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HSSB621: The cunning Yan Zhaoge


While he was grateful to Yan Zhaoge for having escorted Liang Zhichao’s remains back to the Royal Reed Sea, while he was grateful to Yan Zhaoge for having saved the lives of he and Wei Lang, as a descendant of the Dim Darkness Sect, pride existed within Zhang Qiansong’s heart no matter how bad of a predicament he was in.

Still, after having heard that the disappearances and deaths of Deng Sen and the others were all related to the sect that Yan Zhaoge hailed from, Zhang Qiansong could not help but take it seriously.

Be it direct lineage or guest Elders, so many Martial Saint experts having perished would inevitably have been a painful loss for the Radiant Light Sect.

The Dim Darkness Sect would not have been able to remain composed at such a loss as well.

This was especially so when he heard that three other third level Martial Saints had likely perished as well.

Zhang Qiansong felt even more shocked at this.

Like this, there had been a total of eight Martial Saints who had perished, five of them being third level Martial Saints in addition to Deng Sen who had been at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Such a loss was already extremely immense.

Deng Sen was of the Radiant Light Sect’s Eternal Light Palace, a Grand Elder of theirs who could rank in the top five.

He was already a famous figure of the entire Royal Reed Sea.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge now, Zhang Qiansong could not help but feel solemn and respectful as he saw him in a new light.

Even if the power he came from was incomparable to the Dim Darkness Sect, it would definitely still be a major power that could not be overlooked.

It might be even stronger than he thought it was.

Yan Zhaoge spoke no further on this, only smiling mildly, “My sect is not from the Royal Reed Sea.

You would probably not have heard of it before.”

Seeing that Yan Zhaoge was reluctant to speak more on this, Zhang Qiansong could only leave it as that.

Still, he would not underestimate him due to this secrecy, instead feeling even more solemn.

“If what he says is true, the enmity between them and the Radiant Light Sect would already be irrevocable.

Perhaps they can serve as powerful support for our sect.

While we are rebelling against the Xuan together now, the Radiant Light Sect is our irreconcilable enemy at the end of the day,” Zhang Qiansong pondered, “Still, we will have to guard against this really being a scheme of theirs.”

Yan Zhaoge not having mentioned it, Zhang Qiansong unconsciously dismissed the possibility of him having come from somewhere other than the World beyond Worlds.

This was similar to the thoughts of those Radiant Light Sect experts from back then as they attributed a sense of superiority to powers of the World beyond Worlds.

In truth, Deng Sen and so many experts, in descending into a world aside from the World beyond Worlds, would basically have been able to rampantly sweep through all of them without question.

There were only an extreme few worlds, their martial civilisations flourishing, which were exceptions to this rule.

While they could not compare to the World beyond Worlds, they did not lack third level Martial Saint experts, quite a few of theirs having ascended to the World beyond Worlds before.

However, firstly, there were really too few of such worlds.

Considering the thousands of lower worlds which existed, these worlds could really be overlooked.

Secondly, even if it was such a world, they would also be composed of many different powers.

Zhang Qiansong had never heard of any single power of the lower worlds having the ability to decimate so many powerful experts like in Deng Sen’s group before.

As for retrieving the corpse of Liang Zhichao from a lower world, this was really nothing worth thinking about.

Since Liang Zhichao could go to the lower worlds, others of the World beyond Worlds would certainly be able to ‘descend’ and return again as well.

This was a result which Yan Zhaoge had intentionally manipulated him in arriving at.

All his words had been true.

Still, being incomplete, they were sometimes even more misleading than falsehoods.

Zhang Qiansong was merely a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster.

His words would not hold much weight even in the Eight Extremities World’s Broad Creed Mountain, Jade Sea City and other clans, let alone major powers on the level of the Dim Darkness Sect.

Yan Zhaoge only needed to establish contact with the Dim Darkness Sect’s higher echelons through him.

The notion of him and Broad Creed Mountain in Zhang Qiansong’s mind having grown exaggerated, he would naturally introduce him even more diligently.

As for what might happen after they learnt the truth, Yan Zhaoge wasn’t too concerned about it.

After all, it was Zhang Qiansong who had misunderstood.

