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HSSB629: The Dim Darkness Sect that is messed with yet further


Defeating someone and slaying someone on the spot were two different things altogether.

After all, in most situations, most people would choose to flee against enemies they couldn’t beat rather than fighting it out to the end.

As a Martial Grandmaster, not only had Yan Zhaoge just resisted or defeated the Martial Saint Yang Zhaozhen, he had mightily beaten him to death in Labour Wind City, not giving him a chance to flee at all.

The power displayed therein was even more shocking.

Not saying a word, Wang Wenming immediately hurried to the region of Labour Wind City.

Elder Wang of the Dim Darkness Sect who had regained his wits did not forget his official duties.

It was currently the best time to accomplish their goals in the Phoenix Bearing Region.

While the Dim Darkness Sect and the other rebel forces were surprised by Yang Zhaozhen’s sudden death, it would similarly require time for the Grand Xuan Dynasty to receive the news and whip up a plan of action.

Thus, the disturbance in the Phoenix Bearing Region instantly grew even more intense.

The Dim Darkness Sect and the other anti-Xuan forces wanted to make good use of this chance where the Grand Xuan Dynasty lacked the power to control things in the Phoenix Bearing Region.

After all, when the Grand Xuan Dynasty raged over Yang Zhaozhen’s death afterwards, not only would they counterattack, they would do so with even greater momentum.

Yang Zhaozhen’s death might even draw out the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s Marquis Haicheng.

After having arrived and heard the narration of Zhang Qiansong and the others, Wang Wenming was shocked once more, “A Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster who’s…not even yet thirty”

Zhang Qiansong swallowed his saliva, nodding with some difficulty, “This disciple also finds it inconceivable.”

Wan Wenming raised his head and gazed at the sky, “Even an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of his age has never before appeared in the seventy-two regions of the Royal Reed Sea.”

Zhang Qiansong said, “According to his words, he and his sect are located outside of the Royal Reed Sea.

At the same time, they have also been in a conflict with the Radiant Light Sect.”

Wang Wenming knit his brows slightly, “The Radiant Light Sect has been clashing with the Grand Xuan Dynasty just like us these past few years.

How would they have had the leisure to provoke powers outside of the Royal Reed Sea”

Zhang Qiansong said rather hoarsely, “It seems like the lack of news regarding the Radiant Light Sect’s Deng Sen, Sun Hao and some others is related to this person and his sect behind him.”

“The Radiant Light Sect’s Elder of the Eternal Light Palace, Deng Sen who’s at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, the Seeing Divinity stage” Wang Wenming’s expression turned grave, “Deng Sen can be ranked in the top five within the Eternal Light Palace.

Counting even the guest Elders, Deng Sen is also one of the top twenty-five experts of the entire Radiant Light Sect.

If what this Yan Zhaoge says is true, not only is he himself shocking, the sect behind him cannot be underestimated as well.”

Still having casually come to the Royal Reed Sea where the Radiant Light Sect was active even after having slain Deng Sen and the other seven, this meant that the other party likely didn’t care about the threat of the Radiant Light Sect at all, seeing those who had been slain as just merely being dead.

At the same time that he had offended the Radiant Light Sect, he had even slain a Martial Saint who guarded a region of the Grand Xuan Dynasty without any reservations whatsoever.

From this, it also seemed to prove that he was sufficiently backed up in his confidence.

Zhang Qiansong seemed to remember something as he hurriedly said, “The reason for him having been able to trap Yang Zhaozhen and prevent him from fleeing was a strange treasure that could actually manifest as a massive palace.”

“That palace was overflowing with dragon qi, every single brick and tile there seemingly being constructed of the bones and scales of true dragons, their overall value being hard to estimate.”

“Able to have such an abundant foundation and accumulation, it doesn’t seem like something that just any ordinary power can possess.”

Wang Wenming pondered for a moment before saying, “Perhaps he wants to understand the Radiant Light Sect’s situation, perhaps he wants to find an ally in the Royal Reed Sea.

Anyway, since he has established contact with our sect, he should have the intention of forging a relationship with us somewhat.

Our sect can have more interactions with him and his sect behind him.”

“This matter is of the utmost consequence.

Guide this person to the Flourishing Peace Region to meet with senior apprentice-uncle Wu.

I still have to sit over the Phoenix Bearing Region for some time more.”

