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HSSB634: You can’t not admit it!


The Dim Darkness Sect had indeed only gotten their hands on a deficient pill formula of the Scenic Heart Pill.

Still, having set his mind on this, Wu Zixiu had naturally made preparations for this by projecting and restoring the pill formula himself.

A pill formula which would be rather taxing for those of the junior generation would not be so hard for an expert in alchemy at the level of Wu Zixiu.

It was just that Wu Zixiu would usually not be bothered with pill formulas like the Scenic Heart Pill’s, having more important things to attend to.

Due to his plan to test Yan Zhaoge this time, Wu Zixiu had rushed out the pill formula.

With Wu Zixiu’s instructions in mind, Chen Ke calmly evaluated the results of both parties.

As Yan Zhaoge had said, that Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster of the Primordial Darkness Hall had made a mistake in the projection process.

Having made a first mistake, more would naturally follow.

Meanwhile, while that Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of the Non-Brightness Hall had a lower cultivation base, he was superior in the domain of alchemy, being stable in his projections as well.

Victory and defeat had already been made clear.

Still, rather than ending things off after having judged the results, Chen Ke continued on the foundations of both parties from the competition, projecting and restoring the pill formula of the Scenic Heart Pill yet further.

As he projected, he explained things for the Dim Darkness Sect disciples who were present.

Of the many Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners gathered in the pill concoction hall, aside from those who had come here to join in the commotion, they were mostly interested in alchemy as well.

Chen Ke made use of this chance to give them a lesson.

The Dim Darkness Sect disciples naturally treasured this rare chance, focusing well as they listened.

Yan Zhaoge also smilingly listened from the sidelines.

Speaking from conscience, he felt that Chen Ke was still somewhat skilled in alchemy, his thoughts in projecting and restoring the pill formula being clear with the paths accurate.

While it seemed rather unwieldy, the depths of his skill could still be seen.

Still, as he continued listening, Yan Zhaoge just felt that it was a little wrong.

Even as Chen Ke was explaining things to the Dim Darkness Sect disciples, he was actually also observing Yan Zhaoge in secret.

Noticing Yan Zhaoge’s gradually changing gaze, Chen Ke’s heart jolted slightly.

The words that his Master Wu Zixiu had told him earlier surfaced within his mind.

“In Master’s pill formula, I intentionally left an error at the end.

See if that Yan Zhaoge can spot it.”

“If he points it out, make use of the chance to interact with him, hearing his complete paths of thought in the projection of the pill formula of the Scenic Heart Pill.”

Whilst thinking about this, there were no changes in Chen Ke’s expression as he continued with his explanation.

Yan Zhaoge patiently heard Chen Ke out and thought for a bit before communicating to him via sound transmission, “Elder Chen, pardon my suddenness, but there seems to be some problems with this pill formula of this Scenic Heart Pill.”

While he liked to show off, act cool and stand in the limelight, as they were still on rather friendly terms with the Dim Darkness Sect now, Yan Zhaoge did not directly question Chen Ke before everyone as he instead chose to use sound transmission to interact with just him.

Chen Ke’s gaze turned serious, “He indeed discovered it!”

Chen Ke had analysed the pill formula as well, finding that his Master’s projection had been extremely perfect.

While Wu Zixiu had intentionally left behind a flaw, it was actually concealed very deeply.

If he had not been told about it, Chen Ke would not have discovered it even after having looked a few times.

He would have had to look through the entire thing several times before detecting that problem.

It was even to the point that according to Chen Ke’s analysis, it was not accurate to call it a flaw.

It would instead be more appropriate to call that one tiny deficiency a cause for regret.

If he had concocted a pill according to the current formula, the concoction might indeed succeed, just that the quality of the pill would be a little lower.

But Yan Zhaoge had actually discovered it immediately

“Could this person possess the original version of the Scenic Heart Pill’s pill formula that was prevalent in pre-Great Calamity times” Chen Ke could not help but think.

While he suspected so, he remained outwardly calm as he replied via sound transmission, “Oh This pill formula of the Scenic Heart Pill has been lost since the time of the Great Calamity.

Our sect only managed to obtain a deficient pill formula by chance.

