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HSSB626: Can’t beat a Martial Saint Transcend Mortality


While the terrifying spear was not as fearsome as the Northern Ocean Divine Spear, propelled by the all-encompassing green flames, it also possessed immense destructive power.

It resembled a white crane flapping its wings, light and agile as it was rich in variations.

The light of fire mixed alongside the spear filled the entire sky, enveloping Yan Zhaoge within.

While it was scattered within that area, the destructive power contained within remained condensed rather than dissipating such that so long as it touched any part of Yan Zhaoge’s body, it would immediately transform into brutal, destructive frenzied waves.

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth arched slightly upwards as he thought, “Five Fires True Art, Seven Fowl Treasured Spear…it indeed somewhat seems to have been developed from the concept of the legendary treasure of pre-Great Calamity times, the Five Fires Seven Fowl Fan.

Still, it has not completely gained its essence.”

“Haha, speaking of which, it can barely also be considered as originating from the Clear Jade lineage…”

Yan Zhaoge raised his palm once more.

A silhouette flickered above his head, a massive giant appearing which similarly raised its palm.

Seeing this massive avatar, everyone present was rendered slightly dazed, “True Martial Avatar! Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster!”

Even for they who lived in the World beyond Worlds, such a young Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster was still completely unprecedented!

Yang Zhaozhen who was executing the White Crane Treasured Spear with the Stone Fire Art and had been wishing to tear Yan Zhaoge apart to shreds was also slightly shocked upon seeing this.

He carefully appraised Yan Zhaoge, instantly feeling shocked, “His actual age is virtually the same as his outer appearance A Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster who’s not yet even thirty! How is this possible”

Just thinking about this, the flames of fury within Yang Zhaozhen’s heart instantly dissipated greatly as he regained some calmness, “Where did this fella spring out of”

However, not waiting for him to change his stance, Yan Zhaoge and his true martial avatar behind him had already raised their palms simultaneously.

With this raising of a palm, the sky was instantly shaken, the heavens and the earth overturning, yin and yang reversing as all extremities circulated backwards.

First not speaking about how your martial arts are not completely of the Five Fires Seven Fowl Fan, even if it contained the complete power from its concept, could it resist my Cyclic Heavenly Palm

Yan Zhaoge’s true martial avatar instantly switched from the Heavenly Broad Creed Avatar to the Cyclic Heavenly Avatar.

As his palm descended, the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm turned into the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, directly extinguishing the white light and the green flames between the heavens and the earth with a single palm!

The majestic power that reversed extremities erupted, colliding with Yang Zhaozhen’s Seven Fowl Treasured Spear!

A ringing sound instantly resounded between the heavens and the earth.

Ceaseless explosions continuously resounded, sweeping and expanding outwards as if a formless power had completely penetrated the surrounding space for five thousand kilometres all around.

Then, beneath everyone’s gazes, a figure was jolted up into the air.

Up into the air…

Yan Zhaoge was standing on the ground, while Yang Zhaozhen had attacked downwards from mid-air.

If someone had been sent flying up into the air, that person must be…

Everyone opened their mouths wide, dazedly watching this scene as they could not recover for a long time.

In this clash, it was shockingly the Martial Saint Yang Zhaozhen who had been sent flying!

Yan Zhaoge stood where he was, his expression calm as no changes could be seen in it whatsoever.

It was deathly silent in the entire Labour Wind City.

What everyone had just witnessed just seemed like something out of a dream as they all felt disbelieving of it.

Not only was the youth before their eyes already a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster at his young age, he had even forcibly bested and repelled a Martial Saint expert head-on!

While Yang Zhaozhen was only at the first level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Avatar Merging stage, that was still a genuine, authentic Martial Saint expert!

As the commander who sat over the Phoenix Bearing Region of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, not only was his cultivation base sufficiently high, his strength was unordinary amongst martial practitioners of the same cultivation level as well.

Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood-after having entered Sainthood, it was a whole different world altogether from Martial Grandmasters.

Yet, the Martial Grandmaster Yan Zhaoge had now domineeringly repelled the Martial Saint Yang Zhaozhen!

Others now appeared in the distant horizon.

All of them were wearing armour and had powerful auras as they were clearly Yang Zhaozhen’s subordinates, experts of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

They had accompanied Yang Zhaozhen here to exterminate the rebels, having been slightly slower than him due to their comparatively weaker cultivation bases.

It was just that never would these experts of the Grand Xuan Dynasty have thought that the first thing they would see upon arriving at the scene would be their general, the Martial Saint Yang Zhaozhen, being sent flying backwards.

All of them were taken aback, wondering what kind of a powerful enemy it was.

When they finally saw the true martial avatar above Yan Zhaoge, all of them were instantly shocked silly.

There were as many experts as there were clouds in the World beyond Worlds, many geniuses being produced.

While it was not like there were no tales of Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters standing against and even defeating Martial Saints, all of them were legends, no one here having truly seen such happening before.

Now that they were suddenly seeing it, they all felt shocked to the extreme.

This was especially so after they had confirmed Yan Zhaoge’s age, upon which they were all rendered completely speechless, only feeling as though the world before them had turned surreal.

Everyone could not help but seriously question themselves: Had all their years spent in cultivation been spent living as a dog

A furious howl resounded within the air, white light penetrating through space as it shot rapidly towards Yan Zhaoge!

Yang Zhaozhen roared in rage, a jet-black spear appearing within his hands with a bright speck of white light exceptionally dazzling on its tip.

Green flames agglomerated about the spear, forming a dim layer of green light atop its metallic length.

The temperature of the flames could not be felt.

Instead, there was only a chill that penetrated down to one’s very bones!

Gazing at that jet-black spear, Yan Zhaoge could feel the terrifying destructive power contained within even from a great distance away.

Low-grade Sacred Artifact, Dark Feather Slaughtering Golden Spear!

As the nephew of the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s Marquis and a distant relative of the royal family, while Yang Zhaozhen was only at the first level of the Martial Saint realm, he even had a Sacred Artifact!

A Martial Saint wielding a Sacred Artifact, incomparably shocking power would be unleashed.

Even with the strength of Yan Zhaoge’s fleshly body, his body would still be pierced straight through if he took a direct hit from this spear.

It was just that to Yang Zhaozhen, having to use a Sacred Artifact against a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster was obviously not a glorious thing at all.

Still, he could not care about that much now as he only sought to kill Yan Zhaoge!

As long as he slew this strange youth before him, nothing else would then matter.

Zhang Qiansong had already long left his room.

Seeing this terrifying scene now, he could not help but cry out in shock.

Yan Zhaoge instead smiled, raising his head and roaring like a dragon towards the heavens!

Ice-blue radiance flickered, light armour appearing on Yan Zhaoge’s body as an infinite icy ocean expanded about his body.

Numerous ice dragons shot out from the icy sea, intermingling together as they obstructed Yang Zhaozhen’s spear.

Those of the Grand Xuan Dynasty all stared wide-eyed in unison, “He still has a Sacred Artifact!”

The roar of the ice dragons resounded throughout the nine heavens.

Yan Zhaoge and his true martial avatar above his head performed the same motion, both extending their arm and flipping their palm once more!

Clenching his teeth, Yang Zhaozhen tried to resist it with all his might.

Yet, a mighty collision saw the exalted Phoenix Bearing General of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the Martial Saint expert Yang Zhaozhen, being sent flying backwards once more!

Everything earlier had been pointless.

He was still sent flying by a single palm.

Yang Zhaozhen’s heart was overwhelmed by a sense of tragedy as unable to hold back his injuries any longer, a mouthful of blood spewed out from his mouth, dyeing the entire sky red.


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