s surface, stable as Mount Tai, heavy and momentous.

From the right, a spirit snake’s silhouette coiled amidst the sky, obscuring the heavens and concealing the sun as it was incredibly agile.

Two majestic fist-intents simultaneously struck towards Yan Zhaoge from both sides!


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