Could Young Master Yan possess a complete pill formula from pre-Great Calamity times”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I don’t.

It is just that when those of your sect were competing just now, this Yan also tried projecting it a little.”

Chen Ke asked slowly, “I wonder what Young Master Yan has noticed”

Yan Zhaoge said, “In the formula, the amount of the ingredient, Thousand Scale Blood Droplets, is fifty percent more than it should be.”

“Hmmm…hmmm” Chen Ke had just been about to nod when he suddenly realised that something was wrong.

This was different from the flaw that his Master, Wu Zixiu, had told him about!

“So he’s actually just pretending to be knowledgeable,” Realisation suddenly flashed through Chen Ke’s gaze as he unconsciously opened his mouth to rebut.

Still, the words had just been about to leave his mouth when he stopped in his tracks.

Chen Ke was proficient in the dao of alchemy as well.

Carefully pondering on Yan Zhaoge’s words, he suddenly felt that…it seemed like…perhaps they did make sense somewhat

Chen Ke was astonished by this.

Yan Zhaoge continued at his own pace, “Then, there is thirty percent less of Clear Scenic Rocks.

The effects will be better if you add in a little more.”

“Also, Grand Heart Grass Pith seems already to be extinct Yes, it would still be fine using the flower pith of the Bright Cloud Flower as a substitute.

Still, I think that if you use the grass pith of Middling Dragon Grass, the effects should be a little stronger.”

“Other than that, I feel that rather than using entire East Acorns, it would be better to dry them up first before crushing them into powder.”

“Finally, if you’re a little faster when opening the furnace and retrieving the pill, it would be easier to produce the pill and reduce the amount of ingredients needed as well.”

After having finished with all this, Yan Zhaoge looked sincerely towards Chen Ke, “These are all just  small faults, perhaps being a little perfectionist.

Still, I see that Elder Chen’s projection process is extremely intricate.

Perhaps because you did it in short notice, some details have been overlooked.

If you take notice of them, the pill formula of this Scenic Heart Pill would basically be perfected.”

“Of course, the precondition is that the required environmental conditions can be met.”

He indeed wasn’t overthinking things.

On the contrary, Yan Zhaoge was truly feeling that the pill formula Chen Ke had provided was already pretty good, just feeling that it was rather a pity that it had not been at a level of perfection.

Therefore, he had felt less like showing them a thing of two, instead just having decided to help Chen Ke out.

Chen Ke sent a deep glance Yan Zhaoge’s way.

He was already unable to hear Yan Zhaoge’s words, his mind being full of thoughts about how to improve the pill formula of the Scenic Heart Pill as Yan Zhaoge had just said.

Apart from crushing the Eastern Acorns into powder which was what Wu Zixiu had mentioned to him earlier, the rest were all problems that the two of them had never ever thought about before.

Being an experienced person, after carefully pondering on Yan Zhaoge’s words, he felt that all of them made a lot of sense.

However, it was precisely because of this that he felt even more shocked.

Chen Ke barely composed himself, politely asking of Yan Zhaoge how he had projected the pill formula.

He wanted to confirm whether Yan Zhaoge had possessed the ancient pill formula from the very start.

Appraising him carefully with a glance, Yan Zhaoge nonchalantly gave him a few pointers.

Just having heard them, Chen Ke was completely lost for words.

It was impossible not to admit his inferiority.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge before him who was not yet even thirty, Chen Ke even felt like he had lost his soul for a time.

After taking his leave of him, he returned to the room where Wu Zixiu and Nie Sheng were still anxiously waiting.

After hearing Chen Ke’s narration, Wu Zixiu was rendered dazed on the spot.

When the old man had finally regained his wits, he could not help but laugh bitterly without end.

Afraid that he might feel put in a spot, Nie Sheng hurriedly said, “This youth is indeed skilled in alchemy.

Still, Elder Wu should have been able to tell his background.

We have still achieved our goal at the end of the day.”

“Goal” Wu Zixiu smirked before revealing a smile which appeared even uglier than crying, “I have been able to tell, but it is the same as not having been able to tell.

No, that’s wrong.

It’s even worse than that.


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