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HSSB653: Who will be reduced to the dust of bones


The Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation that had been painstakingly established by the Grand Xuan Dynasty had been made to prematurely erupt.

Also, it did not erupt on a full scale in a way that could not be remedied.

Instead, the activation of the formation was limited to the southernmost corner, within the Whole Tower Region.

However, a formation that was supposed to be a single entity suddenly having one of its corners removed now and even activated prematurely, it instantly led to a deficiency in the entire formation.

The grand formation that had originally already been ready and awaiting activation was immediately hard pressed to go on.

Far away in vicinity of the Grinding Hut Region, waiting  to deal with the North Sea Sword Pavilion and the other anti-Xuan martial practitioners, King Xuanmu and the others were all shocked greatly.

Within the sword world of the Grinding Hut Region, the Pavilion Lord of the North Sea Sword Pavilion Gu Yan as well as the others all detected that the situation was wrong as well.

The standoff between the two sides turned rather chaotic, their nerves all tight as could ever be as a battle might erupt at any single instigation.

Meanwhile, in the Whole Tower Region, the terrifying all-encompassing thunder and fire did not descend together as they should have.

Instead, drawn by the underground fire, they formed a light pillar that was majestic to the extreme, descending from the sky.

The light pillar spanned almost a hundred kilometres.

While it was called a light pillar, it might as well be called numerous screens of light which enveloped the world beneath them all round.

The half-red, half-purple thunder and fire intermingled as they contained terrifying explosive power.

The light pillar mightily struck the sea’s surface, directly evaporating all the seawater there.

Even the underground fire that shot out from the seabed was devoured by the light pillar as the crust of the earth on the seabed down below began breaking apart as well.

Underground fire arose on an even greater scale, colliding with the descending heavenly fire and tribulation thunder as a temporal yet subtle equilibrium was achieved.

The surrounding water was evaporated in great amounts as the original spirit patterns of the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation were distorting unceasingly.

Streams of underground fire spurted out from the depths of the ocean.

Space and time seemed about to break apart as terrifying scenes formed.

Yan Zhaoge leisurely approached with the Myriad Dragon Palace before letting out Kang Jinyuan.

After Kang Jinyuan had exited, he saw before him scenes resembling the end of the world as well as that terrifying light pillar which had descended from the sky that was half-red and half-purple.

His face instantly turned green, “How has the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation become like this”

Yan Zhaoge combined his true essence with the Northern Ocean Clone’s strength, manifesting a cage of light which imprisoned Kang Jinyuan within.

Then, Yan Zhaoge pushed this cage towards that terrifying light pillar.

All the hairs on Kang Jinyuan’s body stood on end, “What are you doing”

“You still don’t understand” Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Do you think that your mid-grade Sacred Artifact can resist an attack like this, continuing to protect you”

“This is only a corner of the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation that has been prematurely activated.

Usually, the congregated heavenly fire and tribulation thunder would possess destructive power that is inferior to that of the entire grand formation when activated with its full might.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Still, the thunder and fire that the entire Whole Tower Region must bear being focused here now, the destructive power is not bad at all, not being inferior to that of the entire grand formation being activated.”

Kang Jinyuan glared at him, “You dare! My parents will definitely rip you to shreds!”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “I’m so scared.”

Saying thus, he pushed, that cage which imprisoned Kang Jinyuan and the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour steadily approaching that terrifying light pillar before them.

The Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour which had been protecting Kang Jinyuan all this while actually shuddered slightly.

Kang Jinyuan himself could also feel the shadow of death looming over him.

The icy cold feeling was unprecedentedly strong.

He finally couldn’t stop himself from yelling out loud, “I don’t want your treasures anymore! I won’t find trouble for you anymore!”

“Why is it that your pleading sounds so discomforting” Yan Zhaoge laughed, “My things were mine from the very start.

Are they things that you can think belong to you Who do you think you are”

He did not cease in his movements as he continued pushing Kang Jinyuan forward, “I can tell that your background is not weak, experts amongst your seniors being as many as the clouds in the sky.

Still, you yourself, even despite having cultivated to the third level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Merging Avatar stage, are actually still sorely lacking.”

“The martial arts you cultivate in delve deeply into the secrets of time, your progress is far easier than others, your family background is brilliant, and from this mid-grade Sacred Artifact, it is evident that your family dotes on you greatly, definitely having given you various treasures since young.”

“Fairly speaking, your martial talent is very high.

Otherwise, even the accumulation of resources would not have easily been able to let you attain the cultivation base that you have today.”

“Still, having walked to this point, first ignoring your unstable foundations, you really lack too many other things.”

Yan Zhaoge said composedly, “I can grant that you possess great power that is sufficient for you to crush first and second level Martial Saints like Yang Zhaozhen.”

“From a certain perspective, however, you still cannot compare at all with those Martial Saint experts who painstakingly paved their way step by step.”

Kang Jinyuan’s anger could not be quelled as his face grew beet red, “You go too far! Don’t end up in this Young Master’s hands, or I will definitely turn you into bones and dust!”

Yan Zhaoge chortled, “Well said.

So, I’ll just have to turn you into bones and dust first.”

Being just a short distance away from that terrifying light pillar, Kang Jinyuan could clearly see the flames that exploded and the thunderbolts that leapt within, those great phenomena of destruction.

As the cage came into contact with the thunder and fire, it was the first to dissipate.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had already pushed Kang Jinyuan into the light pillar before he had a chance to extricate himself.

Terrifying heavenly fire, earth fire and tribulation thunder mightily rammed this Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour together.

Even with the shocking defensive power of this mid-grade Sacred Artifact, it was also trembling now as it seemed like it might break completely apart at any moment.

Kang Jinyuan wanted to escape yet had his path sealed by Yan Zhaoge who stood outside.

Faced with a lethal situation where he would die without a ground of burial, the fear in Kang Jinyuan’s heart had already completely overshadowed all his other emotions.

“What exactly do you want before you’d be willing to let me go” He could not control himself from shouting loudly.

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth arched lightly, “He’s still a little smart, understanding the hint that I gave.”

He moved slightly to the side, Kang Jinyuan hurriedly shooting out from within.

Still, he was immediately trapped by Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone once more.

“Why did you people want to capture Yue Baoqi” Yan Zhaoge asked calmly.

Kang Jinyuan looked at Yan Zhaoge rather resentfully whilst also rather fearfully as he snorted lightly, “It was this Young Master who told King Xuanmu about wanting to take her as a concubine.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Speaking untruths, you can just go right back in.”

Saying thus, he sent Kang Jinyuan towards that terrifying light pillar of thunder and fire once more.

Kang Jinyuan was shocked to the point that his soul nearly left his body and dissipated.

He never wanted to go near to that place which would cause even his soul to tremble again.

“Stop! Stop! This Young Master will tell you!” Kang Jinyuan cried out, “It was my parents who drew a picture looking for her, also saying that they definitely want her alive.

At first, they still didn’t know who she was.

It was only after the people of the Grand Xuan Dynasty had seen the image that they said that it was the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s Yue Baoqi.”

“But as for why exactly they want to find her, this Young Master really doesn’t know!”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, thinking, “It is indeed so…”

Now, Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted slightly as he felt powerful auras emanating from the distance.

They originated from two different directions.

Gazing over, there was a sword-light that resembled water coming from the southeast, slowing time and distorting space as it rapidly drew near.

From the southwest was a bright light that illuminated the horizon, seemingly possessing limitless, immeasurable power.


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