He would not be pledging allegiance to the Dim Darkness Sect anyway.

As Zhang Qiansong pondered about sending the news back to his sect to investigate the situations of Deng Sen’s group further in order to verify the veracity of Yan Zhaoge’s claims, he said warmly, “You escorted senior apprentice-granduncle Liang’s remains back to his hometown and his sect this time.

This Zhang is truly grateful for this.”

“It is just that still being injured now, I am unable to escort these remains.

Could you help me to see this through I will try to establish contact with senior experts of my sect to come over to meet us.

With your high virtue, you will definitely be rewarded in an expression of our gratitude.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “It is fine.

I had also been thinking of remaining in this Royal Reed Sea for a while.

Still, it had been more of wanting to get familiarised with the Radiant Light Sect’s situation.”

Zhang Qiansong chuckled, “If there is anyone apart from the Radiant Light Sect’s descendants themselves who understand them the most, it would be naught but our sect.”

As Yan Zhaoge and Zhang Qiansong were conversing, somewhere else in the Wei Family Manor, there were others conversing as well, just that it was actually more on the side of arguing.

“Second Brother, why has Sixth Uncle been alerted” The Patriarch Wei Yunchang, also Wei Lang’s father, was currently gazing solemnly at his younger brother, Wei Yunsheng.

Wei Yunsheng’s expression was calm, a white-haired old man beside him snorting coldly, “It is fortunate that Yunsheng warned me.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known about the trouble caused by all you unfilial descendants!”

His gaze scanned across Wei Lang who was standing beside Wei Yunchang.

His granduncle’s gaze falling on him, Wei Lang instantly felt a chill spreading throughout his entire body.

Wei Yunsheng said mildly, “Just so that eldest brother knows, General Yang’s men are already on their way.

They will be arriving at our Labour Wind City very soon.”

Shocked, the bodies of Wei Yunchang and Wei Lang both shook in unison, “The Phoenix Bearing General Yang Zhaozhen”

The Phoenix Bearing General was the general that the Grand Xuan Dynasty had placed in charge of guarding over the Phoenix Bearing Region.

Wei Yunchang’s face was sunken, “While Lang’er having acted on his own was wrong, he will naturally be dealt with by the Family’s laws.

You actually sold him out to the Grand Xuan Dynasty”

“Eldest brother, Lang’er is insensible, but you are so naïve as well” Wei Yunsheng said, “Lang’er is not your eldest son, seldom venturing outside as well, mostly remaining in Labour Wind City such that there are few within the Phoenix Bearing Region who recognise him.”

“Yet, in having rebelled against the Xuan Dynasty together with people of the Dim Darkness Sect, it was the martial arts of our Wei Family that he executed.

While it might not be easily discovered in the chaos of the battlefield, someone would surely notice it, suspicion arising within their hearts!”

“Someone already long since grew suspicious over at the Grand Xuan Dynasty.”

Wei Yunchang was somewhat silent.

By the side, old Granduncle Wei snorted, “Yunchang, don’t think that I don’t know.

If not for your tacit agreement, how would Wei Lang have been able to mix with those of the Dim Darkness Sect But you are really too muddle-headed.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty is still far from dead.

Is it something that we can rebel against whenever we like”

“Even if it usually oppresses and exploits us heavily, we are still able to sustain our ancestral lineage at the very least.

Yet, we could now be exterminated with our properties confiscated at any time!”

Wei Lang grit his teeth, “I will take responsibility for my actions, not implicating the Family.”

“Our Wei Family is a major family.

The Xuan dogs cannot dare to be entirely forceful with the current situation being how it is.

So long as you hand me over, they will most likely ignore the Family itself.”

Wei Yunsheng smiled, “Second Uncle has watched you growing up.

How would I send you on the path of death myself”

“In having invited General Yang over, it is to capture and kill those of the Dim Darkness Sect, rather than you.”

Wei Lang stared, “Second Uncle…”

Wei Yunsheng smiled coldly, “Otherwise, why would I have invited them to Labour Wind City If not for you having described how indiscernible their strength is, I would already have captured them at the time.”

“Only their decapitated heads can secure our Wei Family.”


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