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HSSB66: No longer viewing him in the same light


Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Zhao Shicheng nodded his head slowly, “Zhaoge had originally already possessed outstanding talent.

Looking at it now, it had actually yet to be fully put on display in the past.”

“It was only today that he truly revealed the lofty heights he had attained, and revealed the strength that he had been accumulating for so long.”

Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands towards Zhao Shicheng, “Uncle overpraises me.”

“On the contrary, I have troubled Uncle this time.”

In having joined hands with Elder Qin in repelling the East Rising Lord of the Sacred Sun Clan, Zhao Shicheng had undoubtedly already made a clear choice between the two Sacred Grounds.

As a part of the Heaven Domain’s East Heaven Region, the Eastern Tang had all along been subordinate to Broad Creed Mountain.

However, the Sacred Sun Clan was currently strong and powerful, while the Eastern Tang Kingdom was situated directly beside territory of the Fire Domain controlled by it.

The two Sacred Grounds completely breaking out into conflict was something that the Sacred Sun Clan would not want to see, due to the numerous uncertain factors involved.

However, if the Sacred Sun Clan wanted to deal with the Eastern Tang Kingdom, it would be as easy as flipping their palm.

Even if Broad Creed Mountain came back to find fault with them later on, if the Eastern Tang Kingdom really incurred losses just like that, it would be a real disaster indeed.

There was always the possibility of being compensated for material as well as territorial losses, but the dead could not be revived.

Zhao Shicheng shook his head, “This time, about the Pill Pavilion’s change in leadership, I had originally already been planning to kick Zhao Shilie out to show the Sacred Sun Clan my stance.

Really, it was only a matter of time.”

“This King has always been devoted to Broad Creed Mountain; it’s not like the Sacred Sun Clan did not know that.

This time, it was only clearly pushing everything onto the table.”

His old friend’s only son facing danger on Eastern Tang soil, Zhao Shicheng naturally wouldn’t sit there doing nothing.

No matter what, he would support Yan Zhaoge with all his might.

Elder Qin once again made known his stance, “As the situation is unique, this old man will be remaining in the Eastern Tang over this period of time.”

“We will be troubling you, Elder Qin,” Despite facing the great pressure brought about by the Sacred Sun Clan, Zhao Shicheng’s demeanour was calm as always.

He looked towards Yan Zhaoge, “I had not known that you, Zhaoge, actually also had such deep attainments in the dao of alchemy.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Uncle overpraises me.

I myself also only recently received that piece of information and began to study it, thus gaining some attainments in that field.

However, it is still insufficient to become a system; more experimentation is still needed.”

Zhao Shicheng sighed, “The Golden Needle Liberating Pill technique, like the Internal Crystal Furnace, was also completely lost following the Great Calamity, only living on within records.”

“Your attainments in the dao of luck, are really too good.”

As Zhao Shicheng spoke, he couldn’t resist joking with Yan Zhaoge for a bit, though his tone and expression still remained rather serious.

Yan Xu and the others were all slightly stunned, “Golden Needle Liberating Pill”

Elder Qin, though, having already heard a little about this from the clan’s main headquarters, was not all that surprised.

As the Disciplinary Elder of the entire East Heaven Region, he had naturally been informed by Yan Zhaoge beforehand over this period over time when the latter had wanted to engage in some activities here.

“Didn’t you say before that it was still in the experimental phase Have you a concrete grasp of it already” Elder Qin’s face revealed a bit of joy at this.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, smiling, “I’m still in the process of studying it.

However, I have already become gradually accustomed to using it on some more entry-level pills and medicines.”

Zhao Shicheng shook his head, “It’s one thing to be able to successfully use it on Treatment Pills, but the Cloud Wind Powder is definitely not an entry-level medicine; it is already like a divine medicine for the treating of wounds.”

Listening to Elder Qin’s as well as Zhao Shicheng’s words, the others had gradually come to realise what this was all about.

The expressionless Yan Xu had originally had a faint coldness deep within his gaze that was fixed on Yan Zhaoge.

However, that had now completely vanished, only a total calmness left behind.

This, however, did not mean that all that had occurred between them in the past had just gone poof in a cloud of smoke.

On the contrary, the way that Yan Xu now looked at Yan Zhaoge was no longer like how a member of the older generation would look down upon a member of the younger generation.

At this moment, he finally put Yan Zhaoge on the same level as himself.

This was even despite the fact that the current Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation realm was still far from his.

The Internal Crystal Furnace artifact forging method, the turning of Cloud-Veined Crystals into Jade Essence, the Golden Needle Liberating Pill technique, as well as the unordinary cultivation talent and potential that he himself possessed…

Things like this could happen once or twice, but not thrice.

Once or twice could be attributed to coincidence, to luck.

However, if it was like this every time, it could no longer be called a coincidence but a thing of certainty.

