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HSSB651: So what if I have designs on you


Looking at the treasure on Kang Jinyuan’s chest that resembled a heart-shielding plate, Yan Zhaoge could not help but raise his brows slightly, “A mid-grade Sacred Artifact No wonder he’s confident.”

Yan Zhaoge felt rather taken aback as with Kang Jinyuan’s cultivation base, he should be unable to wield the full power of a mid-grade Sacred Artifact.

However, as the radiance of this heart-shielding plate expanded now, it transformed into armour which enveloped Kang Jinyuan’s entire body.

The extremely high defensive power that emanated from within actually exerted the power of this mid-grade Sacred Artifact to the point of perfection.

Protected by this treasure, Kang Jinyuan made use of this chance to surpass the defensive range of Yan Zhaoge’s spear, wanting to make use of when it was inconvenient for him to retract his weapon to get close to and slay him.

While having seen Yan Zhaoge battling Nong Yuxuan before, he knew that Yan Zhaoge’s strength was far from comparable from the usual Martial Grandmaster, Kang Jinyuan was still filled with confidence, having received a supreme treasure, the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour, from his mother to protect his body following that previous battle.

The sword-light that resembled water was inconceivably swift as it instantly arrived before Yan Zhaoge’s chest.

Influenced by the sword-light, time seemed to stop amidst the space that Yan Zhaoge was in, with only Kang Jinyuan’s Passing Water Sword still able to move freely within.

While Yan Zhaoge was rather taken aback by Kang Jinyuan being able to exert the full might of the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour, he was not flustered.

Facing Kang Jinyuan’s incoming Passing Water Sword, his left hand directly released the Dark Feather Slaughtering Golden Spear.

A dark green bamboo cane appeared in Yan Zhaoge’s hand before he struck it downwards.

With a clapping sound, the sword-light that resembled water instantly shuddered in mid-air.

The timeflow of the surrounding heavens and earth regained their normalcy.

Kang Jinyuan’s gaze turned slightly solemn, “I did not see wrong back then.

This bamboo is really this miraculous.”

The next moment, he laughed coldly, “You have many treasures.

Leave them all behind for me.”

Saying thus, Kang Jinyuan retracted the Passing Water Sword, substituting sword with finger as he executed the Flowing Time Sword, attacking towards Yan Zhaoge.

Without the Passing Water Sword, his attacks were clearly less powerful than before.

Now, however, he ignored defence and focused solely on attack, unleashing all his power to attack Yan Zhaoge with his defences left entirely to the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour.

“This person can actually completely wield the power of a mid-grade Sacred Artifact.

Like this, the bamboo cane will require six segments before it can break his armour,” Yan Zhaoge kept the dark green bamboo cane as well.

However, he did not cease in his attacks in the least as he swept along the Dark Feather Slaughtering Golden Spear in his right hand to block the other party’s sword-light, with his left hand directly descending towards Kang Jinyuan from overhead with a single palm!

Kang Jinyuan ignored this initially, leaving it all to his Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour.

The treasured light helped him to block Yan Zhaoge’s palm such that he was not injured by it at all.

However, that violent power directly slammed the wholly unprepared Kang Jinyuan entirely into the great sea down below.

He could not stop his momentum, traversing the majestic sea as he was slammed all the way down into the seabed.

“What martial art is this” Having received a Cyclic Heavenly Seal from Yan Zhaoge, while Kang Jinyuan was not injured, he was still rendered a little dazed.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change, “Oh, the authentic defence of a mid-grade Sacred Artifact.”

Kang Jinyuan regained his wits, howling in rage as he shot out of the sea’s surface, charging towards Yan Zhaoge once more.

His sword-light suffused the area, resembling an infinite river of time.

Yan Zhaoge deflected whatever was thrown at him.

While Kang Jinyuan was attacking with all his might, he was, after all, injured and unable to make use of his Sacred Artifact, the Passing Water Sword.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge was bolstered by two Sacred Artifacts, the Imperious Cold Martial Armour and the Dark Feather Slaughtering Golden Spear.

Thus, he was under no pressure at all.

The sole problem was that the other party’s Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour was not easy to deal with.

With this treasure, Kang Jinyuan could stably assure his safety, securing a draw at the very least.

Kang Jinyuan grinned savagely at Yan Zhaoge, “This Young Master has been fine receiving all those blows from you.

How about you receive a blow from this Young Master”

“You do not fear corrosion by pure sword-intent.

