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HSSB665: How would it be so easy to steal my credit


Yan Zhaoge blinked, looking rather amusedly at that Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioner he had captured, “Nong Yuxuan broke the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation How did he do it And when”

That person said, “I heard that it was in the Whole Tower Region.

I am unclear on the specifics.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, asking, “Where did the news spread from”

The other party answered, “From the Radiant Light Sect.

I am unclear on the specifics.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, searching above the sea once more.

This time, he found a North Sea Sword Pavilion martial practitioner.

“Starlight Nong used a method of nine stars acting in concert to penetrate through the underground fire pith veins in the Whole Tower Region’s northern region of sea, leading to changes in the spiritual qi of the earth veins there as underground fire spurted out.”

“The eruption of underground fire set off the True Yin Wood Formation Talisman the Xuan dogs had established in the Whole Tower Region.

Then, the formation talisman caused the heavenly fire and tribulation thunder congregated up in the sky to descend prematurely.”

“Due to the underground fire, the descent of fire and thunder was concentrated on a single point in the northern region of sea of the Whole Tower Region, not harming any other places in the process.

Starlight Nong was really diligent in his considerations.”

The other party was full of praise as he continually sighed in admiration, “A corner at the Whole Tower Region having been shaken prematurely, the entire Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation was affected as a result as its use was reduced greatly.”

“Our anti-Xuan troops are thereby incomparably secure in the Grinding Hut Region, with the Xuan dogs hard pressed to break through.”

“The Radiant Light Sect having helped our sect, having contributed so greatly to the entire anti-Xuan coalition, now that they are in danger, we must surely give it our all, attacking those Xuan together.”

Yan Zhaoge now asked with an expression that seemed like he was smiling whilst also not, “You all believe what Nong Yuxuan said”

That North Sea Sword Pavilion martial practitioner looked at Yan Zhaoge somewhat surprisedly, “Of course.

Apart from the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the person of the Royal Reed Sea who understands the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation the most is none other than Starlight Nong.

Everyone knows this, and events have proven that he is indeed well deserving of his reputation.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled.

He also felt that Nong Yuxuan should indeed understand said formation to some extent.

After all, not having witnessed it personally, only having observed the clues from afterwards, he had still been able to analyse his general methods and piece them together to form a coherent whole.

Due to the eruption of thunder and fire, there were limited marks left behind at the scene.

It would not have been easy to achieve this at all.

Still, it was merely analysis after the deed had been done.

Yan Zhaoge did not speak much more to this North Sea Sword Pavilion martial practitioner, just asking, “Oh, I wonder where this great hero is now”

The other party did not feel suspicious as he answered, “I heard that he is currently in the Heavenly Inheritance Region.”

The anti-Xuan forces had pursued the retreating Grand Xuan Dynasty, the two sides going to blows non-stop as they entangled with each other.

The Heavenly Inheritance Region was just out of the Grinding Hut Region.

As compared to the pursuing anti-Xuan forces, it could be considered to be in the backlines of the conflict.

That North Sea Sword Pavilion martial practitioner said as if it was only natural, “Starlight Nong having performed a miraculous deed in breaking the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation of the Grand Xuan, he would definitely be hated by them now.

He should naturally be more cautious.”

Yan Zhaoge chortled, “Heavenly Inheritance Region”

He headed north towards the Heavenly Inheritance Region.

Within the Myriad Dragon Palace, Ah Hu gnashed his teeth together, “Young Master, that fella surnamed Nong is no good person.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “How could stealing my credit be so easy”

He smacked his lips, “Still, this seems rather like a trap, intentionally luring me into looking for him.”

Hearing his words, Feng Yunsheng’s gaze focused, “He has already refined a great amount of the power of the Rahu Sabre, not fearing the restrictions on him caused by the Cold Sun Divine Sabre”

“It is most likely so.

Otherwise, his confidence here cannot be explained,” Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “Either the Radiant Light Sect has gathered numerous experts in setting up a trap to surround and kill me, with even Seeing Divinity Martial Saints present in ambush, or he can currently wield a great amount of the Rahu Sabre’s power, not fearing the influence of the Cold Sun Divine Sabre.

