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HSSB612: His very presence is intimidation


Being trapped in between a turtle and a snake, a single thought unconsciously arose within Yan Zhaoge’s mind.

“Really seeing Xuanwu…”

The two majestic fist-intents on the left and right, one tough and the other subtle, one heavy and the other agile, simultaneously converged where Yan Zhaoge was.

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes.

His hands behind his back, he stood unmoving where he was in mid-air as streams of clear qi naturally appeared about him, resembling clouds.

As the momentum of the fists coming from both sides struck onto the clouds, they were instantly unable to progress any further, even being repelled!

On the left side above the sea’s surface, the massive turtle that resembled a small island bore an immensely tough force, directly slamming through the sea’s surface and smashing all the way down to the bottom of the sea.

On the right side coiling within the sky, the massive snake that was thousands of feet long suffered a backlash from the subtle force, being completely unable to control its body at all as it was distorted beyond proper shape, entering a state of chaos.

Shocked cries resounded amidst their surroundings.

The silhouettes of the spirit snake and the spirit turtle both faded away, the figures of two middle-aged men appearing.

Some of their companions had on guarded expressions, but they were immediately put a stop to.

From the groups on both sides, leading figures now came forward, looking at Yan Zhaoge.

On the left was a white-haired and severely hunchbacked old man.

However, as he stood there, his figure felt incomparably tall.

On the right was a middle-aged woman with a gloomy expression on her face.

Cold light flickered and overflowed within her eyes that were agile beyond compare.

After seeing the features of Yan Zhaoge as well as the Northern Ocean Clone beside him, shocked, fearful looks simultaneously appeared on both of their faces.

The hunchbacked old man cupped his hands, “I had not thought that I was before Traceless Cloud Yan.

This old man, Lu Feng of the Spirit Returning Sect, greets you.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “How do you do, Chief Lu.”’

This old man, Lu Feng, was the Chief of the Spirit Returning Sect, one of the Seven Pillars of Good.

He was known as the Ten Thousand Longevity Old Man, being ranked sixth amongst the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters of the Vast Ocean World.

As Water Crystal Palace, the Spirit Returning Sect and Changli Mountain were on rather good terms, when Yan Zhaoge had been temporarily residing at Changli Mountain back then, he had seen Lu Feng once before.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at the middle-aged woman, “I’ve not seen you before.

This should be Island Chief Guan of Green Snake Island”

Facing Yan Zhaoge, the cold, brutal light within the eyes of this middle-aged woman was retracted greatly as she was silent for a moment before saying, “This old woman is Guan Jingqiong.

I’m very happy to be able to see the Traceless Cloud Dragon King today.”

This was the Chief of Green Snake Island, one of the Six Evil Sects.

The ‘Green Snake Madame’ Guan Jingqiong was ranked fifth, just one rank above the ‘Ten Thousand Longevity Old Man’ Lu Feng in the rankings for the top ten Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters of the Vast Ocean World.

While Guan Jingqiong appeared middle-aged, this was actually due to her having altered her features.

She was from the same generation as Lu Feng, being a long accomplished old devil of the Vast Ocean World.

In the Vast Ocean World, the Spirit Returning Sect and Green Snake Island were famed enemies, neither being able to coexist alongside the other.

The tensions between them far surpassed the enmity between Changli Mountain and the Blood Dragon Sect or that between Changli Mountain and the Evil Shifting Sect.

It was somewhat similar to the terrible relationship between the Sacred Sun Clan and Jade Sea City of the Eight Extremities World originally, or like how the Radiant Light Sect and the Dim Darkness Sect of the World beyond Worlds were on irrevocable terms.

When the environment in the Vast Ocean World was comparatively stable, it would be between the Spirit Returning Sect and Green Snake Island that the most small scale conflicts erupted.

Just moments ago, the two sides had clearly been in a standoff.

The two people who had been repelled by Yan Zhaoge’s true essence amidst their clash had now reappeared before the bigwigs of their sects.

They were peak Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters of their sects.

It was just that neither of them dared to continue fighting now, both having become as obedient as quails.

Still, as those of the Spirit Returning Sect looked at Yan Zhaoge, their spirits rose greatly after their initial shock, while those of Green Snake Island had their morale fall greatly like their parents had died.

Looking around, Yan Zhaoge ignored the expressions of both sides as he just asked mildly, “I seem to be interrupting you.

