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HSSB647: As if able to see her future


The person who had appeared before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes appeared no different from Sikong Qing at all just from her features alone.

While she appeared to be in her early twenties, her actual age was still somewhat higher than that.

As the timeflow in the World beyond Worlds was faster than that in the Eight Extremities World, this was not something that was very surprising.

All these so-called ‘Sikong Qings’ had likely been born at the same time.

However, after they had been born, due to the differing flows of time in the worlds they were in, there could be huge discrepancies in their ages at this current point in time.

That vast sword-intent was precisely of the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s direct lineage.

This woman who looked like Sikong Qing directly captured that Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

She was clearly thinking the same as Yan Zhaoge, intending to obtain information out of him.

However, as Yan Zhaoge’s gaze fell on her, this woman clearly felt it as she began appraising the surrounding area.

“She is already a Martial Saint,” Yan Zhaoge nodded, already having been able to tell the woman’s cultivation base when she had acted previously.

Still, looking at this face which looked no different from Sikong Qing’s, he still felt a little like something was wrong.

The two being so close to each other, it was a very natural thing that she had detected his gaze.

This was especially so as Yan Zhaoge was able to tell that not only was the other party already a Martial Saint, her strength was similarly outstanding as she stood at the peak of power amongst those at the same cultivation level.

The legacy of the North Sea Sword Pavilion was already unordinary.

With this woman’s talent and disposition the same as Sikong Qing’s, it was only to be expected that she possessed such strength.

Still, while this woman had detected that someone was spying on her, she could not find Yan Zhaoge’s exact location.

This caused her to feel even more wary.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was leisurely as he glanced at that captured Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, “This one’s position is still insufficient.”

He gazed in another direction, “It still isn’t over yet.”

A powerful aura suddenly surfaced in the distance, rapidly approaching the area.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Someone of this level would more or less be able to provide a satisfactory information report.”

That woman who looked like Sikong Qing also detected the power fluctuations of that expert in the distance now.

She felt doubtful about whether that strange feeling from earlier had originated from this person who had just appeared.

Still, she did not hesitate as her sword-light flashed, sweeping along her fellow disciples as well as those Lishan Sect martial practitioners who had fallen on hard times as she prepared to first leave this place before deciding on a further course of action.

While she did not fear the incoming enemy, she did not want to get entangled in a conflict.

Now that the Grand Xuan Dynasty had dispatched a large number of experts to the northern regions of the Royal Reed Sea, this place was already no longer where the North Sea Sword Pavilion could make all the decisions.

On the contrary, she and her fellow disciples had to be exceptionally careful.

If their movements were exposed somewhere and they lingered there for too long, it was possible that they might be surrounded and slaughtered by the forces of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

Seeing her leave, Yan Zhaoge was not in a hurry at all.

Another domineering aura appeared in the direction that she was flying in.

Like this, she was trapped precisely in their middle.

Seeing this, that woman was not fearful as she flew towards another direction.

As they neared, those two powerful auras began to converge, following after her.

They revealed their forms, both being Martial Saint experts of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

One of them flew very quickly.

His figure flickered as he traversed space, following after that woman who resembled Sikong Qing in hot pursuit.

The martial arts that he cultivated in had an edge over the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s sword dao in terms of speed, being even swifter.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at him, “Oh, it resembles the route of the Flowing Wind Nine Heavens Slash somewhat.

Still, it is rather different from it.

It should have been newly created from one’s own comprehensions atop the foundation of a remnant legacy unearthed from pre-Great Calamity times…”

The other person was slightly slower and unable to catch up.

Still, he continued pursuing doggedly.

So long as his companion could catch up, slightly delaying the enemy’s footsteps, he too should be able to get over to where she was.

Yan Zhaoge followed after them neither hurriedly nor slowly, not in a rush at all.

While the figures of the three were already gone from his field of vision, he soon felt intense spiritual qi fluctuations emanating from up ahead where both sides clashed in heated battle.

