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HSSB662: Stealing his credit


After a ferocious, intense formation like the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation had been activated, immense destruction would ensue.

Even the formation itself would dissipate as a result.

If one wanted to use it again, they would have to set it up once more.

The damage inflicted on and the resulting changes to the characteristics of the surrounding environment and the circulation of spiritual qi in the area need not even be mentioned.

Currently, the northern region of sea of the Whole Tower Region looked virtually completely different from how it had been before.

Still, for those like Nong Yuxuan who possessed a deep understanding of the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation, there were still clues that remained to be detected.

He looked silently at everything before him, falling into deep thought.

A Radiant Light Sect Elder beside him frowned, “We cannot linger here for too long.

While the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners here in the Whole Tower Region have overlooked these events occurring right beneath their very eyes, when the news spreads to the Grinding Hut Region, stronger experts of theirs will surely rush over to check out the current situation.”

Nong Yuxuan waved his hands, not uttering a sound.

Everyone else could only wait in patience.

However, as time passed and Nong Yuxuan was still staring towards the bottom of the sea in a trance, everyone could only hurry him up once more.

When everyone had nearly lost all their patience, having already urged Nong Yuxuan to hurry up quite a few times, he finally said, “Alright, let’s go.”

Everyone heaved a breath of relief, their spirits simultaneously rising slightly.

The people of the Radiant Light Sect speedily retreated, leaving the northern region of sea of the Whole Tower Region once more.

As they travelled, everyone’s gazes fell on Nong Yuxuan.

Nong Yuxuan’s face was as sunken as water, “If I did not see wrongly, that Yan Zhaoge should have first penetrated through the reefs at the bottom of the Whole Tower Region’s northern region of sea, causing a change in the underground fire pith veins buried and concealed there.”

“Also, it was no simple method.

He should have acted nine times, forming the momentum of nine stars acting in concert to lock the fire pith veins in place, stimulating them to resist and erupt.”

The people of the Radiant Light Sect exchanged looks, Nong Yuxuan continuing, “Due to the fact that the setting up of the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation by the Grand Xuan Dynasty had already caused the spiritual qi flow of the earth veins here to grow unstable initially, it was therefore possible for him to succeed with such relative ease.”

“The eruption of the underground fire set off the True Yin Wood Formation Talisman that the Grand Xuan Dynasty established in the Whole Tower Region.”

“Normally speaking, something on the scale of underground fire erupting would be insufficient to set off the True Yin Wood Talisman Formation.

However, the momentum of nine stars acting in concert intricately stimulated the earth veins of the entire Whole Tower Region, magnifying these effects.”

Nong Yuxuan exhaled slowly, “As soon as the True Yin Wood Formation Talisman was set off, the heavenly fire and the tribulation thunder that had been congregated in the sky above the Whole Tower Region due to the grand formation was instantly guided down from up above.”

“The underground fire formed nine erupting pillars of flame, formlessly forming a small, intricate formation that caused everything to converge towards it.

Thus, the thunder and fire that descended from the heavens did not descend on the entire Whole Tower Region, instead congregating together and accurately descending on the northern region of sea, resonating together with the underground fire as they finally merged together as one.”

Nong Yuxuan pressed his lips together, “It should have been like this.

Other than this, I cannot think of any other method.”

At this point, he withheld the latter part of his words.

It was only after having observed things for a long time that he had managed to understand Yan Zhaoge’s methods.

Much of this had been forcefully deduced with the help of clues.

If Nong Yuxuan had come before Yan Zhaoge had acted, wanting to take care of things himself, it would have been very difficult for him to break the formation even if he had known beforehand that it was the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation.

After all, the formation had already been established, just that it had still been biding its time, having yet to unleash its strength.

Witnessing everything now and understanding the principles behind all of it, Nong Yuxuan too could only sigh emotionally within his heart, thinking that so it was actually possible to do this.

