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HSSB667: How is it possible to not leave his name behind after a good deed


Yan Zhaoge’s words left everyone feeling somewhat puzzled, unable to comprehend his meaning.

Everyone took him as talking about the current matter at hand.

A Radiant Light Sect Elder said with evident dissatisfaction, “Stuff and nonsense.”

That Dim Darkness Sect Elder rebutted, “There is only no performing the misdeed if you do not want others to learn about it.

In being in such a rush to kill him, might you really be trying to silence him”

The Radiant Light Sect and the Dim Darkness Sect were longtime enemies.

If not for their common enemy, the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the two would long since have begun going unforgivingly at each other.

While they were both in the anti-Xuan camp now, they still remained on bad terms.

Even though it was not to the extent that they would reject each other’s opinions just for the sake of it, the Dim Darkness Sect would naturally be happy to see an important figure of the Radiant Light Sect, Nong Yuxuan, have his reputation destroyed.

While the fact that the fruits of the Dim Sun Cold Moon Ritual had fallen into Yan Zhaoge’s hands left the Dim Darkness Sect feeling rather despondent, it was because of the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s attack that the ceremony had failed at the end of the day.

Yan Zhaoge had merely chanced upon the gains.

If the remnant power of the ritual had not fallen into Yan Zhaoge’s hands, it would most likely have been obtained by the Radiant Light Sect’s Nong Yuxuan.

As compared to that, the Dim Darkness Sect was inevitably still more willing to accept Yan Zhaoge being the beneficiary of the ritual.

Now that they had a chance to let the Radiant Light Sect eat some dirt, the Dim Darkness Sect would certainly stand on the same side as Yan Zhaoge without reservation.

Someone from the Radiant Light Sect’s camp laughed coldly, “Like leeches drawn to blood, as soon as the slightest incident stirs within our sect, you lot come sticking over immediately.”

“Even if you want to gain an advantage, you should look at the situation first.

Who doesn’t know that for the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation, our sect’s Elder Nong has a profound grasp of it that surpasses even many experts of the Grand Xuan Dynasty themselves”

He scanned Yan Zhaoge with a glance, “Could such a major thing be achieved by a Martial Grandmaster What a great joke.”

That Dim Darkness Sect Elder said composedly, “Since that is so, what are you lot being so hasty about”

While this Elder did not know whether Yan Zhaoge spoke the truth, he now remembered something.

During their sect’s Dim Sun Cold Moon Ritual, Yan Zhaoge had actually made use of the power of the ceremony and travelled from their branch altar to their main altar without incident.

Whether or not it had been intentional, this meant at the very least that Yan Zhaoge’s attainments in alchemy were definitely unordinary.

Thus, those of the Dim Darkness Sect felt some confidence in backing him up.

Elder Qi of the North Sea Sword Pavilion now asked slowly, “Starlight Nong’s method of breaking the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation is no longer a secret now.

After having inspected these locations, the longtime Elders of the various sects can all be certain that there is nothing wrong with that method.

It was precisely through nine stars acting in concert to shake the underground fire pith veins that the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation in the Whole Tower Region was broken.”

“Young Master Yan is now saying that he is the one who broke the formation.

Is there anyone else who can speak for this”

As he said this, he glanced at Yue Baoqi by the side.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge knew that Yue Baoqi had previously voiced her doubts to this Elder Qi.

Having been mentally prepared for it by Yue Baoqi, Elder Qi was also not as shocked by things now.

At the very least, he did not directly rebuke Yan Zhaoge who was merely a Martial Grandmaster for making things up and saying big words.

Yan Zhaoge said nonchalantly, “If it is witnesses, there are indeed none.”

Someone of the Radiant Light Sect smiled coldly, “You have been lying in the first place.

Apart from your accomplices whom you agreed upon things with beforehand, of course there wouldn’t be any real witnesses.”

Yue Baoqi frowned, understanding the meaning in his words.

The Radiant Light Sect knew that Yan Zhaoge had first looked for her and the North Sea Sword Pavilion after having come to the Heavenly Inheritance Region, thus naturally being wary at that.

However, she indeed hadn’t personally witnessed Yan Zhaoge breaking the formation.

Thus, there was really nothing that she could say now.

