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HSSB622: Transcending Mortality, I see Lord Primordial


Wei Yunsheng’s voice caused Wei Lang to shiver, “Those with the one surnamed Yan might not be of the Dim Darkness Sect, but seeing as they came for someone of the Dim Darkness Sect, they should be rebels as well.

General Yang will be happy to take them down.”

Wei Lang said through trembling lips, “Second Uncle, they saved my life before.

It was also because they trusted us that they came to Labour Wind City.”

Wei Yunsheng smiled coldly, “What I’m doing now is also saving your life, saving all our lives.”

“Since the one surnamed Yan likes helping others so much, he shouldn’t mind helping us out again.

Saving the lives of so many of us in the Wei Family with just the lives of the few of them, it would be meritorious indeed.

He should be happy to do that.”

Wei Lang opened his mouth wide, panickedly turning to look at his father.

Wei Yunchang’s brows were knit tightly, but just as he was about to speak, old Granduncle Wei said coldly from the side, “Today’s matter was also the result of the thoughtless actions of Yunchang and his son.”

Amidst his words, a few figures appeared.

With just a glance at them, Wei Yunchang’s heart sunk.

All these people were Elders of their Family, usually not interfering with their matters as they just spent their time cultivating.

None of these old monsters was inferior to him in their cultivation bases.

His sixth uncle before him was even the number one expert of the Family.

While he was their Patriarch, so many Elders having come together with opposing opinions, Wei Yuncheng felt immense pressure.

Old Granduncle Wei said in a heavy tone, “Do you still not understand now, Yunchang Yunsheng has already contacted General Yang.

The reason this old man has had to leave seclusion is to capture those rebels before he arrives!”

“Us handing those people over and they knocking on our door searching for them would be two completely different things altogether.”

Looking at Wei Yunchang, old Granduncle Wei eased his tone, “It is still not too late to remedy things.”

Wei Yunchang said in a heavy tone, “The Grand Xuan Dynasty is moving against the will of things.

Currently, the entire Royal Reed Sea is rebelling against them.

In having tacitly allowed Lang’er to travel alongside those of the Dim Darkness Sect, I indeed chose a side.

Still, aren’t Sixth Uncle and Second Brother moving over to stand on the side of the Grand Xuan Dynasty now And even selling out someone of the Dim Darkness Sect in doing so.”

“If the Grand Xuan Dynasty really is overthrown in the future, the Dim Darkness Sect will definitely settle its accounts with us.

Also, we would surely be even more hated than the subordinate powers of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.”

Wei Yunchang said rather painedly, “Even if we do not stand on the Dim Darkness Sect’s side, why must we damage our relationship with them as irreparably as this We could just shoo them away from here.”

Old Granduncle Wei snorted, “You are really too muddle-headed as a Patriarch.

In having handed the Family over to you, I see now that it was indeed the wrong decision.”

“You are just like those ordinary people, only seeing how the Grand Xuan Dynasty is currently in a nasty predicament.

The current Emperor Xuanmu is unable to suppress the world with his power.

Yet, have you ever thought about Emperor Xuancheng before him”

Wei Yunchang was taken aback, “Didn’t Emperor Xuancheng die even earlier than Emperor Xuanwen”

Old Granduncle Wei said, “Emperor Xuanwen’s death is for certain.

Still, Emperor Xuancheng’s current status is uncertain.

The ways of the Grand Xuan royalty being deep and indiscernible, his death is merely guessed at by everyone.

Who can confidently say that Emperor Xuancheng is dead”

Wei Yunchang frowned, “Emperor Xuancheng’s cultivation base is incomparable to Emperor Xuanwen’s.

Even if he is still alive, he still might not be able to lord over the Royal Reed Sea.”

Old Granduncle Wei waved his hands, “With Emperor Xuancheng and his son Emperor Xuanmu both around, even if the Grand Xuan Dynasty cannot obtain victory, it would still be very hard for them to be defeated.

As long as they are not defeated, other places aside, this Phoenix Bearing Region would still be beneath the heavens of the Grand Xuan.

Our Wei Family still existing on the territory of the Grand Xuan, how would we be able to offend them”

His tone turned severe, “Yunchang, you have already condoned a great mistake.

