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HSSB642: Your martial arts are far from proficient


The dragons soared over the icy ocean, their momentum shocking the heavens.

Seeing this, Nong Yuxuan’s expression turned solemn, “A martial practitioner who has still yet to enter the Martial Saint realm can actually possess such power”

He interlocked his fists, stepping into the air as he stably stood with a fist stance.

His hands seemed to carry a full moon, waving a lute.

The great golden sun sunk, the silvery full moon rising.

It was a secret technique of the Radiant Light Sect, Sun Sinking Stake, Full Moon Wheel!

“Although your power is very unexpected, you are asking for death in having come to the World beyond Worlds,” Nong Yuxuan said coldly, “Did you bring the Extreme Yang Seal If you did not, today is the day you die.”

He stepped forth, resembling the sun tilting towards the west with unstoppable momentum, looming over the great earth as it stomped down on the tail of the true dragon formed of Yan Zhaoge’s true martial avatar.

At the same time, he raised his arm, striking out towards the head of the dragon, the edges of his palm resembling a blade that brought along the light of the full moon in trying to slay the dragon.

Nong Yuxuan stared coldly at Yan Zhaoge, “I said it before.

When we next meet, I would claim your life!”

Looking back at him, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Just based on you”

Before his words had fallen, Nong Yuxuan’s expression suddenly changed as he looked at the Myriad Dragon Palace hanging above Yan Zhaoge’s head that was shaking unceasingly as if it might fall apart at any moment.

The vast, mighty radiance of the sun and moon around him suddenly turned dim, a great amount of Dim Glorious Devilish Qi being irrepressible as it overflowed from his body.

The brutal power instantly devoured and incinerated the majestic sunlight on Nong Yuxuan’s body.

Even the dim, cold moonlight was affected by that vicious power of corrosion.

Greatly shocked, Nong Yuxuan wanted to control this power of corrosion yet lacked the strength for such.

Yan Zhaoge smiled mildly, “You have indeed gained yet more power of corrosion since we last met.”

“I have to praise you for your martial talent that makes you worthy of being called a genius amongst geniuses.

Able to vaguely merge the corrosive power of the Rahu Star of the eclipse into your Radiant Light Sect’s martial arts within such a short period of time, forming yet greater opposition between light and darkness as it possesses unordinary power.”

“Against martial practitioners of the same cultivation level, your strength had already been outstanding.

With corrosion alongside light now, you have become even more powerful.”

Nong Yuxuan glared at Yan Zhaoge who appeared composed, “Still, it is a pity that your current accomplishments are still insufficient.

It is only at the level of a half-filled bottle that is not full.”

Within the Myriad Dragon Palace that appeared quiet, mighty forces were actually surging within.

Feng Yunsheng stood in front of the reversed sun and moon that seemed like they might explode at any moment as she raised a metallic fragment that was half-black and half-white high within the air.

This fragment was precisely that which Yan Zhaoge had gained from the Painting Saint Old Man Mo in the Eight Extremities World back then, being a strange relic from the Dim Radiant Sect of the past.

The ice-blue sunlight and the jet-black moonlight were currently flickering unceasingly, dyeing the interior of the Myriad Dragon Palace a shade of blue and black.

The terrifying surging force was such that even a Martial Saint would doubtlessly perish if it did explode.

Faced with a terrifying scene where just a little of the aftershocks would be enough to blow her into smithereens, Feng Yunsheng was fearless as her gaze remained steady.

Thinking back on Yan Zhaoge’s previous instructions, she waved her hands, that metallic fragment flying into the air in between the cold sun and the dim moon.

The fragment which had originally appeared ordinary and innocuous suddenly erupted with a glow that was half-black and half-white as well as blurry and chaotic as it connected with the great ice-blue sun and the jet-black full moon.

The cold sun and dim moon that had just been on the brink of destruction instantly halted within the air.

The next moment, sabre-light arose, great changes surfaced.

The black sabre was unsheathed, transforming into a streak of light which hacked rampantly towards that strangely distorting sun and moon with all its unreserved might!

A boom resounded as the Myriad Dragon Palace shuddered, heaven-shaking, earth-overturning changes occurring within.

Multiple streams of light turned into a rain of light, scattering into the surroundings.

