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HSSB652: Overturning a powerful force with a subtle one


Controlling the Myriad Dragon Palace and navigating the deep sea, Yan Zhaoge quickly arrived at the northern part of the Whole Tower Region.

Feeling the variations in spiritual qi and the flow of the earth veins here, Yan Zhaoge pondered for a long time before finally having consolidated his course of action.

The original owner of the mid-grade Sacred Artifact, the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour, might find his group at any moment.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge could not delay things too much.

Kang Jinyuan’s expression was livid, “Who are you fooling Wanting to use the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation to break this Young Master’s Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour You yourself will be engulfed by the heavenly fire and the tribulation thunder, dying even faster than this Young Master!”

Even Seeing Divinity Martial Saints, relying on the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour, might not be able to survive full-powered blows from the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation, much less him.

Yan Zhaoge was all smiles, but just ignored him.

The Myriad Dragon Palace descended to the depths of the sea.

Yan Zhaoge suppressed Kang Jinyuan with the Northern Ocean Clone and walked out of the palace himself.

After pondering for a moment, he struck down towards the seabed with a sword.

The sword penetrated through the reefs as a crimson glow vaguely appeared.

Carefully gazing over, Yan Zhaoge saw that while that crimson glow had a dense blazing hot energy, it was different from the underground lava of the Eight Extremities World and also elsewhere.

While it was condensed in the shape of lava, it was not true lava, being unbearably hot light mist.

The environment of the World beyond Worlds was not just different from the Eight Extremities World, the Vast Ocean World and those other worlds in terms of its constellations and sky.

The spiritual pith form of its earth veins was different as well.

Garbed in the Imperious Cold Martial Armour, Yan Zhaoge’s true essence turned from chaotic to icy cold.

The Peerless Heavenly Scripture simulated the biting coldness of the Dark Moon Pill Scripture, the icy coldness of the Imperious Ocean Cold Dragon Art, the darkness and solitude of the Thunder of Eternal Night…

Various extreme cold and negative concepts were manifested.

Yan Zhaoge even executed tough, blazing techniques like the Divine Fire Sacred Scripture and the Burning Flames Blazing Thunder.

Then, he used the concept of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, yin and yang and heat and coldness reversing as the unbearably hot aura of the Divine Fire Sacred Scripture instantly turned icy cold.

The Five Elements Creation Thunder was split into five.

Apart from the Burning Flames Blazing Thunder of the fire form, there was also the Illusory Water Shocking Thunder of the water form.

Currently, as Yan Zhaoge executed thunder arts, while it was still Burning Flames Blazing Thunder, it had some of the look of the Illusory Water Shocking Thunder.

The various forces of extreme cold were used on the fire pith vein together.

Yan Zhaoge analysed the changes within.

He did not stay for too long, handling it slightly before he then left.

He projected his position before switching the location, performing the same thing elsewhere.

He went and stopped, continuously executing the same methods at many places in secret.

Within the Myriad Dragon Palace, Ah Hu asked curiously, “Young Master, could this be enough to break the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “The Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation is such an incomparably powerful formation.

Under its full might, all martial practitioners below the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Seeing Divinity stage, without a mid-grade Sacred Artifact or other powerful formations to aid them, would virtually have no possibility of leaving with their lives at all.”

“While I understand the foundation of this formation, my current cultivation base is still insufficient for me to forcibly break through it.”

“Still, being unable to use force does not mean that subtlety cannot be used.”

Yan Zhaoge snapped his fingers, “It would not be so easy under normal circumstances.

At the very least, the effects would not immediately be seen so quickly.

However, the establishment of their formation has already affected the spiritual qi flow of the earth veins here to a very great extent.”

“But they delayed things, leaving the formation inactivated due to Yue Baoqi, giving us a chance.”

“There is an old adage of four ounces shifting a thousand catties.

However, four ounces of strength cannot shift a thousand catties behemoth however it likes.

It has to depend on the process of shifting and where it is shifted from.”