Now, the entire Family has to bear this risk alongside you and your son!”

Wei Yunsheng now said from the side, “Please quell your anger, Sixth Uncle.

Also, do not be in a rush to make a move.”

Old Granduncle Wei raised his brows, “Are you afraid that this old man might not be able to take down a few juniors Such a young Martial Grandmaster is indeed rare.

Still, how high could he have gotten to The Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster realm”

Wei Yunsheng said, “Firstly, it is never wrong to play it safe.

After all, we do not know their background, also not knowing whether they have experts waiting in ambush outside our Labour Wind City.”

“Secondly, they seem to have the intention of contacting other Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners to come over.

Under such circumstances, being unclear on whether the Phoenix Bearing General wants to capture them first or slowly handle it, we had best not act on our own.”

“I have already conveyed the situation to the Phoenix Bearing General.

Let us decide on things after the people of the Grand Xuan have arrived.

Before that, we should just stabilise things over here.”

Hearing his words, old Granduncle Wei pondered for a moment before nodding, “Keep a close eye on them.”

He swivelled his head and glanced at the pale-faced Wei Lang, “Reflect on it properly in solitary confinement.”

Wei Yunchang’s face was deeply tensed up as he fell into a deep silence.


Understanding the current situation regarding the Radiant Light Sect from Zhang Qiansong, Yan Zhaoge found it highly satisfactory.

Old Man Mo’s information had been from more than a hundred years ago.

It could only be referred to in general.

Zhang Qiansong possessed immediate information regarding them, being more useful.

Being heavily injured after all, Zhang Qiansong felt exhausted due to having to contact his seniors of the Dim Darkness Sect whilst also conversing with Yan Zhaoge.

He began to rest again.

Yan Zhaoge left his room, standing in the courtyard.

He pondered as he looked at the bright stars up above.

The information that Zhang Qiansong had provided him with just earlier surfaced within his mind.

“Luo Zhitao, Chief of the Radiant Light Sect.

Already an expert of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Seeing Divinity stage, over a hundred years ago.

While he has still yet to break through into the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm, stepping into the early Immortal Bridge stage, he should already be extremely close to making that breakthrough.

It should be right to say that he is one of the current strongest Seeing Divinity Martial Saints in the Royal Reed Sea.”

“There is a high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Sun Moon Golden Wheels, sitting over their sect.

Still, the moon wheel was damaged many years ago, its former glory not restored as the might of the wheels thus dropped.

Still, it is still a treasure that connects up into the heavens and down into the earth.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “The old adage is indeed true.

Skinny, dying camels are bigger than horses.

So many years after the Dim Radiant Sect was destroyed and split apart, some of its past possessions still remain.”

As he pondered, Yan Zhaoge raised his head and gazed at the Milky Way overhead.

He inhaled the spiritual qi of the world, his mood growing comfortable to the extreme.

At this moment, he felt as if the heavens and earth before his eyes had returned to the era of before the Great Calamity.

Amidst this illusory state, the river of time seemed to manifest in a grand, magnificent image.

Yan Zhaoge felt as if standing right there, he was gazing at the slow times of ancient days long past.

Various comprehensions and various thoughts simultaneously swept over and refined his heart.

Streams of clear qi emanated, enveloping the entire courtyard such that it would be hard to view things within from the outside.

Beneath the clear qi was concealed a mass of chaos, caring not about beginning, caring not about end.

The acupoints of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body pulsed, numerous spirit talismans flying out from within.

They formed an array, next stacking atop one another to construct a heavenly altar that resembled a pagoda whilst also a sacrificial altar.

Atop the heavenly altar, infinite radiance was changing unceasingly, time seemingly flowing backwards throughout the heavens and the earth as everything returned to before the heavens and the earth had been split, when everything had been formed of chaos.

All existences finally returned to chaos, seemingly suffusing the heavens and the earth in all directions, yet seemingly also congregating at a single indescribable point.

Amidst the changes in chaos sat a single, indistinct figure.

Gazing carefully, however, it also seemed as though that figure did not exist at all.

Yan Zhaoge smiled composedly, “Transcending Mortality today, a glimpse of the Lord of Primordial Beginning.”


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