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HSSB641: Changes in sun and moon that overturn the heavens and earth


The chaotic qi mass within Yan Zhaoge’s body split into two parts.

One turned into a great blazing sun, the other turning into a dim cold moon.

Circulating his Peerless Heavenly Scripture foundation, Yan Zhaoge simultaneously manifested the profundities of two supreme martial arts.

The first was the Extreme Yang Scripture that he had obtained from comprehending the fist-intent left by the original owner of the Extreme Yang Seal.

Extremely tough with the power of yang, it demonstrated the true intent of the Sun Star of Extreme Yang.

The second was a supreme martial art that had been stored in the martial repository of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace in pre-Great Calamity times.

Known as the Dark Moon Pill Scripture, it was extremely soft with the power of yin, originating from the power of the Moon Star of Extreme Yin.

Unlike the Extreme Yin Scripture that could only be cultivated in by Maidens of Extreme Yin, this Dark Moon Pill Scripture, whilst also incomparably powerful, did not have any requirements on the martial practitioners’ physique.

While Yan Zhaoge did not cultivate in the Dark Moon Pill Scripture, he still understood the profundities within.

Currently, with the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, he could still temporarily imitate it somewhat, manifesting a portion of its essence!

Yan Zhaoge’s pupils changed colour, his left eye resembling the radiant sun in the middle of the sky while his right eye resembled the bright moon hanging high overhead.

He struck out simultaneously with his palms, a radiant golden sun appearing on his left palm while a bright full moon appeared on his right palm.

His true martial avatar appeared above his head, reaching a hundred feet tall as its exterior shockingly emitted light that was half golden, half silver, resembling the sun and moon combining.

The power of Extreme Yang and Extreme Yin merged as one, leading to a strange resonance with the jet-black dim sun and the pale blue cold moon from their interior.

The connection between Nong Yuxuan and the dim sun and cold moon instantly weakened.

However, Nong Yuxuan was most concerned over having recognised Yan Zhaoge’s voice, “It’s you!”

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “Who else do you think”

Having not changed in his expression at all even when attacked simultaneously by two Martial Saint experts, Nong Yuxuan’s expression now turned gloomy, “You’re courting death!”

Even whilst paying attention to the enemies outside, Nong Yuxuan had already realised earlier that someone had long since been concealed beneath the illumination of the dim sun and cold moon, not having overlooked this fact.

Originally having been prepared to deal with the enemy, after Nong Yuxuan had discovered that it was Yan Zhaoge, he could not help but pay greater heed to this.

After repelling his two enemies in the outside world with his palm, Nong Yuxuan’s right hand clapped towards the dim sun and cold moon once more.

The terrifying power of the third level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Merging Avatar stage, roiled furiously, seeking to overturn the sun and the moon.

Yan Zhaoge put on his Imperious Cold Martial Armour and summoned the Myriad Dragon Palace, their powerful strength bolstering his own.

Due to the distorting, competing forces of the two, the great black sun and the dim blue full moon were beginning to change unceasingly, growing more and more unstable.

Gripping his sword that emitted sword-light which resembled water, Kang Jinyuan stared fixatedly at Nong Yuxuan and that dim sun and cold moon that was heaving unceasingly.

Ever since having entered the world, he had still yet to face a setback such as this.

Amidst great rage, he executed the Time Flowing Sword once more.

Wherever his distant sword-light passed, the flow of time seemed to suddenly become slower.

All between the surrounding heavens and earth seemed to have slowed, with only Kang Jinyuan’s voice being as per usual, “All of you, getting so full of yourselves”

“This Young Master has already said that this thing is mine!”

Amidst that roar, Kang Jinyuan’s sword-light swept through the sky, directly arriving before Nong Yuxuan’s throat.

“Buzz off!” Nong Yuxuan snorted coldly, layers of starlight lighting up which enveloped his entire body, manifesting in the form of armour.

The power of the Sacred Artifact, the Heavenly Starlight Armour merged with the power of Nong Yuxuan’s Sun Moon Interchanging Art, light circulating which diverted Nong Yuxuan’s sword-light to the side and away from its original trajectory.

That Dim Darkness Sect Elder also attacked once more.

