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HSSB631: I’m still very popular


While they had doubts about it, Yan Zhaoge’s group settled down at the branch altar of the Dim Darkness Sect in the Flourishing Peace Region.

Their actions were not restricted as they could move freely as they liked.

Whatever requests they had, the Dim Darkness Sect would satisfy most of them as was possible.

If they wanted to see Nie Sheng or the other higher echelon experts, they would similarly not be refused.

Still, the people of the Dim Darkness Sect did not mention the main matters at hand, especially not talking about guiding the three of them to their main altar.

“Do they need more time to verify the deaths of Deng Sen and the other Radiant Light Sect experts” Ah Hu scratched his head, “Or could it be something else”

There were several cities surrounding this branch altar of the Dim Darkness Sect, all these cities rather bustling and filled with life.

The three of them strolled through one of these cities, appraising everything there.

Hearing Ah Hu’s question, Yan Zhaoge answered casually, “Let’s just wait and see for now.”

He surveyed the surroundings, seeing quite a few martial practitioners active within the city.

Not only were there Dim Darkness Sect disciples, there were disciples of other powers of the Flourishing Peace Region as well.

Their cultivation bases varied.

Still, more of them were on the low side as many Martial Artists could be seen.

Amongst the storeowners of the city, while there were martial practitioners, there were also many ordinary people who were unskilled in martial arts.

Walking amongst them, Yan Zhaoge was in a rather good mood.

The civilisation was liberalised here, especially having few reservations towards those proficient in martial arts.

Just having walked for a while, Yan Zhaoge had already discovered so many young girls staring at him with heated gazes.

It was just that seeing Feng Yunsheng who was walking beside him, they could only helplessly retract their envious gazes.

“I’m still very popular,” Yan Zhaoge chuckled towards Feng Yunsheng, as full of himself as could be.

Feng Yunsheng nodded, the picture of solemnness, “I should really hide you so no one can see you.”

Exchanging glances, the two could not help but shake their heads and laugh.

While the marketplace in the city was not all that well known, being comparatively smaller in scale as well, as Yan Zhaoge strolled within, he could see quite a number of things which were common there yet could not be found in places like the Eight Extremities World and the Vast Ocean World.

These things had not been rare before the Great Calamity, yet had gone extinct thereafter.

Still, observing the trading going on in this marketplace, it was evident that many of these things still existed in the World beyond Worlds.

Perhaps there were things which were extinct here yet could instead be found in the lower worlds.

Comparatively, however, the great thousand worlds of pre-Great Calamity times had been preserved in the most complete state in the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge’s group had been guessing about what the Dim Darkness Sect was up to.

Meanwhile, after Elder Nie Sheng of the Dim Darkness Sect had gotten them settled down, he went directly to the coremost region of this branch altar of the Dim Darkness Sect.

Inside a room there was a black-clothed old man who was currently staring at the formation before him in a daze.

This formation seemed to be enveloped by a black fog, no spiritual light visible within at all.

Entering the room, Nie Sheng bowed towards the black-clothed old man, “Elder Wu.”

The First Seat Elder of the Dim Darkness Sect’s Non-Brightness Hall, Wu Zixiu, continued staring at the formation before him as he did not rise, “No need for formalities.”

Nie Sheng came beside Wu Zixiu, saying, “While he seems young, he is careful with his words.

I could not get anything useful out of him.”

Wu Zixiu nodded slowly upon hearing his words, pondering deeply as he did not speak.

Nie Sheng glanced at the formation before him, “Elder Wu, should we send them away first It is not far from the date of the ritual.

Leaving so many unknown people here, it just isn’t safe at the end of the day.

Of course, we definitely cannot send them to the main altar.”

Wu Zixiu said, “If we have no discoveries, we can only send them away first.


Nie Sheng asked, “Elder Wu, are you suspecting something Are you suspecting that they are related to the Radiant Light Sect, having come here trying to fool us”

“We will very soon know whether Deng Sen and the others are really dead,” Wu Zixiu said, “As for this young man, he is not a descendant of the Radiant Light Sect at the very least.

His martial arts are not those of the Radiant Light Sect.

Wang Wenming still has at least bit of discernment.”

“Killing a Martial Saint as a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster, this young man indeed possesses shocking talent.

Also, the martial arts that he cultivates must definitely be extraordinary.

He should have a great background.

Even if he is related to the Radiant Light Sect, it would only be a relationship of cooperation rather than servitude.”

“This old man feels more like he and those behind him should not be in cahoots with the Radiant Light Sect.”

Wu Zixiu muttered to himself, “This person claims to hail from outside of the Royal Reed Sea.

This should be believable.

Still, the problem is-where does he come from”

“This young man may have a very great background.

Wang Wenming says that the language he uses is purely the ancient tongue commonly used in pre-Great Calamity times”

Nie Sheng nodded, “Yes, that’s right.”

“There are still people who use the ancient language of pre-Great Calamity times in the World beyond Worlds now,” He considered Wu Zixiu’s words, “Elder Wu, you already have a guess”

Wu Zixiu hesitated for a moment before asking, “This old man is thinking-could this be related to the Southeastern Exalt”

Nie Sheng was shocked, “The Southeastern Exalt shouldn’t interfere in matters of the Royal Reed Sea To him, it is only a small matter.

Why would he have to bother his prestigious self with this”

“That’s right, logically speaking,” While he had said so, Wu Zixiu’s expression was solemn as he did not relax in the least, “Still, the history of us and the Radiant Light Sect is ultimately different from that of other powers, after all…”

Hearing his words, Nie Sheng’s expression turned grave as well, “The Divine Sect is already a matter of the past.

Having had so many people rob it when it had been compromised, continually taking what was left, over the years, those treasures which might catch the eyes of those prestigious figures have all long since been taken.

If there were, we would be the clearest on it.”

Wu Zixiu shook his head slightly, “The other side may not definitely think this way.”

Nie Sheng pondered for a moment before his expression suddenly changed slightly, “Could it be that there is a unique situation over on the Radiant Light Sect’s side Weren’t we still feeling curious earlier over why Deng Sen and the others had suddenly vanished”

Wu Zixiu slowly nodded, “This possibility does indeed exist.”

“If that is so, it will be hard to tell fortune and calamity,” Nie Sheng smiled bitterly, “While our sect and the Radiant Light Sect are irrevocable enemies, we currently have the common enemy that is the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

Now is the time when the ongoing battles are the most demanding.

While I hope for the destruction of the Radiant Light Sect always, we are currently reliant on each other.”

Wu Zixiu sighed, “Not being able to confirm their identities, we cannot casually make arrangements as to what to do with them.

Sending them to the main altar would be even less possible a choice…”

Nie Sheng nodded, agreeing deeply with him, “Some time will still be needed to confirm the fates of Deng Sen and the others.

We can make use of this time to check their backgrounds properly for the main altar.

It is just that…”

He laughed bitterly, “It is just that things aren’t calm here, and the ritual will also be beginning very soon.

We will have to coordinate with the main altar.”

Wu Zixiu thought for a moment before saying, “How about we get our disciples to check their backgrounds”

Nie Sheng frowned, “How so A youngster like this who possesses such shocking potential-either we forge a good relationship with him or we get rid of him as soon as possible with all our might.

If we check his background lightly and things grow bad between us yet we do not kill him, we might be leaving behind a future source of calamity for us.”

Wu Zixiu said, “What are you saying The actual thoughts of this youngster aside, he does not have any ill intentions towards our sect, at least from the surface.

Instead, he has had enmities with both the Grand Xuan Dynasty and the Radiant Light Sect.”

“Checking his background-there are many methods for that.”


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