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HSSB618: Good fortune right beyond the door


“Really, again”

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes.

The current situation was so very similar to when he had gone to the Vast Ocean World for the second time.

Beside him, Ah Hu and Feng Yunsheng could not resist a sidelong glance at him.

“Young Master, why is it that wherever you go, there’s a battle happening there” Ah Hu grinned.

Yan Zhaoge replied in ill humour, “How would I know”

Still, it was slightly better than the last time.

Their group had not landed directly in the centre of the battlefield, simultaneously facing the attacks of both sides.

Still, this great battle was even more intense than the one between the Spirit Returning Sect and Green Snake Island had been.

Sparks seemed to fly between the combatants, blood flowing into rivers.

As Yan Zhaoge and the others gazed over, they could see corpses and skeletons littering the area.

Fresh blood had already solidified on the ground, resembling a black marsh.

Martial Grandmasters were locked in an intense battle within the sky, gales raging and clouds surging as the heavens almost collapsed, the earth splitting apart.

On the ground, slightly weaker martial practitioners were also engaged in a deadly battle, the scene being even more tragic.

Radiance flickered in the distant horizon, vigorous power which shocked people’s hearts surging unceasingly.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, feeling that there were Martial Saints currently clashing over there.

While it was several thousands of kilometres away, Yan Zhaoge and the others could still feel the great earth shaking unceasingly beneath their feet.

Retracting his aura along with his Northern Ocean Clone, Yan Zhaoge carefully appraised the ongoing battle between the two sides up ahead of him.

To Yan Zhaoge, their strength was not really high at all.

Still, many things could be seen from it.

Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu watched on as well, their expressions turning solemn.

“The World beyond Worlds is indeed extraordinary.

Other than the spiritual qi being more abundant, the martial arts that the martial practitioners here cultivate in are generally powerful as well,” Ah Hu muttered, “I don’t know how their foundations are, but in the Eight Extremities World, the martial arts that these people cultivate in, whilst incomparable to the direct lineages of Sacred Grounds, would also not be something that the legacies of first and second-rate powers can compare to.”

Feng Yunsheng pondered, “According to Zhaoge’s narration of Old Man Mo’s words, while much of the essence of pre-Great Calamity legacies has also been lost in the World beyond Worlds, they are preserved as even more complete than in the Eight Extremities World.”

“There are even those dao traditions like that of the Dim Radiant Sect which were not disrupted.

The martial arts standard of this place is higher than in the Eight Extremities World.”

She surveyed their surroundings, “The spiritual qi here being so abundant, many more heavenly treasures as well as resources would be present here than in the Eight Extremities World.”

Ah Hu gazed at the battlefield, “One side is advancing and retreating in an orderly manner.

They feel somewhat like an organised army.”

Yan Zhaoge did not speak.

He felt the same way.

He saw a group of armoured martial practitioners gathered together.

While their cultivation bases were not all that outstanding, they were gathered together into a formation, their qi and blood surging to the heavens as they attacked their enemies with the crushing pressure of Mount Tai.

All their power was concentrated on a single spot, quantity having led to a change in quality.

They were clearly working together to unleash the strength of some powerful battle formation.

More than a thousand Martial Artists were gathered into a battle formation, joining their strength as they swept domineeringly through their Martial Scholar enemies!

The other side had Martial Grandmasters that fought rampantly, even battle formations of a thousand being unable to stand against them.

Still, there were more than just Martial Artists in this troop formation as there were quite a number of Martial Scholars as well.

Under their guidance, the battle formation unleashed even greater strength, also strengthening they themselves.

Combining their strength, their fought off their Martial Grandmaster enemies together.

There was not just a single of these battle formations.

Under the command of their leaders, a few battle formations combined their strength, their power unceasingly stacking and increasing.

While there was a limit to the strength of the battle formations, their enemies were merely Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmasters as they were temporarily pushed back by this rampant tide of iron.

There were Martial Grandmaster experts leading the troops of the army as well.

With the help of the battle formation, their enemies who battled solitarily were instantly unable to stand against them.

Yan Zhaoge watched this scene calmly.

The higher the cultivation base, the more difficult it was for numerical superiority to be of use.

There were few battle formations that could contain hundreds or thousands of Martial Saints.

Let alone Martial Saints, even Martial Grandmasters would not easily be able to combine their strength.

The Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation which had combined the strength of Yan Di, Old Man Mo and the others to stand against the Flame Devils was already a very rare situation.

Still, the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation had merely been a four-man formation.

Still, with everyone’s cultivation levels still being rather low, when there were massive amounts of weak martial practitioners gathered together into a formation, the gap in cultivation bases could indeed be made up for with quantity.

The scene before him was the best demonstration of this.

Gazing across the battlefield, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze suddenly focused slightly, “Oh Great fortune beyond the door.

It’s more successful than I thought.”

The situation being unclear, with even the identities of both sides being unknown, Yan Zhaoge had originally had no intention of interfering, just intending to randomly capture someone to ask about things after things had calmed somewhat.

However, looking carefully, a black-clothed middle-aged man suddenly appeared.

While this black-clothed middle-aged man was already a Martial Grandmaster, the other side had an armoured Martial Grandmaster who looked like a general pinning him down.

Being at a numerical disadvantage, this black-clothed middle-aged man instantly fell into crisis.

When Yan Zhaoge discovered him, a spear had just pierced through his chest!

What drew Yan Zhaoge’s attention was the fact that this person’s attire was clearly similar to that of the Dim Darkness Sect’s Liang Zhichao who had died in the dragon tomb.

This was likely also a Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioner.

On the battlefield, against the troop formation of their enemies, the side this Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioner was on was already beginning to collapse, people fleeing in all directions.

Struck by a spear, the black-clothed middle-aged man fell onto the ground.

Seeing this, a youth beside him was shocked as he hurriedly went forth and lifted him up before turning and fleeing.

Seeing that the enemy forces were beginning to fall apart, the light armoured troops dispersed from their battle formation, beginning to individually pursue their fleeing enemies.

To them, these were all battle achievements waiting for them.

The youth carried the black-clothed middle-aged man along in fleeing, traversing mountains and crossing peaks.

After who knew how long, when no further people could be seen before them, he had just wanted to stop and catch his breath when the sound of rumbling thunder suddenly resounded behind him.

The youth looked back in shock, seeing a Martial Grandmaster-led squad of armoured martial practitioners having arrived in hot pursuit.

Seeing the black-clothed middle-aged man on his back, the Martial Grandmaster smiled, “Rebel of the Dim Darkness Sect whose value surpasses that of the other rebels.”

As the metallic sound of their boots on the ground arrived before him, the youth’s face turned pale as a look of despair was visible within his eyes, “Could it be that I am going to die here today”

As he was thinking this, the world before his eyes suddenly changed.

The same was true for those lightly armoured martial practitioners as well as a handsome white-clothed youth in a black-bordered blue robe now appeared within the forest, obstructing their way.

Their sabres and spears fell onto the ground.

The other party had not even moved, merely standing there calmly with his hands behind his back.

The next moment, all the lightly armoured martial practitioners flew backwards, blood spurting from their mouths as they instantly perished.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual as he swivelled his head to look at that heavily injured, unconscious black-clothed man before shifting his gaze onto that still rather dazed youth, “You are also a descendant of the Dim Darkness Sect”


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