Ah Hu scratched his head, “Your actions just now were four ounces shifting a thousand catties”

“Three…two…one!” Yan Zhaoge held up three fingers, furling them up one by one.

His voice had just landed when the northern seabed of the Whole Tower Region began shaking intensely.

The Fire Pith veins shook, underground fire beginning to spurt out unceasingly.

Blazing hot crimson mist shot out of the earth’s exterior, transforming into blazing fire that even the ocean was unable to suppress.

A massive pillar of fire mightily shot out of the sea’s surface.

Ah Hu was taken aback, “Just like this”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “It’s only just begun.”

Nine pillars of fire shot into the sky throughout the entire northern Whole Tower Region, forming a strange array.

Affected by the spiritual qi of the shaken earth veins, in the southern Whole Tower Region a long distance away, a massive island, Yanhua Island, also suddenly began rumbling.

Green light suddenly surged on the island, enveloping the surrounding sky all around as it was hard to repress.

Numerous Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners flew into the sky, looking shockedly at this scene, “Hurry up and stop! His Majesty the King did not order for the formation to be activated!”

Enveloped by the green light, a silver formation talisman that emitted dim cold light and cold qi was revealed as it rose into the sky up above.

A white-clothed martial practitioner on the island suddenly turned and looked towards the north, “There are abnormalities in the fire pith veins in that direction, fire spewing from the earth as the yang qi surges.

Could it be because of this that Yanhua Island’s True Yin Wood Formation Talisman was activated”

Someone said bemusedly beside him, “How intricate is the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation The True Yin Wood Formation Talisman was stable and ready.

How would it have been affected by a simple eruption of underground fire If it could be affected, the fierceness of that underground fire would be sufficient to evaporate all the water of the Whole Tower Region.”

“The rebels have limited experts who possess such abilities.

The King and Lord Protectors would not allow them to act freely as they like.”

The white-clothed martial practitioner said in a heavy tone, “The other party’s methods are intricate.

It was not based on brute strength.”

He rose into the sky, transforming into a streak of sword-light that resembled water as he sped over towards the north.

It was just that the activation of the True Yin Wood Formation Talisman on Yanhua Island could not easily be repressed again by the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners.

Streams of green and silver light expanded into the surroundings, forming spirit arrays that assembled into a massive grand formation, enveloping the entire Whole Tower Region.

However, when reaching the northern Whole Tower Region, the light was obstructed by the nine pillars of flame, being unable to continue north towards the other parts of the northern regions of the Royal Reed Sea.

Instead, it was limited to the southernmost Whole Tower Region amongst them.

Roiling light enveloped the heavens and covered the earth, the original clear sky above the Whole Tower Region now suddenly being filled densely with dark clouds.

Ferocious thunderbolts traversed the dark clouds unceasingly, encompassing several tens of thousands of kilometres in all directions.

At this moment, it was as if the end of the world had come for the entire Whole Tower Region.

The next moment, guided by the yin qi of the Green Light Silver Talisman down below, from the dark clouds in the sky up above, fierce, blazing thunderbolts and a great amount of heavenly fire suddenly descended together!

The terrifying thunder and fire pierced through space, instantly turning the heavens and earth of the surrounding tens of thousands of kilometres of the Whole Tower Region into a living hell of flames and thunderbolts.

Gazing over, nothing else at all could be seen in the sky apart from lightning and thunderbolts as well as meteors of heavenly fire.

In mid-air, after having fallen from the sky, all the terrifying heavenly fire and tribulation thunder strangely distorted as they converged at a single point.

The all-encompassing thunder and fire condensed into a half-red, half-purple thick, indistinct light pillar.

While it was called a light pillar, it was almost a hundred kilometres thick, massive and shocking as it descended from the sky as one would unconsciously feel like bowing to its dominance.

The light pillar was descending towards the northern Whole Tower Region where fire was gushing out of the earth!

Ah Hu opened his mouth wide, “Young Master, this…”

Yan Zhaoge scratched lazily, “If one pole isn’t enough to lift a heavy object, I’ll use two them.

Of course, the key is still where to use those poles.”


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