The illusory, varying spacetimes within the great palace all showed the same image.

The heavens and the earth reversed, the universe shattering as the sun, moon and stars were extinguished alongside it.

Ah Hu and Pan-Pan focused nervously on all this.

As that rain of light landed on them, while its concept was as profoundly deep as the abyss, it did not cause them harm as they instead felt a comfortable feeling like their mortal shells were being reborn, their bones switched.

“It really is as Young Master predicted!” Ah Hu was greatly overjoyed as he gazed at the source of the light.

There, jet-black moonlight was at the exterior while ice-blue sunlight surged unceasingly at the coremost interior.

A figure wielding a sabre appeared at the centre of the great sun that flickered with a dim, cold light.

It was precisely Feng Yunsheng.

Ice-blue patterns now surfaced atop the exterior of the black sabre in Feng Yunsheng’s hands that filled its entire length.

A domineering, mighty power of reversed sun was still being infused unceasingly within in an endless stream.

The sabre which had originally been but three feet long shrunk and extended unceasingly at this moment, being lofty as a mountain peak at times whilst miniscule like a speck of dust at others.

Numerous ice-blue runes appeared on Feng Yunsheng’s sabre-wielding palm as well, a violent power emitted from the sabre which surged into her body, being somewhat difficult for her to bear.

Her pupils now turned completely ice-blue, resembling two cold suns hanging high amidst the horizon.

The jet-black dim moonlight was also attracted by the power of the cold sun as a great amount of it gathered within Feng Yunsheng’s body.

Still, more jet-black moonlight and a small amount of remaining ice-blue sunlight remained coiling in the Myriad Dragon Palace.

Ah Hu and Pan-Pan both borrowed the might of the Myriad Dragon Palace and accepted the baptism of the power of reversed sun and moon alongside Feng Yunsheng as Yan Zhaoge had said earlier.

The Myriad Dragon Palace inhaled and exhaled spiritual qi, absorbing the remaining power of reversed sun and moon.

Feng Yunsheng’s gaze seemed to traverse space, passing through the obstruction of the Myriad Dragon Palace as she felt an aura outside of it that was familiar yet foreign, mysterious whilst brutal.

She knew that this should be the power of eclipse of the Rahu Star that Yan Zhaoge had once mentioned that Nong Yuxuan had refined.

Sensing that power, the sabre in her hands shook unceasingly.

Sensing something, Feng Yunsheng raised her sabre.

As the sabre was raised, the ice-blue sigils and patterns along its length all turned black, turning gloomy as well as brutal.

An illusory scene seemed to form on the tip of the sabre.

Within the scene, the sun hung high, illuminating the heavens and the earth.

However, the next moment, a dim-blue black light surged, instantly devouring the sunlight, causing the sun to vanish without a trace as the world descended into eternal darkness.

Just as Feng Yunsheng raised her sabre, the true essence within Nong Yuxuan’s body suddenly rampaged wildly out of control!

The brutal qi of the Rahu Star that he had reached an initial level of refinement in previously clashed intensely with his power of the Sun Moon Interchanging Art now.

This was not like when he had battled Kang Jinyuan and the others earlier, when he himself had intentionally controlled for the clash between light and corrosion to generate immense power, claiming it for his own use.

This was a clash that Nong Yuxuan himself was unable to control!

The uncontrollable force rampaged within Nong Yuxuan’s body, causing him to directly throw up a mouthful of blood, entering cultivation deviation!

Around his body, the great golden sun was extinguished, the silvery moonlight failing.

Amidst his great shock, Nong Yuxuan felt the surrounding space all frozen into ice as all was deadly cold and quiet between the heavens and the earth.

Yan Zhaoge unleashed a Reverse Scale Cold, dragons leaving the icy ocean as a violent power directly struck Nong Yuxuan’s chest!

Nong Yuxuan’s face was livid as the glow of his Sacred Artifact, the Heavenly Starlight Armour, lit up, blocking Yan Zhaoge’s attack.

Yan Zhaoge smiled lightly, waving his hand.

A five foot long bamboo cane appeared within, smashing down towards Nong Yuxuan’s head.

The infinite radiance emitted by the Heavenly Starlight Armour instantly dimmed on impact!


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