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HSSB632: Awaiting with bated breath


The Myriad Dragon Palace shrunk.

Within it, Yan Zhaoge calmly watched numerous streams of dragon qi coiling, transforming into a dragon of light.

The light dragon coiled around the shaft of a jet-black spear, both claws mightily grasping it.

The low-grade Sacred Artifact, the Black Feather Slaughtering Golden Spear, shook unceasingly, golden light flickering intermittently on the shaft of the spear.

Yan Zhaoge reached out, grabbing the handle of the spear which instantly grew even more restless.

The spirituality of a Sacred Artifact far surpassed that of spirit artifacts.

It required more effort from Yan Zhaoge in order to tame it.

Still, suppressed by the Myriad Dragon Palace, this treasured spear was also unable to break free.

Grinding it down with time, Yan Zhaoge would manage to tame it, just as he had tamed the Dawn Sun Crown that he had obtained from Yang Zhanhua, that Elder of the Radiant Light Sect, previously.

The Dawn Sun Crown had already long since been tamed by Yan Zhaoge as it was now resting peacefully in Broad Creed Mountain.

While he did not have the assistance of the Northern Ocean Clone right now, as Yan Zhaoge grasped the Dark Feather Slaughtering Golden Spear, sigils lit up on his palm, stamping downwards along the body of the spear.

The sigils that were stamped down on the spear grew in number till finally marks seemed to truly have been inscribed on the spear itself.

As time passed, the restlessness of the Dark Feather Slaughtering Golden Spear seemed to abate somewhat.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, retracting his palm.

He strolled within the Myriad Dragon Palace.

Many different spaces had been opened within such that it did not consist of merely the palace itself.

Within one of these spaces sat Feng Yunsheng, her black sabre unsheathed and placed horizontally on her thigh.

Accompanied by her breathing, streams of dragon qi entered her body as dragon patterns vaguely seemed to appear on her face.

Appraising her with a glance and seeing that there were no problems, Yan Zhaoge took his leave.

Leaving the Myriad Dragon Palace, Yan Zhaoge immediately grew, going from the size of his thumb back to his original size.

Now, Ah Hu entered from outside, involuntarily scratching his head as he saw Yan Zhaoge, “Young Master, I asked around and found that the situation in the outside world seems even more chaotic.”

While they had temporarily been kept at the Flourishing Peace Region, the Dim Darkness Sect had not restricted Yan Zhaoge and the others from hearing about news.

In truth, even if Yan Zhaoge’s group left now just like this, the people of the Dim Darkness Sect would most likely not stop them.

With the tacit permission of Wu Zixiu and Nie Sheng, apart from some exceptionally important secrets, most of the information reports that could be obtained here at the Dim Darkness Sect’s branch altar had been made available to Yan Zhaoge.

Pan-Pan’s fat body lay there, resembling a small mountain of meat in his laziness.

Yan Zhaoge did not stand on ceremony either as he leaned back against Pan-Pan, seemingly sinking into a massive chair of fur.

“What sort of chaos do you mean” Yan Zhaoge asked, Ah Hu replying, “The current leader of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the third generation Emperor Xuanmu, has left the capital of the Grand Xuan and come personally leading his troops.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “It is not an wise decision.

While Emperor Xuanmu is powerful, being a sixth level Martial Saint with a cultivation base of the late Seeing Divinity stage, he is incomparable to his grandfather as well as his father, being far from able to dominate the entire Royal Reed Sea.”

“It would be fine back in his old nest.

Having left the capital and lost the geographical advantage, how would he be able to face a bunch of opponents who resemble wolves and tigers”

“Even if his opponents are also staying guarded against one another, not being able to join hands, this move by Emperor Xuanmu is still too reckless, unless…”

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes narrowed momentarily into slits, “Unless he has something to back him up.”

Ah Hu continued, “Next, there’s also the uncle of the one surnamed Yang that you killed in the Phoenix Bearing Region, Young Master.

That Marquis Haicheng of the Grand Xuan Dynasty has been searching for you in the southern regions of the Royal Reed Sea over this period of time.