Kang Jinyuan smiled coldly, “Do you think that only you have a Sacred Artifact”

The sword in his right hand shifted slightly, a shorter sword suddenly appearing in his left hand whose blade was transparent, resembling flowing water.

A sword that was even more sharp and terrifying than the previous struck towards Nong Yuxuan!

Nong Yuxuan’s expression was cold as black smoke suddenly surged into existence around his body, forming Dim Glorious Devilish Qi.

The terrifying force that devoured the heavens and swallowed the earth combined together with the sunlight on Nong Yuxuan’s body that had turned powerful.

Both these intermingling forces did not merge, instead clashing intensely as a majestic explosive force was instantly born.

The violent force forcibly clashed against Kang Jinyuan’s Time Flowing Sword and that Dim Darkness Sect Elder’s Ancient Wilderness Dark Claw.

At the same time, Nong Yuxuan’s violent power also swept towards the dim sun and cold moon, attempting to send Yan Zhaoge into retreat.

Yan Zhaoge now brought his palms together as beneath the miraculous control of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, the powers of the extremities of Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang instantly circulated in reverse all at once.

The dim sun and cold moon that were entangled with each other suddenly grew closer and drew apart repeatedly, becoming even more chaotic.

At the end, the great black sun and the dim blue moonlight directly merged before a change occurred that surpassed everyone’s expectations.

The jet-black sun gradually changed.

However, whilst no longer dark like it had been before, it had also not turned into normal sunlight.

The great black sun had actually turned ice-blue now, dim radiance flickering as cold qi emanated.

The full moon that had previously flickered with dim-blue radiance was now jet-black, an intent of blazing heat instead emitted from within.

Nong Yuxuan glanced shockedly at the scene before him, “What is this Cold sun…and dim moon!”

The originally strange and tyrannical power of reversed sun and moon changed once more, the two reversal of extremities forming a terrifying force that instantly sent Nong Yuxuan flying!

Greatly enraged, Nong Yuxuan shot forward once more, with even Kang Jinyuan and that Dim Darkness Sect Elder feeling shocked.

Seeing that strange blue sun and black moon flying into the distance once more, they ignored Nong Yuxuan as they similarly shot towards the sun and moon.

Experiencing a reversal in extremities, while the originally already unstable sun and moon had solidly sent Nong Yuxuan flying, it had also become even more unstable.

The space created by the power of reversed sun and moon completely collapsed as the ice blue great sun and the jet-black full moon looked like they were about to explode right before their eyes.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was focused and calm, “Yunsheng, it’s up to you now!”

With just a thought on his part, the great gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace opened, emitting an immense suction force that instantly sucked the cold sun and the dim moon in together.

Nong Yuxuan and the others were all taken aback.

If that strange, tyrannical power of reversed sun and moon were to explode, even they would not be able to bear it.

In having sent them into the Myriad Dragon Palace, Yan Zhaoge was literally inviting calamity into the house.

A cold, brutal expression on his face, Nong Yuxuan was the first to react as he did not cease in his movements, continuing to lunge towards Yan Zhaoge.

While the benefits from the Dim Sun Cold Moon Ritual had been lost, he should be able to slay Yan Zhaoge here at the very least.

Luckily, this kid was just too greedy, actually wanting to forcibly stop the explosion of the cold sun and dim moon.

Affected by it, his strength would definitely fall greatly.

Looking at Nong Yuxuan, Yan Zhaoge laughed coldly, bolstered by the Imperious Cold Martial Armour with numerous ice dragons soaring around him as he met Nong Yuxuan in battle.

The roars of myriad dragons resounded simultaneously at this moment, the surrounding space being frozen entirely.

With a Sacred Artifact on him, Yan Zhaoge’s true martial avatar expanded, changing in its appearance.

It was no longer humanoid as it had actually transformed into a true dragon that spanned a full ten thousand miles in length.

Amidst the pulsing of the dragon’s scales, extreme cold surged as the heavens and earth seemed to have returned to the era of the Ice Age.

Dragons possess reverse scales-whoever touch them must die!

An unprecedented killer move that Yan Zhaoge had created with the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, merging the Coiling Dragon Sleeve and the Imperious Ocean Cold Dragon Art!

Reverse Scale Cold!


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