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HSSB645: Going about it another way


While it was unknown how Shen Lingzi and his descendants had obtained some of the true intent of the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture, their Time Flowing Sword did indeed originate from it.

When having detected in the Floating Life World that it was a partial legacy of the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture that his mother had taught to the Chief of the Snow Crane Sect, Su Yun, Yan Zhaoge had known that they should be other direct lineage martial arts of the Jade Clear lineage in the World beyond Worlds.

Still, he had not expected that he would meet people like this so soon after having come to the World beyond Worlds.

Could the other party be related to Xue Chuqing

“The Heavenly Court’s Martial Repository only stored four of the ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures, and the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture was not amongst them.

Who would have thought that I would actually see a descendant of the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture in post-Great Calamity times.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered, “Of those beneath the tutelage of the Lord of Primordial Beginning, the founder of the Jade Clear Sect, it was True Immortal Taiyi who was most proficient in the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture.”

“Still, it is unknown whether Shen Lingzi’s lineage received the direct legacy of True Immortal Taiyi or some other legendary figure.

Was it someone who fortunately survived the Great Calamity or someone who inadvertently received its teachings following a fortuitous encounter”

While Yan Zhaoge had not comprehended the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture before, the Taiyi Impreial Breaking Formation that he grasped was also of True Immortal Taiyi’s direct lineage.

Seeing the legacy of the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture now, he could not help but feel more interested in it.

Of course, Yan Zhaoge was still more concerned about how Shen Lingzi’s lineage having reappeared in the Royal Reed Sea might possibly affect him in his trip to the World beyond Worlds this time.

Having killed a general of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the relationship between them was already bad.

Having been too close with the Dim Darkness Sect, he could definitely be suspected as a fellow rebel.

With the Dim Darkness Sect’s main altar as the centre, the massive battle that had erupted between the Grand Xuan Dynasty and the anti-Xuan forces swept through all under the heavens, things growing increasingly intense.

At its peak, almost half of the entire Royal Reed Sea was affected by it.

Not only were the peak experts who consisted of King Xuanmu, Luo Zhitao and Zhou Haosheng and several others battling it out.

The experts of a slightly lower level were battling as well.

Of the anti-Xuan coalition, there were mainly the Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners.

Not only at the Flourishing Peace Region where Yan Zhaoge and the others currently were, all the great branch altars of the Dim Darkness Sect were currently under attack by the Grand Xuan Dynasty as well, blazing flames littering the ground.

Around the Dim Darkness Sect’s main altar, those martial practitioners with comparatively lower cultivation bases had moved to the outskirts such that they would not be affected by the aftershocks of the battles between King Xuanmu, Zhou Haosheng and the others.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had come in fiercely this time as the Dim Darkness Sect ended up at a disadvantage.

Its disciples tried to flee, yet were unceasingly pursued by Grand Xuan experts.

While Yan Zhaoge had led the Myriad Dragon Palace into the great sea, all was not calm within the sea as well as it was often affected by power fluctuations from the ongoing battles between experts.

Having been baptised by the power of reversed sun and moon, Yan Zhaoge’s group circulated their profound arts as they refined the power of cold sun and dim moon that had entered their bodies.

Yan Zhaoge remained within the palace.

While he did not emerge, he was not unaware of the things that were going on outside.

He had the Northern Ocean Clone outside scouting for him.

While the information might be a little delayed, not being timely, as time passed, there would also be more and more accurate news obtained.

Just a few days earlier, the great battle of the Dim Darkness Sect’s main altar had come to an end.

Following the arrival of the Lord of the North Sea Sword Pavilion Gu Hong and the Chief of the Radiant Light Sect Luo Zhitao, the Chief of Copper Men Island, Gong Sunming, had arrived as well.

In the major battle that had erupted at the Dim Darkness Sect’s main altar, the altar had directly been destroyed.

Those two experts of the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm aside, the high-grade Sacred Artifact that had accompanied Shen Lingzi himself as he had swept domineeringly through the Royal Reed Sea, the Heaven Rotating Light Sword, had also reappeared within this world.

Adding on the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Xuan King Spear, this battle had ultimately ended in victory for their side.

The Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners with Zhou Haosheng at their head were forced to abandon their main altar and retreat in order to preserve most of their remaining strength.