That Dim Darkness Sect Elder chortled, “Speaking of this, it was also you people who spread the word that it was Nong Yuxuan who broke the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation.

Are there others who would be able to prove this”

A Copper Men Island Elder who had previously been silent now said slowly, “The Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation is no minor thing.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had already set it up completely at the time, and could have activated it at any time.”

“Having a way to break the formation, one would naturally grasp the timing and do it as fast as possible.

Who would still be of the mind and have the leisure to look for witnesses in doing so”

This Copper Men Island Elder surveyed their surroundings, “Starlight Nong was able to explain the method for breaking the formation, and the formation experts of the various sects all confirmed its authenticity.

Saying that he stole the credit due to a single person’s words now-would this not be a little too much Also, someone who has enmity with him”

His gaze slowly swept across Yan Zhaoge and that Dim Darkness Sect Elder, “This old man thinks that we should treat this matter carefully, lest we wreck our current grand schemes for no reason at all.”

“Everyone, we currently hold no advantage, the initiative lying more with the Xuan dogs.

If we are the slightest bit careless, it would spell destruction for us all.”

Elder Qi of the North Sea Sword Pavilion was silent for a time.

That Dim Darkness Sect Elder knit his brows.

The other party’s words were clearly biased towards the Radiant Light Sect.

With both sides holding on to their own claims and neither being able to take out any evidence of note, this was actually something that could be predicted.

Claiming that someone had stolen another’s credit out of nowhere without any solid proof, this was not something that one could easily believe.

Otherwise, anyone would be able to come out at any time over anything, wantonly maligning others.

It just so happened that this could not be proven easily at all.

Even if they wanted to set up another Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation for the two to compete in, there were also insufficient materials for the formation to be established again.

Under such circumstances, it was only natural to lean towards the Radiant Light Sect.

First not mentioning how Nong Yuxuan’s reputation was greater, just looking at how it was currently a crucial moment in the war efforts against the Grand Xuan Dynasty, it would not be ideal for internal disputes to arise amongst the anti-Xuan troops themselves no matter how one looked at it.

The North Sea Sword Pavilion’s Elder Qi was still rather hesitant.

However, to those of Copper Men Island, for the stability of the overall situation, even if Nong Yuxuan had really stolen another’s credit, as long as there was no indisputable proof against him, they would also feign dumbness on it.

That Copper Men Island Elder’s gaze swept across Elder Qi and the Dim Darkness Sect’s leading Elder.

While he did not speak, the two of them could still see four words within his gaze.

For the greater good.

Looking at their ceaseless eye communication and the Radiant Light Sect experts who were raring to have a go at him, Yan Zhaoge could not help but appear even more amused.

“There are no eyewitnesses, but there is indeed physical proof.”

Everyone was simultaneously taken aback.

An orb appeared in Yan Zhaoge’s hand.

He said neither hurriedly nor slowly, “Huang Jie was a figure indeed.

Still, it is clear that he was a person who did things in secret, keeping them to himself as he did not easily reveal his thoughts before others.”

“Therefore, he would most likely not have told his methods to his fellow disciples.

Perhaps he would have told them to his father Huang Xu or to his grandfather Huang Guanglie, but he would definitely not have told them to Meng Wan, definitely not have told them to Tang Yonghao.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Therefore, your Radiant Light Sect might not know that he possessed a certain item like this.

And after I killed him, this item therefore became mine.”

“If you knew about it, perhaps you wouldn’t have done a thing like this.”

Yan Zhaoge raised that orb, tapping it lightly as it rose to hover within the air, “This thing is called the Heaven Spying Orb.

The images recorded within cannot be falsified, cannot be altered.”

Light shot out from the orb, forming an illusory scene.

Within it was shockingly recorded how Yan Zhaoge had penetrated the earth veins with nine swords, causing the eruption of the underground fire as he thus broke the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation in the northern region of sea of the Whole Tower Region!

Those of the North Sea Sword Pavilion, Copper Men Island and the Dim Darkness Sect were all dazed as they saw this.

Then, their gazes simultaneously converged on Nong Yuxuan!

Nong Yuxuan glared unforgivingly at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge mildly met his gaze.

Someone like this bro who loves being in the limelight and showing off-how would it be possible to not leave his name behind after a good deed


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