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HSSB639: A chance arrives


Zhou Haosheng’s gaze was heavy, “Sword of Time…Time Flowing Sword! You are a descendant of Shen Lingzi”

When the Grand Xuan Dynasty had been founded in the past, the founding King Xuanwen having mightily dominated the entire Royal Reed Sea with his great strength, there were some others who had assisted him in securing the territory of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

Amongst these junior and senior brothers of King Xuanwen had been Shen Lingzi.

Afterwards, after the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s reign had been established and King Xuanwen had crowned himself as monarch, Shen Lingzi and the others had not stayed, having vanished without a trace.

Many people speculated about what had happened to them, thinking that they had been unjustly slain.

From how things were now, Zhou Haosheng knew that everyone had guessed wrong.

Shen Lingzi’s lineage had really been unconcerned about power and authority in the Royal Reed Sea, having left after the successful founding of the Grand Xuan Dynasty that year.

Now that the situation was unstable for the Grand Xuan Dynasty, they actually showed themselves once more, lending them a helping hand.

This person before him, whilst appearing young, was probably even higher than he, Zhou Haosheng as well as King Xuanmu in seniority and age as he had attained the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm, already having stepped onto the Immortal Bridge.

As the other party walked towards the main altar of the Dim Darkness Sect, each stride of his seemed like he was treading on a formless bridge, getting ‘higher’ and ‘higher’.

This so called ‘higher’ was not simply the distance amidst space to the top of the Dim Darkness Sect’s main altar.

Instead, he seemed to be stepping onto some higher level, presiding domineeringly over Zhou Haosheng and the others down below.

Zhou Haosheng’s expression was grave as he merged as one with the power of the grand formation, resembling a bottomless abyss of darkness as he bore the descending water-like sword-light from up above that resembled a waterfall.

The darkness that devoured and contained all objects seemed to reject everything outside of it now.

As that sword-light that resembled a waterfall slammed into the darkness, it actually broke apart, repelled upwards as it dispersed and returned to formlessness.

Like true flowing water, it slammed onto the black rocks down below, causing ripples of water to fly.

The ‘young man’ within the air glanced downwards at the Dim Darkness Sect altar, slowly shaking his head.

The feeling of ancientness within his gaze grew even denser whereas his features instead seemed to become even younger.

A sword appeared within his hand, rusty and mottled and in a state of utter disrepair as if it might break apart on its own at any moment.

However, as he brandished his sword, that sword light that resembled water became more ephemeral and unpredictable.

Between the heavens and the earth that were touched by the sword-light, the flow of time seemed to have become fast at times whilst slow as others, a force of distortion having formed.

Beneath the attacks of this sword-light, that solid darkness was also gradually penetrated through like water droplets seeping through a rock.

On the robe that Zhou Haosheng was wearing, many dense incantations had already been formed to produce a black screen of light which was merged completely with his true martial intent.

However, Zhou Haosheng was currently in a heavy mood.

Usually, he would be able to battle the enemy with the Primordial Wilderness Formation.

Now, however, they had come just when he was in the process of undergoing the Dim Sun Cold Moon Ritual, and there was King Xuanmu attacking from the side as well.

With that, Zhao Haosheng instantly felt immensely pressured.

While the Dim Darkness Sect also had other experts present at its main altar, there were also as many experts in the Grand Xuan Dynasty as there were clouds.

Zhou Haosheng even discovered that aside from that expert of the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm, there were other powerful reinforcements from Shen Lingzi’s lineage present as well.

The situation faced by the Dim Darkness Sect instantly turned extremely atrocious as it seemed like the Primordial Wilderness Formation might be broken apart at any time.

A terrifying spear struck out from the sky, space directly ripped through wherever it passed.

Flames blazed at the tip of the spear, a fiery light emitted.

The heavens and earth of the Royal Reed Sea of the World beyond Worlds here seemed like it was all being incinerated now, only nothingness left behind.

King Xuanmu expressionlessly wielded the spear in his hands with the supreme martial arts, the Five Fire True Arts and the Seven Fowl Treasured Spear, as he came straight for the main altar of the Dim Darkness Sect.

