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HSSB640: Who it belongs to is not up to you


The interactions between dim sun and cold moon formed a strange space.

Because the sun and moon were falling together now, this independently established space was also distorting as if it might collapse at any moment.

Located within it, as Yan Zhaoge felt the changes in spatial boundaries as well as the dim sun and cold moon, many thoughts instantly flashed through his mind.

The originally dark surroundings suddenly turned bright, a great amount of light seemingly shooting over from the space outside.

Whilst separated by spatial boundaries, Yan Zhaoge could vaguely see a sun and moon flickering intermittently as they rose, seemingly separated by a layer of night sky.

The great sun that illuminated the heavens and the earth and the pure, tranquil bright moon continually circulated alternately.

The normal sun and moon outside the night sky formed a miraculous connection with the strange black sun and blue moon inside as they were opposed at extremities, standing as the antithesis of each other.

Yan Zhaoge recognised this as a martial art lineage of the Radiant Light Sect, the Sun Moon Interchanging Art.

While they were irrevocable enemies who could not coexist under the same heavens, the Radiant Light Sect and the Dim Darkness Sect originated from the flourishing Dim Radiant Sect of the past.

The Sun Moon Interchanging Art of the Radiant Light Sect’s three great legacies and the Dim Brightness Art of the Dim Darkness Sect’s three great legacies both shared the exact same source, being virtually the same.

While the Dim Sun Cold Moon Ritual was a secret ritual of the Dim Darkness Sect, this Radiant Light Sect expert who cultivated in the Sun Moon Interchanging Art still quickly realised something of it.

Seeing this scene, Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply before grabbing outwards with his palms.

His roiling true essence condensed, two massive heaven-concealing hands manifesting, one on each side as they grasped the jet-black great sun and dim blue bright moon within their palms together!

The Radiant Light Sect martial practitioner instantly realised that something was wrong as he made a questioning noise, clearly not having thought that someone had actually long since been present in the space formed by the ritual.

He similarly opened his hands, a faint golden sun appearing on his left palm and a silvery-white crescent moon appearing on his right.

The changes between interchanging light and darkness and the concept of yin and yang coexisting were stimulated together, seemingly wanting to grab the sun and moon with their palms.

At the same time, however, boundless darkness suddenly swept along behind him, wanting to devour the radiance of the sun and moon.

This Radiant Light Sect expert frowned, his palms diverging.

A golden sun and a silvery moon simultaneously appeared on his left palm, sucking the dim sun and cold moon that continued to plummet.

A sun and moon also simultaneously rose and fell on his right palm before he turned back and struck out towards the boundless darkness that was shooting over towards him.

Within the darkness, a tall, thin middle-aged man was revealed, his fingers in the shape of a claw as if grabbing the heavens and capturing the earth.

“Nong Yuxuan, you want to take advantage of my Dim Darkness Sect’s plight” The tall, thin middle-aged man roared, ripping the radiance of the sun and moon with a single claw.

As the gold and silver radiance dispersed, a handsome man who looked around thirty from his external appearance appeared.

Enveloped by the dim sun and cold moon, while Yan Zhaoge could not see the scenes in the outside world, hearing Nong Yuxuan’s name, he could not help but raise his brows slightly.

“That Radiant Light Sect martial practitioner who attempted to use the aura of the Rahu star of the eclipse to suppress my Extreme Yang Seal back then” Yan Zhaoge’s expression turned a little strange, “Enemies really walk narrow paths.”

Nong Yuxuan looked mildly at the Dim Darkness Sect Elder before him, one hand still locking the dim sun and cold moon in place while the other parried all the moves that were sent at him.

He suppressed the other party’s attacks with just a single hand.

That tall, thin middle-aged man was surprised, “You…you have stepped into the third level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Merging Avatar stage Body, avatar and mind all merged together as one, completely inseparable and indistinguishable”

The two of them had clashed just half a year ago as second level Martial Saints of the mid Merging Avatar stage.

Meeting again today, however, the other party had already surpassed him!

Sending him into retreat with a palm, Nong Yuxuan smiled mildly, “Does Zhou Haosheng want to make use of this ritual to break through into the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm Anyway, now that his plans have already been spoilt by the Xuan dogs, he might as well help me out a little.”