At the same time, it would be equivalent to him possessing an additional mid-grade Sacred Artifact.”

Currently, the Grand Xuan Dynasty and the anti-Xuan forces were locked together in the heat of numerous continued battles, unable to extricate themselves.

The Radiant Light Sect’s headquarters was also likely to become a target of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

Under such circumstances, it would be very hard for the Radiant Light Sect to spare a great many experts to deal with Yan Zhaoge, what with their peak experts mostly occupied with official matters.

Therefore, it was more likely that only Nong Yuxuan and a few other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners were in charge of this matter.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “If he is already able to wield a large amount of the power of the Rahu Sabre, he would be able to restrict my Extreme Yang Seal.

If he has more than just the strength for a single strike, it would be even more terrifying.”

Ah Hu pulled back the corners of his lips, “If it is like this, Young Master, the difficulty does seem rather high.”

Nong Yuxuan had already been an elite amongst those of the same cultivation level initially.

Even as he tried to obtain the power of the dim sun and cold moon, he had even been able to single-handedly suppress Kang Jinyuan who was also at the late Merging Avatar stage as well as a Dim Darkness Sect Elder of the second level of the Martial Saint realm as they joined forces against him.

Even whilst having been injured by Yan Zhaoge, Nong Yuxuan had still been able to obtain a victory over Kang Jinyuan who had pursued him in an attempt to slay him.

So long as the power of the Rahu Sabre was not restricted by the Cold Sun Divine Sabre, even if there was only the strength for a single strike, it would already be sufficient for Nong Yuxuan to discount the threat of the Extreme Yang Seal.

Moreover, even if not many of his fellow disciples accompanied him, Nong Yuxuan would surely not be alone.

As he schemed to slay Yan Zhaoge, he would naturally have made preparations for it.

Following his previous bouts with Yan Zhaoge, Nong Yuxuan no longer dared to underestimate him.

Feng Yunsheng pondered for a moment before suddenly saying, “Perhaps there is a way.”

As Yan Zhaoge looked at her, Feng Yunsheng raised the Cold Sun Divine Sabre in her hand, “I can risk it a little.”

“Oh,” Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted, his expression involuntarily turning rather strange as he understood what it was that she intended, “I already said it initially.

I am a person who likes danger, often stirring up some big scenes.

Therefore, I was looking for a manageress to manage me, helping to rein me in at crucial moments.”

“Yet from the looks of it now, I seem to have found someone even crazier than me”

Feng Yunsheng smiled upon hearing his words, “I also said it then.

I might go crazy together with you sometimes as well.”

Yan Zhaoge felt pained, “I really got on with a dangerous one.”

After joking for a bit, Yan Zhaoge asked solemnly, “How many breaths of time can you endure now”

“Twelve breaths,” Feng Yunsheng replied just as solemnly, “It is taking a risk, not sending myself to my death.

I understand this principle.”

Yan Zhaoge calculated for a moment before saying, “At that time, we will have to see their specific arrangements before making a decision.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty might just have the intention of waiting by the side to profit from our conflict.”

Leaving the depths of the sea, Yan Zhaoge’s group arrived at the Heavenly Inheritance Region.

From his previous conversation with that North Sea Sword Pavilion martial practitioner, Yan Zhaoge already knew that apart from Nong Yuxuan, Yue Baoqi was coincidentally there as well.

There were some Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners present as well.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was not acquainted with any of them.

When Yue Baoqi rushed over to see Yan Zhaoge after having been notified by other North Sea Sword Pavilion martial practitioners, she had a solemn expression on her face.

The first thing she said upon their meeting was, “Who exactly was it who broke the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “From your question, you doubt it as well”

Yue Baoqi fell silent.

She had previously heard Yan Zhaoge mention that he had a way to break the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation.

Still, she had fled following Kang Jinyuan’s appearance.

She had not personally witnessed Yan Zhaoge’s capture of Kang Jinyuan and his thwarting of the grand formation afterwards.

It was just that thinking of Yan Zhaoge’s previous words and knowing how Yan Zhaoge had enmity with the Radiant Light Sect, next seeing the current situation, doubt inevitably arose in her mind.


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