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HSSB615: Yan Zhaoge, the living legend


Hearing Lu Feng’s words, Yan Zhaoge nodded mildly, “Since Chief Lu is in such a pleasurable mood, this Yan is naturally fine about it.”

Lu Feng said solemnly, “Please.”

They resumed their journey, but the mood of those of the Spirit Returning Sect was already completely different.

The young disciples were feeling excited yet worried, their gazes that were directed at Yan Zhaoge filled with enthusiasm, while the more senior experts all fell into deep thought, hurriedly exchanging their opinions with their Chief via sound transmission.

The Broad Creed Mountain disciples had just been looking around and observing things rather than moving about and acting on their own as they quietly followed by Yan Zhaoge’s side.

Still, many thoughts arose within their hearts now.

The first to speak was conversely the usually comparatively silent Sikong Qing.

Seeing that she had the intention of speaking, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone expanded streams of qi from his body, forming a formless barrier which separated them from the martial practitioners of the Spirit Returning Sect such that their voices would not pass through and be heard.

Having originally been going to employ sound transmission via aura-qi, Sikong Qing now directly asked upon seeing this, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan, what martial art did you use just now”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change, “A supreme martial art of the Xuanwu lineage, known as the Xuanwu Fist Scripture.”

“When excavating various legacies in the past, I acquired some meagre, insufficient scraps of it.

Having killed the Martial Saints of the Radiant Light Sect this time, however, I obtained a relatively more complete legacy from one of them.”

“It can be considered a direct lineage martial art of Xuanwu’s lineage, being rather good for reference.”

Sikong Qing said, “It is indeed extremely profound.

I took a look at the martial arts of the Vast Ocean World’s Spirit Returning Sect and Green Snake Island just now, and they were already rather unique.

Still, this Xuanwu Fist Scripture of yours, senior apprentice-brother Yan, still wins them hands down.”

Fu Enshu glanced at Lu Feng and the others before looking at Yan Zhaoge as she asked, “You intend to hook them with this martial art”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Our clan currently does not intend to conquer the Vast Ocean World, and so I have no intention of causing a major uproar here.

Moreover, in having brought fellow disciples over this time, it was because the Eight Extremities World is too safe.

Tempering would be better here.”

“Still, I will be heading to the World beyond Worlds very soon, and our clan also has no Martial Saints or Sacred Artifacts sitting over the area.

Changli Mountain being outsiders at the end of the day, it is better for us to count on ourselves than place our hopes on them.

Some arrangements still have to be made in case of the worst.”

Fu Enshu nodded slowly, “You’re right.”

Of those of Broad Creed Mountain, some revealed understanding looks while others still remained somewhat uncomprehending.

Fu Enshu glanced at them, “Zhaoge has given those of the Spirit Returning Sect a lesson.

Yet, how has it not been giving all of you a lesson as well”

Everyone felt simultaneously silent, Fu Enshu continuing, “You were already told about the situation of the Vast Ocean World that year before coming here.

However, after several consecutive changes, things are already majorly different here.”

“That year, of the Seven Pillars of Good, Changli Mountain and the Spirit Returning Sect were both closely affiliated to Water Crystal Palace, being at a standoff against the Blood Dragon Sect, Myriad Sword Pool, Spirit Rhino Island and the Blazing Wind Sect.”

“Currently, the Blood Dragon Sect has already been exterminated and Spirit Rhino Island has completely derailed.

Yet, Changli Mountain has increased greatly in strength, their Chief Gao Tianzhong even having Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, becoming a Martial Saint expert who is not any inferior to the Lord of Water Crystal Palace, Lin Shi, whilst also not fearing Myriad Sword Pool’s Sacred Artifact, the Floating Sinking Sword.”

Fu Enshu explained slowly, “The relationships between the great sects are already different from how they were in the past.”

Those of Broad Creed Mountain all realised, “The relationship between Changli Mountain and Water Crystal Palace would definitely have turned from allied to opposed.

As we are affiliated to Changli Mountain, senior apprentice-brother Yan’s actions are equivalent to drawing the Spirit Returning Sect which had still remained close to Water Crystal Palace over to Changli Mountain’s side.”

