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HSSB64: Actions always speak louder than words


“How long has it been since he broke through from the inner aura stage to the early outer aura Martial Scholar realm”

Yan Xu stared at Yan Zhaoge, unable to speak for a long time.

“Before, he was holding himself back, having always been hiding his true cultivation realm” This was the first thought that flashed through Yan Xu’s mind.

Other than that, he really couldn’t find any reason to convince himself with.

Over the many years of his life, Yan Xu could be considered as having seen many things and accumulated much knowledge.

Being from Broad Creed Mountain, a Sacred Ground, he had naturally also seen who knows how many geniuses and outstanding figures.

Moreover, when he himself had been young, he had personal experience associating with many prominent figures of the same generation.

Yan Xu himself having been able to step into the Martial Grandmaster realm was also a feat that few others could claim to match.

From the past to the present, the stories of various legendary figures that had entered his ears were even more numerous.

But there had never ever been a single person who had, soon after breaking through from the late inner aura stage to the early outer aura stage, been able to immediately progress a step further and step into the mid outer aura stage of the Martial Scholar realm.

In the past, the speed of cultivation shown by Yan Zhaoge’s father Yan Di had shocked the world, achieving what many other geniuses might not even be able to achieve in their entire lifetime.

However, in comparing simply how fast they stepped from the early outer aura stage into the mid outer aura stage, even Yan Di was left in the dust by Yan Zhaoge.

True, cultivation rates differed among martial practitioners.

There were indeed some people who progressed especially quickly during one or more particular cultivation stages, not only training faster than the ordinary practitioner but also being more successful in their daily cultivation.

But Yan Zhaoge’s speed… Really, this was just too much!

It completely overturned Yan Xu’s worldview and common sense.

Considering it was already like this for Yan Xu, even less had to be said for the others who understood the implications—they were all staring wide-eyed and slack-jawed at this revelation.

Those who had not been clear on the relevant details also froze up on the spot after listening to the explanation.

While there was a saying that ‘geniuses who died young did not truly count as geniuses’ and only those who were successful in converting their innate potential into true power could then be counted as such, the Yan Zhaoge before them really surpassed all their expectations by far too much.

Those geniuses who were truly able to reach the heights initially predicted of them were few in number.

In trying to do so, they would inevitably face numerous hardships and difficulties—much like how huge waves would sweep over and engulf pebbles to clean them.

However, with the level of potential that Yan Zhaoge was exhibiting now, it was truly hard for one to believe that he would die young.

Seeing this scene from the side, Feng Yunsheng felt her heart grow much more at ease.

Initially, having found out that Yan Zhaoge had managed to step from the early to the mid outer aura stage in such a short time, she too had been greatly shocked.

Now that there were so many people ‘accompanying’ her, Feng Yunsheng finally managed to regain a bit of her self-confidence.

“So it was indeed not just me being ignorant and ill-informed.”

She appraised Yan Zhaoge, murmuring in a low voice that only she herself could hear, “But however I look at it, it just doesn’t seem like something that a human being can achieve…”

Hearing this, Elder Qin was also slightly dazed.

As Yan Zhaoge’s position was unique, when he had broken through from the inner aura stage to the outer aura stage in Overlooking Abyss City, he had sent a message back to the clan as well as to Elder Qin to notify them about this matter.

Therefore, Elder Qin was also taken aback by this.

However, Yan Zhaoge had just formed weapons with his aura, which were now hovering and surrounding him.

This was already sufficient to prove that he indeed currently had a cultivation of the mid outer aura Martial Scholar realm.


Very good.” Elder Qin sucked in a deep breath as he nodded repeatedly.

Whether or not Yan Zhaoge had been intentionally concealing his cultivation base, having caused all this commotion on purpose, was something that Elder Qin did not care about at this moment.

He could just slowly investigate whether such was really the case on a later date.

However, to the current Broad Creed Mountain, having produced such a dragon among dragons who looked to be able to suppress all the other monstrous geniuses would inevitably come as a huge boost to their morale.

Finally regaining his wits, Yan Xu said in a heavy tone, “Early outer aura Martial Scholars would be unable to falsify and create the scene of a mid outer aura Martial Scholar making a move.”

“However, the contrary would be a very simple thing.”

Yan Zhaoge said in a tone that was neither strong nor mild, “For anyone with a cultivation above the early outer aura Martial Scholar realm who has cultivated our clan’s Tu**a Palm, doing such a thing would indeed be simple.”

Yan Xu’s eyes gradually narrowed, the gaze with which he looked at Yan Zhaoge turning cold.