The other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners were even more taken aback.

“That fella from the lower worlds actually managed to think of this Could he have hit upon it by accident” Someone asked disbelievingly.

Nong Yuxuan shook his head, saying decisively, “Impossible.

Nine stars acting in concert to penetrate the underground fire pith veins-while it sounds simple, the nine locations where this is implemented are all very important.

With a single mistake, its effects would be greatly diminished.

One would need the utmost precision in order to succeed.

This could not be achieved by mere guesswork.”

For Martial Saint experts, stimulating fire pith veins would not be hard.

What was hard was knowing the specific locations for such.

A Radiant Light Sect expert said slowly, “A youth from the Sacred Sun Clan of the lower worlds once mentioned that this Yan Zhaoge has rather high proficiency in formations, even possessing powerful battle formations like the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation that was lost since the Great Calamity.”

“From the looks of it now, he indeed isn’t ordinary at all.”

Another Elder sighed regretfully, “This kid is indeed a calamity.

From how it appeared earlier, he has already established contact with the Dim Darkness Sect.”

“With what has happened today, the North Sea Sword Pavilion and Copper Men Island might protect him as a result.”

A female Elder rebutted, “While he is unordinary, his cultivation base is limited at the end of the day.

Also, he is from a small place like the Eight Extremities World.

The Dim Darkness Sect aside, would the other sects spoil their relationship with us over such a minor figure At most, they would just help him to hide his tracks a little and that should be the end of their debt of gratitude to him.”

“Perhaps they will even have designs on the various treasures and formation diagrams possessed by him.”

A Radiant Light Sect Elder beside her shook his head, “If it is the North Sea Sword Pavilion…that is hard to say.

Even if like you say, they will not offend our sect just because of him, hiding him up or covering up his tracks would already make for a great headache for us.”

Someone proposed, “How about we ignore him first and instead find a chance to attack the Eight Extremities World”

That female Elder shook her head, “We still cannot be certain whether that treasure of Extreme Yang was brought along with him to the World beyond Worlds or remains in the Eight Extremities World.

It would be fine if it is in the Eight Extremities World, but if it is in the World beyond Worlds, if he continues hiding or directly leaves this Royal Reed Sea, it would be even harder to find him.”

“Moreover, with the Grand Xuan Dynasty currently attacking furiously, our sect cannot easily split our troops.”

Nong Yuxuan now said slowly, “All we need to do is make it such that the North Sea Sword Pavilion and Copper Men Island do not owe him this debt of gratitude.”

He paused before elaborating, “Perhaps we could instead get them to owe our Radiant Light Sect.”

His surroundings quietened, everyone exchanging looks, glancing at one another.

Everyone virtually instantly understood what Nong Yuxuan meant.

Their sect already knew how the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation had been broken…

Someone asked softly, “Who was present at the time”

Nong Yuxuan said, “Apart from us and that Yan Zhaoge, there were only members of the Shenling Nine Swords.”

The gazes of the Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners all flickered slightly.

They wouldn’t even have to silence anyone now.

To those of their allies, the North Sea Sword Pavilion, the Dim Darkness Sect and Copper Men Island, it need not be said who between them and the Grand Xuan Dynasty was the more trustworthy side.

Moreover, the figures of the Shenling Nine Swords knew that there was enmity between the Radiant Light Sect and Yan Zhaoge.

Now that there was enmity between them and Yan Zhaoge as well, they would surely be happy to see the Radiant Light Sect clashing with Yan Zhaoge, best getting him good.

Nong Yuxuan surveyed those around him, “More importantly, this Yan Zhaoge does not have the personality to take setbacks.

His credit having been stolen by me, he will definitely be unresigned.”

“We have always worried about how to find his whereabouts.

Now, we can anger him to come out on his own.

As soon as he dares to show himself, that would be the best time to slaughter him!”

Everyone revealed smiles on their faces as they nodded in silence.


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