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HSSB67: Pressuring Yan Xu


Looking between Elder Qin, Yan Zhaoge, and Yan Xu, the onlookers suddenly had numerous thoughts flash across their minds.

The Pill Pavilion was the primary source of income for the Eastern Tang’s royal family.

As the hegemon of the East Heaven Region, Broad Creed Mountain naturally also laid claim to a share of the profits.

On one hand, it was a symbolic gesture which guaranteed Broad Creed Mountain’s position and benefits in the Eastern Tang.

On the other, for the pills and medicines of the Pill Pavilion to be exported in large quantities outside of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, Broad Creed Mountain also played a very important role.

Even if there weren’t the Golden Needle Liberating Pill technique or the Smoke Cloud Powder, the Pill Pavilion would still be generating a huge amount of profit.

Previously, the relationship between the clan and the Pill Pavilion had been managed by the Eastern Tang’s Disciplinary Elder.

This definitely fell within his jurisdiction, so it made sense that he had this power.

However, Yan Zhaoge had personally obtained Zhao Shilie’s share of the Pill Pavilion—and it was a fairly huge at that.

According to common sense, Yan Zhaoge should hand it over to the clan, whereupon it would be managed alongside the clan’s own share of the Pill Pavilion.

In return, Yan Zhaoge would be rewarded in some other form.

Of course, this naturally meant that all of it would be handed over to the Eastern Tang Principal Elder—Yan Xu.

But right now, it seemed that the entire situation had been flipped on its head.

Instead of it going to Yan Xu, the clan’s original share of the Pill Pavilion was also going to be completely transferred to Yan Zhaoge.

Without even discussing the specifics of their value, just the concept of giving away his authority over the Pill Pavilion was like taking a knife and carving the meat off Yan Xu’s body.

The other martial practitioners looked on with some measure of bewilderment towards Elder Qin.

Even the King of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, Zhao Shicheng, seemed shocked as he sized up the situation.

Elder Qin retained a peaceful expression, as did Yan Xu.

Witnessing this scene, Yan Zhaoge put on a smiling expression but said nothing.

Regarding the struggle between Yan Zhaoge’s father Yan Di and his second apprentice-uncle Fang Zhun, Elder Qin still remained neutral.

Although Elder Qin’s impression of Yan Zhaoge had changed to one of extreme admiration, this was still not sufficient for him to lean towards Yan Di’s faction.

Elder Qin’s current actions killed two birds with one stone.

On one hand, he was rewarding Yan Zhaoge for the various merits the other had earned for the clan.

On the other hand, he was also putting a little bit of pressure on Yan Xu as a warning.

Previously, Wen Ningzhi had tried to act against Yan Zhaoge, instead ending up harming himself.

Him being Yan Xu’s trusted subordinate, Elder Qin naturally had to focus his gaze on the Eastern Tang and Yan Zhaoge.

Regarding Lin Yushao’s death, even though no final conclusion could be definitively reached, it seemed like Yan Zhaoge was at least temporarily able to cast off any suspicions.

As for just who had caused her demise, that was naturally an important question worthy of a detailed investigation.

At any rate, the body had first been discovered by a subordinate of Yan Xu and was currently being watched over by his people as well.

The fatal wound had been caused by the Tu**a Palm, which Yan Xu himself was also proficient in.

With his cultivation base, if he wanted to mimic the attack of an early outer aura Martial Scholar, that would naturally be simplicity itself.

Elder Qin was also quite sure that Lin Yushao had not actually been killed by Yan Xu, but there was no telling.

Perhaps Yan Xu had made some moves in order to deal with Yan Zhaoge, and was the culprit in truth.

Presently, the fact that he was stripping away a portion of Yan Xu’s authority and instead conferring it onto Yan Zhaoge was a clear warning for Yan Xu.

With regard to the competition between Yan Di and Fang Zhun for the seat of Clan Chief, Elder Qin was a neutral party who did not participate in the struggle.

However, his character dictated that there was a moral bottom line that neither party should ever cross.

“The amount of revenue being generated is only one aspect.” Yan Zhaoge leisurely thought, “Before, I was only a foppish master spending money hand over foot.

Now, perhaps this can be counted as me finally earning some money”

Elder Qin continued, “You also found a Maiden of Extreme Yin and convinced her to swear loyalty to the clan—this is also a contribution that cannot be understated.”

“Discovering the Golden Needle Liberating Pill technique and winning a share of the Pill Pavilion, refining the Internal Crystal Furnace, as well as discovering the use of Cloud-Veined Crystal in producing Jade Essence…every single one of these is a meritorious contribution.”

