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HSSB624: It’s not me who should leave


Yan Zhaoge looked at that white-haired old man, next looking at Wei Yunsheng.

Thinking about all that had happened previously, how could he not understand what was up with the Wei Family

Yan Zhaoge completely ignored Wei Yunsheng’s pleasantries which were trying to conceal things and tie him down.

He simply appraised those of the Wei Family with his gaze, not saying anything that would not be deathly impactful and shocking.

“You wouldn’t have prayed to your ancestors and abolished Wei Yunchang’s position as Patriarch, right”

Wei Yunsheng’s expression stiffened slightly, the faces of the Elders beside him all sinking as well.

“Please be careful in your words, Young Master Yan.

While my Wei Family respects you as guests, the words you said just now were really too rude,” Wei Yunsheng retracted his smile, saying slowly.

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “This old dude beside you should be that number one expert of your Wei Family, rumoured to already have stepped into the Transcending Mortality stage”

“Everyone here, including you, Wei Yunsheng, should comprise the experts of your Wei Family.”

“If only to retain your guests, could you require so many people” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Things already cannot be any more obvious.

Why don’t you be people a little more candid”

Wei Yunsheng was silent for a while before he said, “The Grand Xuan Dynasty has already began to suspect Lang’er’s identity.”

“We can only draw a line between the Dim Darkness Sect and us.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “How would you draw that line From the looks of things, it seems like it wouldn’t simply be shooing us away.

It should be that you want to capture us, handing us over to the Grand Xuan Dynasty”

Wei Yunsheng said, “To tell you the truth, we indeed have this intention.

Still, our target is the Dim Darkness Sect disciple Zhang Qiansong who is in this room.”

“If you are not of the Dim Darkness Sect, we will not make things difficult for you so long as you do not interfere…”

Yan Zhaoge chortled, “Who’re you fooling”

His gaze sweeping over old Granduncle Wei and the others, he said nonchalantly, “Let alone Zhang Qiansong already being injured, even if he were at his peak condition, you, Wei Yunsheng acting against him alone would already be more than sufficient, requiring almost no effort at all.”

“Things being on such a great scale now, you clearly have targeted us as well.”

Wei Yunsheng was momentarily lost for words.

Old Granduncle Wei strode forward, his powerful aura expanding unceasingly, seemingly enveloping the entire Labour Wind City.

A shocking light appeared within his old, turbid eyes, “Yunsheng, why’re you wasting words with them”

Old Granduncle Wei gazed coldly at Yan Zhaoge, “Since you already understand, I might as well tell you straight out.

Today, you will not be fleeing this place.”

Yan Zhaoge said nonchalantly, “You seem to have gotten something wrong from when we just met earlier.”

“I had never intended to leave this Labour Wind City all along.

Previously, it was merely to hit the grass and alert the snake.”

Yan Zhaoge spread his palms apart, “Having appeared here now, I have specifically been waiting for you people.”

Hearing this, those of the Wei Family all frowned.

Yan Zhaoge gazed at Wei Yunsheng, “From when you invited us to Labour Wind City when we first met, you were already secretly calculating and planning how to deal with us, right”

“From the very beginning, you had already targeted us.

Otherwise, why would you have needed to draw us to this Labour Wind City”

“Aside from us, perhaps you calculated your elder brother, Wei Yunchang in as well”

Hearing his words, Wei Yunsheng said slowly, “You saved Lang’er’s life at the end of the day.

It would not be good for elder brother to act against you.

It’s because of that that he isn’t here.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Such a thing having happened, even if you could condone Wei Yunchang continuing on the seat of Patriarch, the Grand Xuan Dynasty would also be unable to condone him.”

The Elders of the Wei Family were all silent.

Wei Yunsheng was silent for a moment before he shook his head, smiling, “Whatever you say.”

“Actually, as I see it, it was only a small debt of gratitude that you did in saving Lang’er’s life.