I heard that he’s already arrived in the vicinity of the Flourishing Peace Region.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged nonchalantly, “Wu Zixiu and Nie Sheng, those two great Dim Darkness Sect Elders, are not just there for show.”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest laugh, “That’s true.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before standing up, smiling, “Come on, let’s go for a walk.”

Ah Hu followed after him, “Young Master, are we just going to be wasting our time with the Dim Darkness Sect here like this”

“That definitely won’t happen,” Yan Zhaoge said as he walked, “There is no rush now.

After a bit more, we will be able to speak.

Delaying the time a little, it would be more advantageous for us when we do talk to them.

Of course, we can’t drag it out for too long.”

Walking within the Dim Darkness Sect’s branch altar, while Yan Zhaoge did not set off the defensive formations that were located there, he was also silently comprehending the spiritual qi flow there as he walked.

“It’s actually stronger in the day and weaker at night I’m not at the wrong place, right This is the Dim Darkness Sect’s place, not the Radiant Light Sect’s,” Yan Zhaoge blinked, “The formation vaguely seems to be going to circulate in reverse.

Are they preparing for some special ceremony”

As he pondered, a commotion suddenly resounded from up ahead.

Yan Zhaoge looked over, seeing that there were two groups of Dim Darkness Sect disciples currently embroiled in a dispute.

The people of both sides were rather young and low in seniority.

Still, their cultivation bases were not low as they were mostly comprised of Martial Scholars.

While there were Martial Artists as well, they appeared to be newly entered disciples of the Dim Darkness Sect just come to join in the commotion with their senior apprentice-brothers.

There were Martial Grandmasters leading both groups who were currently locked in a heated argument.

Yan Zhaoge caught the gist of it.

The two sides respectively belonged to the Non-Brightness Hall and the Primordial Darkness Hall of the Dim Darkness Sect.

They were currently arguing over the proficiency of their seniors in alchemy.

It was mentioned that there would soon be a competition between both sides.

The disciples of both halls were currently all red-faced arguing that their side would be the one to obtain victory, neither being able to convince the other.

“I wonder what the level of alchemy is in this World beyond Worlds.

I heard that the Dim Darkness Sect is rather famed for its alchemy here in the Royal Reed Sea.

I don’t mind going over to watch it,” An interested Yan Zhaoge told Ah Hu, “Check out where the location of the competition will be and whether outsiders will be able to spectate.”

Ah Hu nodded and went over to them, returning after a moment, “Young Master, we can go and watch as well.

It’s not far, just up ahead.”

Amidst his words, the two bickering sides of disciples were already loudly heading forth to spectate.

Yan Zhaoge followed after them somewhat interestedly.

When he arrived, he discovered that the competition was not in the area of pill concoction but instead restoring a deficient pill formula.

Yan Zhaoge felt even more interested with this.

As compared to actual pill concoction, attempting to restore deficient pill formulas was more of a test of one’s skill in alchemy.

Wu Zixiu and Nie Sheng sat in a room behind the pill concocting hall.

Nie Sheng asked, “Elder Wu, the Southeastern Exalt is proficient in pill concoction, that I know.

Still, it is not only the Southeastern Exalt who is proficient in it.

How can we judge just based on that”

Wu Zixiu said slowly, “Therefore, it is not pill concoction but projecting pill formulas that we are doing now.”

“This old man likes analysing the dao of alchemy.

Still, guiltily enough, whilst being greatly hungry for knowledge, my skill in it is still sorely deficient.”

Nie Sheng shook his head, “No need to be humble, Elder Wu.

You are our sect’s top alchemy expert.

Everyone is always greatly in admiration of you.”

Wu Zixiu said, “I myself am clear on my own longtime faults.

Still, there are still some uses for this.

Even for the alchemical methods of powers outside of the Royal Reed Sea, while I only know a little about them, it is still sufficient to identify where they originate from.”

“It’s fine if this young man holds it in and doesn’t make a move.

As long as he is tempted to and thus acts, this old man will be able to tell his origins from his paths of thought in the restoration process.”

The old man sighed lightly, “Let us await with bated breath.”


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