“If Young Friend Feng manages to regain her Extreme Yin Physique, the clan will naturally have an enormous reward for you.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded his head.

Even though he didn’t know the specifics, he was still a little bit expectant about his reward from the clan.

Elder Qin continued, “You were able to defeat Xiao Shen and spread the fame of my Broad Creed Mountain.

Even though the matter with the Maiden of Extreme Yin cannot be made public, you will still be rewarded by the clan.”

“As for what these rewards will be, that has to be decided back at the clan.

This old man is not qualified to make such decisions; at the end of the day, you are not actually a martial practitioner stationed in the East Heaven Region.”

“However, you having consecutively earned so many merits, the clan will also not instead become stingier as a result.

If you have your eye on any specific reward, just let me know and I will report it back to the clan.”

“You know all the rules, and won’t request anything unrealistic.”

Hearing what was said, Yan Zhaoge slightly laughed and nodded his head, “Many thanks to Elder Qin.

I won’t hide it from you; I really do have my eyes on something.”

Elder Qin asked, “Huh What thing”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “I actually want something of yours, that Nine Treasure Ice Gourd which originates from the Thunder Domain’s Lonely Gorge Mountain.”

With some astonishment, Elder Qin asked, “You have some treasure that needs to be stored for a long time”

“This old man knew that you had obtained the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul, and had originally planned to give you its entire skeleton as well.”

“But, having collected the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul, a large amount of Profound Jade should be sufficient.”

Yan Zhaoge spoke again, “It really isn’t the Glacial Dragon’s skeleton, instead being something else.

I wonder if you, Elder, would be willing to part with it”

Waving his hands, Elder Qin directly took out a white-colored gourd and handed it over to Yan Zhaoge, “What is there to be unwilling about”

“Even though this item is rather rare, it really isn’t all that valuable.

This old man happened to chance across one when I was younger, and have possessed it ever since.”

“It is like chicken ribs-tasteless, yet a pity to throw away.”

“If you only want this item, then there is no need to wait for the clan to decide.

This old man can just give it to you directly.”

Receiving the Nine Treasures Ice Gourd, Yan Zhaoge immediately felt an icy sensation in his hands.

He smiled and replied, “My thanks to Elder.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Elder Qin seemed to have suddenly thought of something as he opened his eyes wide, “You rascal, it must be because you’ve gotten some new idea, right”

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, not concealing the matter, “It’s true that I have something, but it’s still just an idea right now and I don’t know if it will really work.

I will have to experiment a little bit.”

Elder Qin pointed at Yan Zhaoge with his forefinger, “Ah, you little rascal.

You really don’t let people save worry.”

Even while saying that, his attitude was quite kind and amiable.

While looking at Yan Zhaoge, it was clear that his expression held both kindness and praise.

When others heard what they were talking about, they all felt very curious about what new idea Yan Zhaoge might have.

Simply from empirical evidence, it was quite clear that one couldn’t judge Yan Zhaoge by any common standard.

Even though Yan Zhaoge had played down his idea and made it sound plain, it could very well be something pivotal.

Having addressed the issue of Yan Zhaoge’s rewards, Elder Qin ordered the clan to make a detailed investigation in the matter of Lin Yushao’s untimely death.

Considering that the victim had been murdered in the Eastern Tang, it made sense for the investigation to be under the jurisdiction of the Eastern Tang Principal Elder, Yan Xu.

However, it had quickly become apparent that Yan Xu was unsuited to carrying out the rest of the investigation.

As such, Elder Qin tasked his subordinates with continuing to delve deeper into the matter.

With regard to Yan Zhaoge, it was clear that he had absolutely no connection at all with Lin Yushao’s death.

Previously, when Yan Zhaoge had actively called for the investigation of the matter, it had simply been to demonstrate his attitude with regard to the affair.

After this, it was very possible that the Sacred Sun Clan would have some movements, making it more important than ever for there to be cooperation between the Eastern Tang and Broad Creed Mountain.

During this period of time, while they were acting in the Eastern Tang, regardless of whether it was Yan Zhaoge, Elder Qin, or Yan Xu, each one of them naturally wanted to have a mutual understanding with Zhao Shicheng.

Everything having been basically settled, Yan Zhaoge escorted Zhao Shicheng to the door, sending a sound transmission with his aura-qi, “Uncle, I’d like to have a little chat with you regarding your sixteenth son, Zhao Hao.”


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