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HSSB658: Old dog, let me give you some pointers


The sword-intent of the Time Flowing Sword appeared in the vicinity once more.

Yan Zhaoge felt rather surprised.

It couldn’t be that he would just happen to encounter one of the Shenling Nine Swords right after having emerged from the Earth Devouring Burner

Still, Yan Zhaoge quickly felt that that sword-intent was just temporarily passing by.

The sword-light that resembled water streaked across the sky, time and space seemingly becoming slow wherever it passed, dim and without light as all lustre was lost.

It was not Madame Kang from earlier.

Instead, it was another martial practitioner who cultivated in the Time Flowing Sword.

Yan Zhaoge analysed the sword-intent, gaining a basic idea, “Like Kang Jinyuan and that white-clothed man from earlier, he is also a third level Martial Saint with a cultivation base of the late Merging Avatar stage.”

“Still, he is weaker than that white-clothed man and stronger than Kang Jinyuan…huh What’s this”

Light fragrance suddenly drifted into Yan Zhaoge’s nostrils, leaving him taken aback.

“It is emitted from this person’s body.

This is the smell of the Bearing Heaven Ceremony Fragrance”

Martial practitioners with such high cultivation bases, when carrying things on them, even holding onto them personally rather than carrying them in their Shadow Shrinking Pouches, would not let any aura leak as it would be completely surrounded by their true essence.

An exception would be when the treasure itself was too powerful.

However, if it was ordinary, it was extremely rare for Martial Saint experts to be unable to completely prevent its aura from leaking.

As Yan Zhaoge knew, there were only a few things that were like this.

The fragrance that had suddenly appeared was like orchids and like musk, vaguely containing the fragrance of the soil.

The smell itself was nothing special.

However, with the current situation, it appeared exceptionally suspicious.

From Yan Zhaoge’s impressions, this was very similar to a treasure known as the Bearing Heaven Ceremony Fragrance that was recorded in the texts he had read.

However, the original ingredients for the Bearing Heaven Ceremony Fragrance were rare and it was not easy to produce.

It did not possess great value, having only limited uses.

Why would someone of the Shenling Nine Swords be in possession of such a thing

Could it merely have been a coincidence

Connecting this with their identities as descendants of the Jade Clear lineage, Yan Zhaoge felt that it could not be that simple.

He pondered for a moment before chasing after him.

His movements were very obvious.

The person up ahead immediately felt him, his sword-light halting slightly as his figure appeared and he swivelled his head.

This person appeared extremely old in appearance, his body bent as there were even aged spots on his skin that was revealed outside of his clothes.

He seemed ancient, like a candle about to blow out.

However, as his gaze circulated, it did not appear old, instead being young and full of energy.

Seeing the look of Yan Zhaoge and the Myriad Dragon Palace, this old man was clearly taken aback, “You…you are the person who injured Jinyuan”

While he was surprised at having met Yan Zhaoge here, this old man’s movements were not slow as he directly chopped outwards with a sword.

Yan Zhaoge similarly made a move immediately, leaping out of the Myriad Dragon Palace together with his Northern Ocean Clone and shooting towards their opponent.

A great battle again commenced over the great sea which had only just calmed not long ago.

This old man was more powerful than Kang Jinyuan, also have a much more cautious personality.

His sword-light was fast at times whilst slow at others as it navigated the entire surrounding sky.

After discovering that he could not stand against the combined might of Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone, he was not enraged as he instead felt a chill within his heart.

This old man patiently clashed with Yan Zhaoge, intending to hold down the fort and wait for assistance.

After other Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners had been drawn to the area, they would combine their forces to capture Yan Zhaoge together.

Yan Zhaoge and his clone combined forces, preparing to imprison this old man in the Myriad Dragon Palace before slowly dealing with him.

The old man was vigilant.

As his sword-light expanded, he prioritised only on stability and not making any mistakes.

There was only when Yan Zhaoge seemed to want to retreat that he expanded his sword-light in chasing over and harassing him, not letting him extricate himself from the battle.

After detecting that it was a trap by Yan Zhaoge to draw him in, he would immediately shrink back again.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, seemingly not wanting to be engaged in a protracted battle here as his figure turned, immediately about to leave.

That old man expanded his sword-light, harassing over once more.

However, Yan Zhaoge didn’t seem to be luring him over now as he truly seemed resolved to leave.

The old man cautiously held himself back, really allowing Yan Zhaoge to escape from the battlefield and into the distance.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge far away in the distance, this old man frowned, asking, “Brat, you’re escaping just like this”

His tone was disdainful as his voice spread far into the distance.

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge halted and looked coldly at him.

This old man rejoiced secretly as he continued saying disdainfully, “I still thought that you had some abilities.

So you are just the kind who bullies the weak and fears the strong.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly, “Someone like you who was beaten by me like a turtle who can only shrink its head back into its shell-aren’t you ashamed by your laughable words”

The old man laughed leisurely, “Isn’t it you brat who have been continuously running into a wall with your head smashed full of blood, only being able to lower your head and run now”

“Heh!” Yan Zhaoge laughed coldly, his body abruptly making a turn in mid-air, instantly killing his way back before the old man at a greater speed than when he had left!

Seeing him returning, this old man could not help but feel secretly triumphant as he sighed in relief.

He did not let off with his words as he continued trying to stoke Yan Zhaoge’s temper, “Not having a good memory even just having been taught a lesson.

Come, come, come-let this old man give you some pointers.”

Saying thus, he expanded his sword-light, clashing with Yan Zhaoge once more.

Still, while his tone was disdainful and relaxed, he was more proactive in battling this time.

The youth before him had a restless expression on his face.

While his temper had been stoked, he looked about to calm down again now.

After he had calmed, knowing that he should not be spending any more time here, he would feel like leaving again.

While provoking him with words was effective, the more it was used, the less effective it would get.

“I can’t let him get away!” This old man thought as he wielded his sword.

After two blows had been exchanged, Yan Zhaoge seemed to have calmed somewhat.

He glanced hatefully at that old man before, knowing that victory and defeat could not be decided for quite a while yet, turning and leaving.

The old man tried to stoke his fury again, but Yan Zhaoge didn’t fall for it as he continued fleeing.

Still, the old man had been prepared for it this time as he expanded his sword-light in pursuit, still harassing Yan Zhaoge as he tried to leave.

At this moment, however, his heart suddenly jolted.

Yan Zhaoge’s face that appeared before him was calm, a hint of a smile even visible at the corners of his mouth.

Where was the fury, the restlessness

The old man cried inwardly that things were not good.

Before he could change his stance, Yan Zhaoge and his Northern Ocean Clone, one wielding the Dark Feather Slaughtering Golden Spear and the other the Fish Dragon Spear, stabbed simultaneously outwards.

The two of them used the exact same technique, yet birthed a completely unprecedented variation!

The scene of a great tide that surged to the heavens appeared within space, a fish that was massive as a continent bobbing amidst the waves of the infinite ocean.

This fish abruptly opened its mouth wide, a terrifying suction force being emitted from within.

The spears wielded by Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone drew an arc together in mid-air, each drawing a half-circle as the two combined.

The old man’s sword-light that he had proactively launched was instantly locked in place.

“I’ve been trapped! This time, I’ve sent myself to his doorstep!”

The old man was greatly shocked as he saw the great gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace open, a terrifying suction force also emitted from within.

“Old dog, it should be me giving you some pointers,” Yan Zhaoge’s smile turned savage as he forcibly sent the other party into the Myriad Dragon Palace along with him!


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