To the late Seeing Divinity stage Zhou Haosheng, the Dim Sun Cold Moon Ritual would be used to break past that final bit of bottleneck, with more of this being manifest in complete enlightenment.

However, to martial practitioners with lower cultivation bases, it was an important baptism which would establish a solid foundation for their future cultivation.

The abundant spiritual qi contained within was even more inestimable, perhaps even able to cause Martial Saints with comparatively lower cultivation bases to implode, their bodies unable to take it.

Still, Nong Yuxuan appeared utterly confident, seeming fully certain of his success.

He said mildly, “Get lost.

You’re in the way.”

Amidst his words, the sun and moon circulated on his right palm, majestic radiance surging which swept along frenzied tides that forcibly jolted the Dim Darkness Sect Elder into retreat.

This Dim Darkness Sect Elder was incomparably infuriated, “Even if the ritual fails, how to use this power of reversed sun and moon is our sect’s affair.

Since when is it your place to interfere”

Nong Yuxuan laughed lightly, “If it was given to you trash of the Dim Darkness Sect, it would be a complete waste of this power of reversed sun and moon.”

A streak of sword-light that resembled water flew over from the distance, chopping towards Nong Yuxuan’s left hand that locked the dim sun and cold moon in place with a suction force, “Giving it to you would still be a waste.

How about letting this Young Master have it!”

Where that sword-light passed, all between the heavens and the earth seemed to be ageing and decaying.

Seeing his white clothes gradually grow mottled, the radiance of sun and moon gradually dimming, Nong Yuxuan could not help but knit his brows slightly, “Time Flowing Sword.

I have long heard of its famed name.

It has been a long time since it last appeared in the Royal Reed Sea.”

As the sword-light flashed, a person who looked like a youth appeared before them.

The heart of that Dim Darkness Sect Elder sunk.

While the other party appeared young, his actual age should be quite high as his cultivation base was not any inferior to his at all.

While the Time Flowing Sword had not been seen for a long time, when it had dominated the Royal Reed Sea in the past, it had been a supreme art that was even stronger than the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s Seven Fowl Treasured Spear as well as many of his Dim Darkness Sect’s martial arts.

Still, this person seemed extremely sharp and domineering, indeed revealing the arrogant, reckless mentality of a youth somewhat.

This person smiled, “So what if it has been a long time The Time Flowing Sword is like true time, cleansing all objects, only itself being eternal.

So long as we appear again, there will still not be any in the Royal Reed Sea who can stand against us.”

Nong Yuxuan’s left hand continued locking the dim sun and cold moon in place as he raised his right hand, an all-illuminating light blocking the sword-light of the Time Flowing Sword as he said mildly, “What I actually wanted to say was-so the Time Flowing Sword is just merely this.”

“That senior who is attacking the Dim Darkness Sect’s main altar aside, you only make me feel as if your reputation is more worthy than you deserve.”

The other party’s face sunk, “You dare!”

His sword-light rose once more, yet he saw the silvery moon gradually disappear amidst the circulation of the sun and moon on Nong Yuxuan’s right palm, only the great golden sun remaining.

The next moment, a terrifying black qi suddenly appeared which devoured the great golden sun.

As the sunlight and the black qi intermingled, the collision of the two diametrically opposed forces formed an extremely terrifying might.

Nong Yuxuan struck out with his palm, actually breaking that sword-light that resembled the flowing of time and water.

He did not halt in his actions after having repelled this opponent, he sent the incoming Dim Darkness Sect Elder into retreat again with yet another palm.

Standing arrogantly atop the air, Nong Yuxuan captured the dim sun and cold moon with one hand whilst battling one against two with the other, blocking both his opponents simultaneously.

“This power of reversed sun and moon-if I say it’s mine, it’s mine,” Nong Yuxuan said calmly.

Now, however, an even milder voice resounded from the area that was enveloped by the radiance of the dim sun and cold moon, “You aren’t the one who can say who it belongs to.”

Illuminated by the great black sun and the dim blue full moon, Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, his pupils suddenly changing colour as they became one gold, one silver.


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