Still, can anyone tell this Yan what the situation is in the current Vast Ocean World”

As Lu Feng looked at the slowly vanishing dimensional passageway behind Yan Zhaoge, while his expression did not outwardly reveal anything, great tides surged within his heart, “He indeed isn’t someone of our Vast Ocean World!”

While there was the possibility of Yan Zhaoge having gone out adventuring into other worlds after having left the Vast Ocean World, with Yan Zhaoge’s sudden, shocking debut in the Vast Ocean World where nobody had been able to tell his origins or his foundations, Lu Feng still felt that there was a greater possibility that Yan Zhaoge was not a local of the Vast Ocean World.

While great tides that surged to the heavens had arisen within his heart, Lu Feng still answered without the slightest hesitation, “In the current Vast Ocean World, the Good has the upper hand in the battle against Evil.

My generation of Good has been dealing additional, greater blows to the miscreants of Evil these past years.

The Vast Ocean World is ushering in a great time ahead of us.”

“In this, we really have to thank you for your assistance that year, Mister Yan.”

Hearing this, Guan Jingqiong emitted a muffled snort, yet did not rebut him as she just drew her underlings closer to her.

Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu, Fu Enshu and the others also revealed themselves now, standing beside the Northern Ocean Clone as they curiously listened to Lu Feng’s introduction of the current situation.

Having heard Lu Feng’s words, it was only then that Yan Zhaoge knew that the current Vast Ocean World had changed drastically from when he had left that year.

Meanwhile, these changes were indeed related to him somewhat.

Counting by the timeflow of the Vast Ocean World, eight years had already passed since he had left.

In the Vast Ocean World of eight years ago, the Sacred Artifact, the Nine Dragon Fingers, had been taken away by Yan Zhaoge and Spirit Rhino Island had suffered a great blow to its vitality, both its Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters having died by Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

The Blood Dragon Sect of the Seven Pillars of Good had also been jointly exterminated by the experts of Evil.

Meanwhile, amongst the Six Evil Sects, one of their two Martial Saints, the Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng, had died due to Yan Zhaoge, another major sect, the Brilliant Thunder Sect, having been destroyed due to the dragon tomb.

The Chief of the Brilliant Thunder Sect ‘Crimson Thunder King’ Geng Hui and a few remaining experts had fortunately escaped, yet had been slain in the dragon tomb by Yan Zhaoge afterwards.

Thus, the Brilliant Thunder Sect had completely dissipated into the wind just like that.

Additionally, the number one expert and Martial Saint of the Vast Ocean World, the Chief of the Dragon Slayer Sect Zhao Zhong, had been heavily injured by Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone in the dragon tomb, one of his arms having been slashed off.

He had suffered a great blow to his vitality and had his strength greatly decreased.

On the side of Good, the Chief of Changli Mountain Gao Tianzhong who had originally been the second of the top ten Transcending Mortality experts and inferior only to Geng Hui had just been a mere step away from the Martial Saint realm.

Having entered the dragon tomb alongside Yan Zhaoge, Changli Mountain had benefited much more greatly than the other sects.

After cultivating painstakingly upon his return from the dragon tomb, Gao Tianzhong had finally successfully broken through the final bottleneck, successfully stepping into the Martial Saint realm.

Changli Mountain had thereby officially become a peak power of the current Vast Ocean World.

Like this, the forces of Good flourished greatly with the forces of Evil instantly falling at a disadvantage, having been pressured tragically these past years.

Following the Brilliant Thunder Sect, the Evil Shifting Sect who had had its number one expert slain by Yan Zhaoge was exterminated as well.

The title of the Six Evil Sects had already completely faded away into history.

Under the current environment, it was only natural that the Spirit Returning Sect unceasingly and unrelentingly hounded Green Snake Island.

While Guan Jingqiong looked soft, she actually had a tough personality.

Actually, having been pressured greatly by the Spirit Returning Sect recently, she had launched a counterattack like a poisonous snake emerging from its cave as she had ambushed the Spirit Returning Sect in the Bewildering Maze Sea.

The two sides having entered a standoff, the Spirit Returning Sect had originally been at a disadvantage due to having being taken by surprise.

Yan Zhaoge having appeared now, while he had not expressed any stance, the morale of both sides instantly reversed as a result.

After all, Yan Zhaoge had previously been residing in Changli Mountain which was of the forces of Good alongside the Spirit Returning Sect.

As he stood here, even not saying a single word, he was already like dark clouds pressing overhead as Guan Jingqiong and the others were pressured to the point of not being able to see any light at all.


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