That woman from the North Sea Sword Pavilion was still caught up to in the end after which she was flanked by her two opponents, a battle inevitably ensuing.

When they appeared within Yan Zhaoge’s field of vision once more, they were already locked in heated battle.

Yan Zhaoge glanced over and clicked his tongue in admiration, “While they cultivate in different martial arts and their styles and personalities are also different, it is like I am prematurely seeing junior apprentice-sister Sikong’s future before my very eyes.”

In terms of speed, the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s sword dao was incomparable to the movement techniques of the other party as he could hound her persistently.

But for actual battle, that was a whole different story altogether.

Sword-light rampaged, the woman brandishing her sword in great strokes that were vigorous and mighty.

With just a casual sword, frenzied waves and infinite phenomena would be swept up all around into the sky up above as well as the vast sea down below.

Battling one against two, she actually still held the advantage.

While that martial practitioner who cultivated in the Flowing Wind Nine Heavens Slash was faster than her, he could only dodge now as he dared not face that tyrannical, mighty sword head-on.

He wanted to fight a protracted battle with a kiting method, yet discovered that vast sword-light gradually forming a vortex.

A massive suction force was emitted from the vortex that grew stronger and stronger, causing him to be unable to even extricate himself as he could only shift mere inches to the sides.

As the suction force grew stronger and stronger, even as he executed the Flowing Wind Nine Heavens Slash, he was still becoming slower!

The two martial practitioners of the Grand Xuan Dynasty had their initially high spirits dampened greatly.

They were aware of their opponent’s reputation, “Yue Baoqi, the northern regions of the Royal Reed Sea have already been locked down completely by my Grand Xuan.

It would have been fine if you hadn’t come back.

Now that you have, even if you can escape today, don’t even think about leaving these northern regions!”

That female Martial Saint of the North Sea Sword Pavilion who looked like Sikong Qing uttered not a single word, her face sunken as water as she just wielded her sword-light with even more urgency.

The two Grand Xuan Dynasty Martial Saint experts didn’t waste time on words as well as they fought Yue Baoqi with all their might.

Now, it was them who were in a precarious position.

If they died here, however others of the Grand Xuan Dynasty tore Yue Baoqi apart into shreds later on, they would still not be revived from the act.

Of the two, the one who cultivated in the Flowing Wind Nine Heavens Slash clenched his teeth as he forcibly took a sword of Yue Baoqi’s, executing his movement techniques to the utmost to shoot out of the vortex of sword-light!

With this, he was enveloped by the all-encompassing sword-light of Yue Baoqi’s Vast Sea Divine Sword, his entire body becoming riddled with wounds as a result.

However, having paid a price, he still managed to extricate himself from it in the end.

As soon as he had emerged, he did not dare to linger in the slightest as he continued escaping towards the distance with all his might.

However, a light laugh resounded from the air before him, a mighty boom resounding before streams of golden light suddenly flickered.

A massive palace appeared.

It was precisely Yan Zhaoge’s Myriad Dragon Palace.

The great gate opened, Yan Zhaoge smilingly watching the other party shooting over towards him.

That person was greatly shocked.

Just as he was about to halt, a massive suction force was emitted from the great gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace that pulled him flying headlong into it along with his momentum.

The sudden change in the situation surprised Yue Baoqi and the other Grand Xuan Dy1415nasty Martial Saint as well.

Still, Yue Baoqi quickly calmed her mind, not being greedy for battle as she just repelled her second opponent with a single sword before immediately retreating.

Without that enemy who cultivated in the Flowing Wind Nine Heavens Slash, it would be much easier for her to leave.

The other Grand Xuan Dynasty Martial Saint did not dare to pursue her as he hurriedly went far away from the Myriad Dragon Palace.

Yue Baoqi had just relaxed somewhat when she was taken aback to discover that the bright golden Myriad Dragon Palace had totally ignored the other Grand Xuan Dynasty Martial Saint, now instead leisurely following after her.


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