Looking totally at ease, Yan Zhaoge continued, “Elder Yan, your men examined the corpse—you should know when calamity befell junior apprentice-sister Lin”

Yan Xu immediately reported a time.

He looked towards Yan Zhaoge, “The time of death was before you met with Zhao Shilie, Zhao Yuan, Zhao Sheng and the others.”

“Those who were with you at the time were only your followers and her,” Yan Xu said with a sidelong glance at Feng Yunsheng, “All of whom are unable to testify for you.”

One party consisted of the right hand-men Yan Di had prepared for Yan Zhaoge, who naturally only followed Yan Zhaoge’s orders.

The other had need of Yan Zhaoge to help her regain her Extreme Yin Physique as well as recommend her into Broad Creed Mountain.

Yan Zhaoge calculated silently for a moment before beginning to laugh nonchalantly.

“By coincidence, I had just encountered this Junior Sister Feng at the time.

In order to protect her, I even beat up Xiao Shen and Chao Yuanlong for a bit.”

“If my people as well as Junior Sister Feng’s words are insufficient to stand as evidence, you can ask for confirmation from Xiao Shen and the others over at the Sacred Sun Clan.”

Everyone present suddenly all fell into a deep silence.

They had all acutely detected something in the words Yan Zhaoge had just used to defend himself.

As Yan Zhaoge would have it, not only Chao Yuanlong but also even Xiao Shen had been defeated at his hands

Before this, they had all known that the person who had been in charge of pursuing Feng Yunsheng had been Xiao Shen.

They also knew that Yan Zhaoge had clashed with the Sacred Sun Clan in order to protect her.

However, their thoughts then were that it shouldn’t have been a straight-on confrontation with Xiao Shen.

At most, Yan Zhaoge had probably only clashed once more with Chao Yuanlong and the other Sacred Sun Clan disciples.

Now that they knew that Yan Zhaoge had already stepped into the mid outer aura Martial Scholar realm, he should indeed have been able to secure his own safety and retreat even if he had to face Xiao Shen himself.

If he could do so even while protecting Feng Yunsheng, as the difficulty of such a feat was really not low, it would already be enough for people to sigh in admiration.

After all, Xiao Shen was no ordinary late outer aura Martial Scholar.

However, it now seemed that the truth of the matter surpassed everyone’s expectations once again

At first, everyone’s attention had been focused on Feng Yunsheng’s Extreme Yin Physique, as well as the attack from the Sacred Sun Clan that had come afterward.

In doing so, however, they had overlooked the matter of how exactly Yan Zhaoge had managed to wrest Feng Yunsheng from Xiao Shen’s hands, bringing her back to the Eastern Tang in one piece.

Yan Xu stared at Yan Zhaoge, “You mean to say… you defeated Xiao Shen”

Yan Zhaoge acted as though it was perfectly natural.

“Didn’t Elder Yan already know that I met with the Eastern Tang’s Prince Jin as well as Brother Zhao Yuan and the others before this”

“Looks like there are still some matters that you have not been informed of, huh”

Yan Xu frowned.

“What are you trying to say”

Yan Zhaoge put both his hands behind his back, smiling slightly, “Oh, it’s nothing.

After the matters currently on hand have been settled, I will be reporting it to Elder Qin.”

“If Elder Qin doesn’t mind, someone of your position, Elder Yan, should be able to listen from the side.”

Yan Zhaoge said, not sounding flustered in the least, “As for whether or not I could have defeated Xiao Shen, proving this point will be very easy.”

“Actions always speak louder than words.”

“Out of our clan’s late outer aura Martial Scholars here, just randomly pick one of them, and have them spar with me.”


This was the first thought that flashed across everyone’s minds.

Yan Xu didn’t say a word.

After staring closely at Yan Zhaoge for a moment, he swivelled his head to look at Elder Qin.

A rather interested expression could be seen on Elder Qin’s face.

He was not in a hurry at all, as he remained sitting silently on his chair.

Seeing this, Yan Xu knew that Elder Qin had agreed to the matter.

Turning, he called out some orders.

Very quickly, a big, burly man walked into the hall.

“The two of you can spar here; this old man shall protect the place.”

Just having said this, he saw Elder Qin say with a shake of his head, “At the end of the day, this space is still limited.

For the aerial advantage of later outer aura Martial Scholars to be properly displayed, since they want to spar, they should do it outside.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled lightly, “Actually, it’d make no difference at all.”

His words just having landed, he exerted a force with his feet, an explosive power instantly bursting forth!

With a single stride, he was already directly in front of that big man!


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