In Lang’er having met danger, it was also because you people who rebel against the Grand Xuan bewitched him, dragging our Wei Family down with him as well.

This amounts to great enmity.”

“Before such great enmity, such a small debt of gratitude would naturally amount to no gratitude at all.”

Old Granduncle Wei said coldly, “Youngster, this old man can tell that you indeed feel confident, rather than putting on a show of bravado.”

“Having attained the Martial Grandmaster realm at your age, you are indeed a rare talent.

It is no wonder that you possess such confidence.”

“Still, youngsters with just a bit of talent already love being wildly arrogant.

You’ve got to learn that lawlessness is often not permitted even for the likes of you.”

Whilst saying this, old Granduncle Wei continued striding forward, clawing out towards Yan Zhaoge with an upraised palm, “Having killed a few soldiers of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, you already think that you can act freely and rampantly beneath the heavens”

Streams of qi formed a vortex.

As they circulated, gazing upwards, gales arose and clouds surged in the air above Labour Wind City, forming a massive vortex that enveloped the entire city.

Wei Yunsheng smiled, “You saved Lang’er’s life.

Since you are so nice in helping people out, you probably wouldn’t mind helping my Wei Family out one more time”

“All those people of my Wei Family will be saved by your sacrifice.

You would have performed a meritorious service indeed.”

Gazing leisurely at the vortex overhead, Yan Zhaoge said smilingly, “No need to be so polite.

For me, saving the life of your entire Wei Family would indeed come as simply as the raising of a hand.”

Whilst saying this, Yan Zhaoge’s figure suddenly flashed.

Old Granduncle Wei and the others could only feel as though the world before them had suddenly changed as Yan Zhaoge’s figure had already disappeared from their sight.

Amidst their great shock, as they were in the midst of looking for Yan Zhaoge, his voice suddenly resounded by their ears, “On the flip side, claiming your lives would also be a casual thing for me.”

Old Granduncle Wei’s shrunken figure abruptly drew straight upright, all his hairs standing on end.

He turned, seeing Yan Zhaoge clearly standing amidst the crowd with one hand directly clasping Wei Yunsheng’s neck.

Wei Yunsheng opened his mouth wide, yet could emit no sound at all.

Yan Zhaoge said in a slow and leisurely manner, “You can be the first.”

With a cracking noise, Wei Yunsheng’s neck was directly twisted off by Yan Zhaoge’s fingers!

All those of the Wei Family watched this scene disbelievingly, their minds completely blank.

Wei Yunsheng was an early Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster, his cultivation base resembling that of a divinity’s when faced off against those below the Essence Talisman stage.

Yet, he had had his neck directly twisted off like a chicken’s by a youth who was not yet even thirty!

What cultivation base must this youth have then

Let alone there being as many experts in the World beyond Worlds as there were clouds, even just considering those who had yet to attain the Martial Saint realm, there were also many who would be able to slay Wei Yunsheng in such a relaxed manner.

Yet, they would have to be late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters at the very least.

This youth before them…

All those of the Wei Family were rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied, feeling overwhelmed by the world before them that just felt so surreal.

The only one who could still react was old Granduncle Wei, who had the highest cultivation base of them all.

He roared, the terrifying power agglomerated in the clouds and winds up above descending mightily towards Yan Zhaoge!

The violent tide resembled a tsunami as it forced even many of the nearby longtime Elders of the Wei Family into frenetic retreat.

Yan Zhaoge randomly flung Wei Yunsheng’s corpse away like a piece of trash before striking upwards with a palm.

The supreme direct lineage martial art of the Wei Family, the Heaven Descending Cloud Palm which had swept along boundless frenzied waves, dissipated in an instant!

The old man spewed out a mouthful of fresh blood!

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “I said earlier that I have no intention of leaving Labour Wind City.

You people pose no threat to me at all, so why should I leave Even if someone has to run, that person also shouldn’t be me.”


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