Fu Enshu nodded, “That’s right.

It is precisely so.

Leaving Green Snake Island intact, the Spirit Returning Sect would still feel a sense of crisis.

At the same time, they will also retain the desire to personally exterminate their hated enemies.”

“It might have been a conflict about dao traditions initially, but so many years having passed, with the number of casualties having been countless, the enmity between them has already long since become bottomless as the sea.”

Ah Hu blinked, “But what if Water Crystal Palace allies itself with Myriad Sword Pool”

Fu Enshu said, “Myriad Sword Pool had few gains in the dragon tomb.

While Water Crystal Palace didn’t gain as much as Changli Mountain, an upcoming increment in their strength is also certain.”

“While the Vast Ocean Wold has not had news regarding Water Crystal Palace these past eight years, this conversely goes to show that they are biding their time, awaiting a qualitative change.”

“Either their Palace Lord Lin Shi has improved further or they will have forged a Sacred Artifact of their own.”

Hearing this, everyone nodded in unison, “Like this, Water Crystal Palace’s power will skyrocket, stably sitting on the throne of the Vast Ocean World’s number one sect.

It is indeed impossible to think that Myriad Sword Pool might ally itself with them.

Instead, it is more likely that they would look to Changli Mountain as an ally.”

“Drawing in the Spirit Returning Sect and weakening Water Crystal Palace would be a necessity.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, those of Broad Creed Mountain all sighed emotionally, “While this is so, it is still easier said than done.

Aside from senior apprentice-brother Yan, how many others can easily change the overarching situation beneath the heavens like this Senior apprentice-brother Yan said that he will not be causing a major uproar this time round.

Still, a casual strike by him already caused the winds and the clouds of this world to change.”

Fu Enshu looked at Sikong Qing, “Against absolute power, there is no amount of petty tricks at all that can work.

This is true.

Still, how many people possess absolute power since birth In the process of unceasingly striving for the peak, there are also some things that have to be taken note of.”

“You yourself do not have to use them, but you still have to understand them at the very least lest your enemies use them against you.

There is something called killing with a borrowed knife.

You have to guard against the blade that you have painstakingly grinded becoming a blade in the hands of others.”

Sikong Qing was silent for a moment before she nodded quietly, not speaking.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Senior apprentice-aunt overstates things.

I am not as good as you say.

In fishing for turtles this time, it was the willing turtle that bit the bait.

While the Spirit Returning Sect is to be used by us, they will gain much from it as well.

It is still unclear which side is profiting more here.”

“It is just that we grasp the timing to let them have those gains.”

As Yan Zhaoge said this, he handed Fu Enshu a jade slip, “Keep this jade slip, senior apprentice-aunt Fu.

Inside it is recorded the contents of the first scroll of the Xuanwu Fist Scripture.

It is already sufficient.

As for how to keep this big turtle ever hooked on our rod, you can think slowly about it.”

Fu Enshu received the jade slip, nodding, “You can rest easy.

I can handle this.”

As they arrived at Changli Mountain, word having already come of their arrival, Changli Mountain martial practitioners were already waiting for them at the boundary of the Directionless Sea.

Still, after learning that the Chief of the Spirit Returning Sect, Lu Feng, would actually be paying a visit to Changli Mountain as well, the Changli Mountain martial practitioners felt rather surprised.

As the news spread, it was inevitably paid attention to by major powers of both Good and Evil, especially Water Crystal Palace.

Amidst their surprise, the major powers all dispatched their men and inquired through various channels.

The news that they finally obtained rendered all of them speechless for a time.

Yan Zhaoge grasped the direct lineage of Xuanwu.

There was hope of the Spirit Returning Sect’s legacies developing further.

As the news spread, the entire Vast Ocean World was shaken.

While the strength of the Spirit Returning Sect was indeed inferior to that of Water Crystal Palace, the Dragon Slayer Sect and more, it had always been one of the few, limited powerful sects of the Vast Ocean World.

They could be defeated, but when had they ever willingly claimed inferiority in the area of their martial legacy

Today, however, someone had achieved it.

A living legend of the Vast Ocean World.


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