With the various branch altars of the Dim Darkness Sect having been swept through by the Grand Xuan Dynasty as well, all having been destroyed, the Dim Darkness Sect had suffered a huge blow to its vitality in this battle.

The victorious Grand Xuan Dynasty utterly embarked on their counterattack with high morale, capitalising on their momentum as they set the North Sea Sword Pavilion as their next target.

“It is a wise choice not to attack the Radiant Light Sect first,” Yan Zhaoge curled his lips at the news, “While the Radiant Light Sect should probably not act lightly with the current situation being so disadvantageous, perhaps they might change their minds and try to devour the weakened Dim Darkness Sect instead.”

There had formerly been four prominent powers within the Royal Reed Sea following the coming of the Grand Xuan Dynasty that had retained their autonomy and independence.

They were the Radiant Light Sect, the Dim Darkness Sect, the North Sea Sword Pavilion and Copper Men Island.

The Dim Darkness Sect had currently suffered a great blow to its vitality.

Not selecting the Radiant Light Sect as the next target, it would naturally be the North Sea Sword Pavilion or Copper Men Island that the Grand Xuan Dynasty would next set its sights on.

The situation of Copper Men Island was unique.

There was a supreme treasure on the island, three mysterious copper men whose origins were unknown.

As long as they remained on the island, these three copper men could unleash the strength of experts of the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Immortal Bridge stage.

Coupled with Copper Men Island’s guardian grand formation, the island thus had the reputation of an insurmountable fortress.

Therefore, even while there were no high-grade Sacred Artifacts on Copper Men Island, with its Chief and number one expert, the ‘Copper Man Saint’ Gong Sunming, still having yet to attain the Immortal Bridge stage, Copper Men Island was still publicly renowned as the power that possessed the greatest defensive power from its geographical foundations in the Royal Reed Sea.

Still, once they had emerged from beneath the protection of the three copper men on the island, the strength of those of Copper Men Island was comparatively weaker than those other great powers.

It was a little like they had more than sufficient defences, yet had far from sufficient offence.

Bar any unexpected circumstances, the Grand Xuan Dynasty would definitely save Copper Men Island for the last.

Therefore, the North Sea Sword Pavilion would have been the only real choice available to them.

After King Xuanwen had died, with the descendants of Shen Lingzi’s lineage still yet to reappear within this world, Pavilion Lord Gu Hong of the North Sea Sword Pavilion had been the Royal Reed Sea’s sole Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, vaguely possessing the momentum of the number one expert as he had also been in the forefront of the anti-Xuan campaign.

Now that Shen Lingzi’s lineage had appeared in this world once more, with the power of the Grand Xuan Dynasty having been boosted greatly, they had come to gun for the North Sea Sword Pavilion.

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “The Dim Darkness Sect might join with the North Sea Sword Pavilion.

It is just unknown if the other two powers will go and hide now that the Grand Xuan is strong again.”

“If they want to bring the Grand Xuan down no matter what, a major battle might be coming again at the North Sea Sword Pavilion”

“A pity that the Northern Ocean Clone isn’t in a convenient situation to look for information now.

I can only personally do it on my own.”

As he pondered, Yan Zhaoge kept the Myriad Dragon Palace and flew out of the sea.

After getting his bearings, he headed north.

After having left the Dim Darkness Sect’s main altar previously, they had drifted alongside the hidden undercurrents of the sea, drifting towards the north.

Now, they were already close to the northern regions of the Royal Reed Sea, not far off from the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s reign of influence.

As he had predicted earlier, people of the Radiant Light Sect and the Grand Xuan Dynasty were both searching for his whereabouts, their surveillance networks covering the heavens and the earth.

Of course, they spent more of their attention on the current global situation in the Royal Reed Sea.

Even so, however, their efforts and the experts they had dispatched to capture Yan Zhaoge were not little at all.

Never would they have thought that Yan Zhaoge would actually have gone about it another way, not hiding in other more obscure places as he had instead come to the domain under the jurisdiction of the North Sea Sword Pavilion where a storm seemed like it was slowly brewing.

This resulted in it being a rather smooth journey for Yan Zhaoge.

After leaving the sea’s interior, Yan Zhaoge walked as he looked.

Feeling the power fluctuations of martial practitioners seemingly emanating over from the distance, a hint of a smile was revealed on his face as he walked atop the water, heading over in that direction.


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