Zhang Qiansong was rather surprised, “Elder Wu has arrived in the Flourishing Peace Region”

Wang Wenming nodded, not speaking.

He gazed into the distant horizon with seemingly no focal point within his gaze, “While Deng Sen did not possess a mid-grade Sacred Artifact, it would not have been easy at all for someone of the same cultivation level to kill him.

After all, he cultivates in the Radiant Light Illuminating Art and a tortoise shell type martial art like the Inextinguishable Light Body.”

Zhang Qiansong and the others all looked like they deeply agreed with his analysis.

They had fought for half their lives with disciples of the Radiant Light Sect.

Thus, they could not be any more familiar with the specialities of their martial arts.

If martial practitioners of the Dim Darkness Sect faced off against Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners of the same cultivation level who cultivated mainly in the Inextinguishable Light Body, while they would not be able to easily lose, it would be even more difficult for them to win.

Wang Wenming retracted his gaze, “Let’s go.

Let me meet this heaven-defying genius for myself.”

While he had known that Yan Zhaoge was young, upon truly seeing him, Wang Wenming was still deeply taken aback.

Still, he didn’t appear like he undervalued Yan Zhaoge at all as he was full of praise towards him, at the same time also probing with differing intensities as he hoped to obtain more information from his words.

Yan Zhaoge allowed himself to be caught within Wang Wenming’s web of pleasantries, not letting slip any new information at all.

While Wang Wenming was a little disappointed, he could still feel Yan Zhaoge’s goodwill.

“Young Master Yan is virtuous, having sent the remains of our fellow disciple back to the Dim Darkness Sect.  This Wang expresses his deep gratitude for this,” Wang Wenming finally said, “This Wang still has to remain sitting over the Phoenix Bearing Region for a time.

With so many battles ongoing, it would not be possible for me to properly welcome Young Master Yan.

Still, I would like to invite Young Master Yan to my sect’s main altar, allowing us all to express our gratitude to you together and properly act as hosts.

I wonder what Young Master Yan thinks about this”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “I am fine with that.

Still, I don’t know whether it would be much of a hassle”

Wang Wenming shook his head, saying, “Of course not.

Young Master Yan overstates things.”

“Young Master Yan can accompany Qiansong and the others to the Flourishing Peace Region first.

Our Non-Brightness Hall’s Elder Wu is currently sitting over the area.

He will make the arrangements for you.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “The guest follows as the host intends.”

After they had conversed, they went their individual ways.

Wang Wenming still had affairs to deal with in the Phoenix Bearing Region while Yan Zhaoge’s group travelled alongside Zhang Qiansong and the other Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners, heading to the Flourishing Peace Region.

“According to Zhang Qiansong’s words, Elder Wu is the First Seat Elder of one of the Dim Darkness Sect’s three halls, the Non-Brightness Hall,” As they walked, the corners of Yan Zhaoge’s lips arched slightly upwards, “He is superior to Elder Wang in terms of cultivation base, position and seniority.”

Scratching his head, Ah Hu said, “Young Master ah, will they be like the Wei Family, seeing that they don’t have enough forces to deal with us in the Phoenix Bearing Region and thus drawing us over to where they have more experts stationed”

“While we are currently getting on rather well with the Dim Darkness Sect, people’s hearts are impossible to know, right There is still more than a year’s time before your Extreme Yang Seal can be used again.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Bar any unforeseen complications, it is still not to that extent for the time being.”

Ah Hu thought about it, “You having displayed too shocking a power as well as potential, if they know that you are from the World beyond Worlds, they would definitely hope to draw you in to join them.

Still, they currently think that you possess some great background, fearing to act lightly.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “In me having slain the Phoenix Bearing General of the Grand Xuan Dynasty without any reservations whatsoever, it seems to have misled those of the Dim Darkness Sect yet further.”

On hearing his words, Feng Yunsheng laughed, “Wasn’t this precisely your goal”

Yan Zhaoge exclaimed righteously, “What’re you talking about It was clearly that I couldn’t bear seeing the Phoenix Bearing Region exploited and oppressed by the Grand Xuan Dynasty for the long term, the anti-Xuan rebels being rampantly slaughtered.

Therefore, I lent a helping hand in their time of need, exterminating the tyrant and upholding the peace.”


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