Yan Xu took a final calm glance at Yan Zhaoge before retracting his gaze, seemingly no longer paying any attention to him.

But, in truth, this just reflected how determined he truly was, having actually attached even more importance to Yan Zhaoge than before.

Due to considerations on the issue of legacy, when competing members of the senior generation were locked in a stalemate, the presence of an outstanding member of the younger generation was very likely to influence the final decision of the older generation.

Not many people knew, but the caution and fear Yan Xu felt towards Yan Zhaoge and his father far exceeded other people.

This did not merely stem from the competition between factions; it also had to do with his own personal fear, hidden deep within his heart.

As Yan Di grew stronger and stronger, and his power and influence grew greater and greater, Yan Xu was already finding it harder to eat and tougher to sleep.

“What happened that year; if the two of them were to find out that I was related to it…”

“Originally, I had thought that only Yan Di poses a threat, not having expected that not only him, but, a long time later, even this junior poses a massive threat.”

“Because of him, Yan Di’s momentum will only grow, maybe even to the point where he can suppress Elder Fang.

If this goes on…”

Yan Xu sucked in a deep breath, his gaze growing even calmer, while also even darker and gloomier.

Having originally still been slightly hesitant, he had, as of this moment, made up his mind for good.

Meanwhile, the other important martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain who were present now held much more complicated feelings than before as they looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Those who were closer to Yan Di’s faction were overjoyed though still finding it a little hard to believe, while those closer to Yan Zhaoge’s second-apprentice uncle’s faction felt incomparably conflicted.

They hailed from Broad Creed Mountain, after all.

Their own clan having produced such an up-and-coming genius, the honour was shared with them, and they were happy for the clan as well.

However, this up-and-coming star just had to be from the opposing faction.

Yan Zhaoge could also roughly tell what they were all thinking.

What he had just done was actually just to set up a foundation for later.

He was preparing to concoct a particular godly pill as a trump card to help secure his father the position of Clan Chief.

The pill had never appeared in the Eight Extremities World of after the Great Calamity.

If it was concocted, no one would be able to recognise it.

It was not like an artifact, a spirit artifact or a weapon, which a martial practitioner could try to communicate with and just test out.

The pill had to be put into the mouth and consumed, and whatever effects it would bring about afterwards was hard to say.

To most, it was a great tonic, but to some, however, it might be a strong poison.

This kind of situation could indeed happen.

This would inevitably cause people to have second thoughts.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge needed to prepare a foundation for it beforehand.

He wanted to give people the impression: “In the area of the dao of alchemy, Yan Zhaoge really is not just playing about.

In fact, he is actually very proficient in it, and is worthy of our trust.”

In order to not draw too much attention, this foundation had to be built up a step at a time and in gradual phases.

Whilst building up a foundation, he would also be continuing to cement Broad Creed Mountain’s power in the Eastern Tang Kingdom while pushing away the extended claws of the Sacred Sun Clan, thus achieving many benefits with a single move.

After having fully understood everything that had happened, Elder Qin nodded slightly towards Zhao Shicheng, “I must first congratulate Your Majesty for having produced yet another excellent son.”

Zhao Shicheng’s expression was deep and calm, “Hao’er was definitely out of This King’s expectations.

However, there are many things that are still yet to be verified.”

“Also, while Zhao Shilie did lose his share in the Pill Pavilion to Zhaoge, This King knows him too well.

He will not retreat so easily.”

“Over the years, he has inserted quite a lot of people into the Pill Pavilion, some of whom hold vital positions.

All of this needs to be cleared and taken care of.”

“However, it should be completed within the next few days,” Zhao Shicheng said in a calm manner.

Elder Qin nodded, “This old man naturally knows of the King’s abilities.”

Having said thus, he turned to look at Yan Zhaoge, “Zhaoge, you have consecutively performed yet another huge merit.”

“Let’s not talk about the other rewards first; they will be decided upon by the clan later on.

With my jurisdiction, I can first reward you for your meritorious contributions in the matter of the Pill Pavilion.”

“Having reproduced the ancient Golden Needle Liberating Pill technique that can increase the efficacy of pills and medicines, you also managed to eliminate the Sacred Sun Clan’s encroachment on the Eastern Tang’s Pill Pavilion at the same time.”

“Other than the share of the Pill Pavilion that you won from Prince Jin, the share of the Pill Pavilion that our clan originally held in secret will also all go to you.”

“All the profit that you gain from there will be for you to distribute at your own discretion.

If the clan has need of it, we will not let you suffer a loss; we will exchange it with you at the market price or for some other resources that you want.”

“Matters of the Pill Pavilion that are related to our clan will all be decided by you.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “I thank Elder Qin.”

The others were all left staring back and forth at one another.

Only Yan Xu remained expressionless.


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