“Xuan King Spear!” Seeing that spear, Zhao Haosheng took it even more seriously than King Xuanmu himself who was at the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Seeing Divinity stage.

However, his attention already fully drawn by the Time Flowing Sword up above, he was currently unable to resist this terrifying spear.

Within the Dim Darkness Sect’s main altar, other Dim Darkness Sect experts surged forward, yet were unable to resist the might of the Xuan King Spear.

King Xuanmu who was equipped with the Xuan King Spear seemed not weaker than that martial practitioner who was executing the Time Flowing Sword in the least.

The terrifying spear finally broke through the Primordial Wilderness Formation!

It was like dawn had come following the darkness of the night, light returning to the great earth once more as the blazing light of fire instantly illuminated the city and half the cliff.

Zhou Haosheng’s face was sunken as water as he slowly brought his palms together before abruptly pulling them apart to the sides.

The jet-black horizon seemed to be ripped apart, incomparably brilliant light appearing that even overshadowed the blazing light of fire as well as the flowing light of the ages.

The extremity of darkness birthed light.

When darkness had reached an extreme, it would nurture and produce incomparably pure, incomparably dazzling radiance.

While it was gone in a flash, it was matchless in its luminescence.

The bright radiance transformed into a terrifying sabre-light that hacked towards King Xuanmu.

King Xuanmu hastily retracted the Xuan King Spear in his hand, sweeping it across the sky to block Zhao Haosheng’s terrifying Extreme Darkness Light Sabre.

With this collision, the sky was lit completely bright as a rain of fire and a rain of light fell together, countless scars produced in the great sea down below with the seawater nearly evaporated clean.

However, amidst this bright white light, that Time Flowing Sword which appeared neither hurried nor slow hacked out towards Zhao Haosheng once more.

Zhao Haosheng hastily dealt with it, manifesting the changes of dimness between brightness and darkness as his bright sabre-light changed, instantly turning into a region of darkness which swept along the sword-light that resembled water.

However, amidst the changes in speed of the sword-light, it avoided Zhao Haosheng’s defence and attacked towards another direction.

Zhao Haosheng realised that the other party had been aiming for something else all along.

He wanted to chance his stance, yet King Xuanmu’s spear attacked once more!

Unable to account for both sides, Zhao Haosheng could only watch that sword-light which was like a river of time chopping down towards the dim sun and cold moon above his head!

Swept along by that sword-light, the jet-black great sun and the dim-blue full moon plummeted from above Zhou Haosheng’s head, turning into light as they simultaneously descended into the distance.

The heavens and the earth were currently also spinning and overturning within the unique space formed by the interactions between the dim sun and the cold moon.

Located within it, Yan Zhaoge stabilised himself, not wanting to again experience that feeling of riding a roller-coaster that he had experienced just earlier.

Seeing the dim sun and cold moon that were becoming disorderly before him, feeling the terminating of the connection between this space and the Primordial Wilderness Formation of the outside world, Yan Zhaoge slowly exhaled, his gaze beginning to turn sharp, “While it is a little different from what I had predicted, there are still methods to be found.”

At the same time, a vigorous sword-light flew over from the distance, grand and magnificent.

King Xuanmu’s gaze focused slightly, “North Sea Sword Pavilion  How fast.”

The sword-light shocked the heavens, targeting that swordsman who was currently attacking the Dim Darkness Sect’s main altar.

The two sword-lights clashed in mid-air, producing frenzied waves which swept through the surrounding area for ten thousand li all round.

The pressure on Zhou Haosheng lessened as he hurriedly blocked King Xuanmu and the Xuan King Spear.

A few figures flew out from both camps, flying off in pursuit in the direction that the dim sun and cold moon had plummeted in.

Light also lit up in another direction, similarly targeting the dim sun and cold moon.

As light rose and fell, it resembled the intermittent flickering of the sun and moon as it was clearly the Sun Moon Interchanging Art of the Radiant Light Sect’s lineage.

While he was enveloped by the dim sun and cold moon, due to their close proximity, Yan Zhaoge still immediately felt, “It’s the people of the Radiant Light Sect…”


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