Still, I want to see whether you can still remain unharmed having been pierced by an actual sword!”

Yan Zhaoge laughed.

His figure flickered as he parried Kang Jinyuan’s sword before moving behind him, striking out with a Cyclic Heavenly Seal once more.

While he would not be injured due to the defence of the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour, if Kang Jinyuan was slammed down into the bottom of the sea once more by the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, that would really be a resounding slap to his face.

Kang Jinyuan did not forcibly take it head-on this time as he combined with his sword, transforming into a streak of light as he evaded to the side.

The roars of dragons resounded as the Myriad Dragon Palace appeared in the direction that he was evading in.

A massive suction force emanated along with the opening of the great gate.

With Kang Jinyuan’s evasion, he looked set to be flying headlong into the great palace.

He snorted coldly, the Passing Water Sword appearing in his hands.

He struck out with his sword, a distant sword-light locking the Myriad Dragon Palace in place before he evaded in another direction.

After having repelled the Myriad Dragon Palace, facing Yan Zhaoge once more, he kept the Passing Water Sword again lest it be sorrily beaten by the dark green bamboo cane.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, smiling, “Being smart for once.”

Kang Jinyuan smiled coldly, “Do you think this Young Master doesn’t know what you are planning You are afraid of others of the Grand Xuan Dynasty hurrying over and surrounding you, right”

“With the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour on me, this Young Master will not be defeated.

I will drag it out till you run out of stamina even if I have to.”

“While you possess extraordinary power, you are still a Martial Grandmaster at the end of the day.

With such explosive power, how long can you hold on for Can you compare to this Young Master, a Martial Saint, in terms of endurance”

“I will not let you run even if you want to.

Look at your arrogance, even having designs on this Young Master”

Kang Jinyuan stabbed over, “A young fella who doesn’t know the height of the heavens and the boundlessness of the earth.

If you can run today, this Young Master will write his name backwards!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, shaking his head, “Hehe, what use is it even if you know my intentions”

Kang Jinyuan was taken slightly aback before he felt an extremely vigorous aura currently swiftly approaching this region of speed at an extremely high speed.

Very quickly, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone appeared in the horizon, transforming into a streak of light as he had instantly arrived before the two!

Kang Jinyuan’s heart turned cold, “He arrived even faster than the people of the Grand Xuan Dynasty He must have been lying in ambush nearby.

This guy schemed this from the start!”

While he now understood, it was already too late.

Yan Zhaoge and his Northern Ocean Clone caught Kang Jinyuan in a pincer movement.

The Fish Dragon Spear, the Imperious Cold Martial Armour and the Dark Feather Slaughtering Golden Spear-those three great Sacred Artifacts all exerted might simultaneously.

Kang Jinyuan’s counterattack was dispersed as he could only rely on the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour to defend himself.

However, he was hard pressed to guard against the majestic, immense force as he was struck flying all the way into the Myriad Dragon Palace.

The great gate of the palace mightily closed before it sunk into the great sea.

Dragons entering the sea, traceless in an instant.

Within the great palace, numerous streams of dragon qi transformed into numerous light dragons, restraining Kang Jinyuan along with the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour.

Kang Jinyuan struggled desperately, but Yan Zhaoge, the Northern Ocean Clone and their three great Sacred Artifacts suppressed him simultaneously, rendering him unable to move.

“So what if I have designs on you” Yan Zhaoge asked smilingly.

Kang Jinyuan was angered to the point of wanting to vomit blood, “I want to see how long you can trap this Young Master! With the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour, you can only suppress me.

You won’t be able to harm a single hair on this Young Master’s head!”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “While I do not know why you can completely exert the force of a mid-grade Sacred Artifact, its defensive power is indeed extraordinary.”

“Also, if I do not see wrong, this Sacred Artifact actually isn’t yours.

Its original owner has a way to locate its position, coming to look for us”

Kang Jinyuan smiled coldly, “This Young Master said it before-you’re dead for sure!”

“Haha…” Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at him, “Don’t be in a hurry now.

I’ll take you to a good place.”

Kang Jinyuan chortled, “The North Sea Sword Pavilion on Grinding Hut Island Dream on, that place has already long since been surrounded completely.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “It’s not that far.

Your Grand Xuan Dynasty has prepared something good here in this North Sea.

It’s already usable here in the Whole Tower Region beneath our feet.”

Kang Jinyuan’s expression instantly changed.


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