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HSSB670: Precisely fitting my intentions


Never would Elder Qi and the others of the Heavenly Inheritance Region have thought that in order to deal with Yan Zhaoge, the Radiant Light Sect had actually dispatched two Seeing Divinity experts.

Apart from Zhang Chao who remained behind in the Heavenly Inheritance Region to suppress Elder Qi and the others, another Radiant Light Sect Elder of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, Cheng Song, had arrived here as well, specifically waiting in ambush for Yan Zhaoge to appear.

Elder Qi and the others did not know that the Radiant Light Sect had indeed gone all out this time, being dead set on capturing Yan Zhaoge for good.

It was not just because of the accumulated enmities between them both new and old.

It was more because of Yan Zhaoge possibly bearing the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yang Seal.

They would not fail!

Halting, Yan Zhaoge saw the powerful light grow increasingly brighter in the distance before a golden sun and a silver moon flickered intermittently as they arose from the surface of the sea.

The sun and the moon interchanged as they arose slowly, manifesting the variations between yin and yang and brightness and darkness as their strong power fluctuations intimidated one’s heart.

Unlike Deng Sen previously who had been suppressed by the power of dimensions to only possess the power of a late Merging Avatar Martial Saint back in the Eight Extremities World whilst having been an early Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, Cheng Song could currently unleash all his power in the World Beyond Worlds as a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint who had broken through space, seeing true divinity.

The sun and moon above Cheng Song’s head appeared before Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge could detect acupoints of his body leaping.

Unlike martial practitioners below the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm when the shaking of one’s acupoints only mattered to them, the shaking of the acupoints of Cheng Song’s body actually seemed to resonate with the flickering stars of the sky that were bright at times yet dark at others.

Meanwhile, the power contained within the leaping of his acupoints was also far from comparable to that of a Merging Avatar Martial Saint.

Cheng Song glanced indifferently at Yan Zhaoge, not speaking as he directly clawed out towards him.

The sun and moon above his head disappeared as the shocking scene of a sun rising and a moon descending appeared on his palm.

As that palm was unleashed, Yan Zhaoge felt as if the heavens were obscured and the sun concealed before his very eyes.

That palm seemed to encompass the entire sky, with the sun and moon also circulating whilst enveloped by it.

The bright sun and moon still illuminated the area, yet the surrounding radiance abruptly dimmed.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm and heavy.

The Northern Ocean Clone appeared before him, garbed in the Imperious Cold Martial Armour and wielding the Fish Dragon Spear as he directly struck out with a fearsome spear towards Cheng Song’s Sun Moon Divine Palm.

A silhouette flickered as in the vast icy waters, a gigantic, unparalleled fish traversed the deep sea.

This massive fish ignored all shocking waves and tides, crushing them to shreds without even looking as that surging, majestic force shook the surrounding space.

The massive fish leapt, shooting out of the water whereupon it suddenly transformed into a great roc, taking to the air with its wings spread wide as it soared through the nine heavens.

That hasty, fierce power swept along icy waves that surged to the heavens, overturning the heavens and the earth together.

Numerous terrifying ice dragons simultaneously soared above the sea’s surface, accompanying the roc in ascending into the horizon, presiding over the sun and moon!

Both sides clashed in mid-air.

The great roc and the ice dragons were simultaneously shattered, but that sun and moon dimmed as well.

Cheng Song was rather surprised, “Third level of the Martial Saint realm, late Merging Avatar stage Also, his strength is rather outstanding for one of his cultivation level!”

Bolstered by the power of two Sacred Artifacts, the Northern Ocean Clone thus prevented the fourth level Martial Saint from gaining much of an advantage over him for the time being.

“He actually had an expert like this hidden away…wait, no!” Cheng Song’s expression turned solemn, “This is actually a clone refined by you You actually refined the mortal shell of a late Merging Avatar Martial Saint as a Martial Grandmaster”

Seeing through this, Cheng Song inhaled deeply, feeling Yan Zhaoge’s extraordinariness even more intensely.

His other palm now clawed over as well.

His palms struck outwards simultaneously, a great golden sun appearing on one and a cold silver moon appearing on the other.

Suddenly, the golden sunlight and the silvery moonlight dimmed simultaneously, losing their radiance.

All the heavens and earth seemed to descend into darkness at this moment.

The supreme direct lineage martial art of the Radiant Light Sect, Devouring Sun Corroding Moon Palm!

The Northern Ocean Clone remained fearless as he wielded his Fish Dragon Spear, concentrating all his power at its tip.

The Fish Dragon Spear having already been exceptionally heavy initially, its tip was incomparably weighty in an unsurpassable manner at this moment.

Space directly broke apart, a black hole appearing which frenziedly devoured all in its surroundings.

The radiance of the heavens and the earth completely disappeared at this moment as it was completely enveloped by the darkness.

The next moment, a feeling of distortion emanated from that darkness.

Then, space shattered and brightness again appeared, unprecedentedly dazzling as it expanded madly into the surroundings, illuminating the world for tens of thousands of kilometres all round.

The figures of the Northern Ocean Clone and Cheng Song appeared once more.

The shaft of the Fish Dragon Spear was trembling unceasingly as it rung softly.

Just this ringing alone shook the air in the distant horizon into exploding continuously, the sounds of explosions being ceaseless to the ear.

The hands of the Northern Ocean Clone were trembling irrepressibly.

Streams of icy cold qi surged from the Imperious Cold Martial Armour up his body through his arms and to the Fish Dragon Spear, finally causing it to stop trembling.

Cheng Song looked at his palm where the crimson hue of blood was vaguely visible.

Spear, a weapon used purely for slaughter with all its power concentrated fully on a single point to stab and pierce through its target.

Bolstered by the Imperious Cold Martial Armour, the Northern Ocean Clone’s attack power was top class as he wielded the Fish Dragon Spear.

As Cheng Song forcibly bore it with his fleshly body, even as he had shaken the Northern Ocean Clone to the point of his spear nearly flying from his hands, he himself had nearly been injured.

While it was a scrape at most, it felt rather like a slap to Cheng Song’s face.

He frowned, snorting coldly as bright silver armour suddenly appeared on his body, mighty spiritual light flickering even as a powerful aura surged.

While it was not a mid-grade Sacred Artifact, with a low-grade Sacred Artifact in hand, Cheng Song’s aura still immediately skyrocketed.

He immediately attacked the Northern Ocean Clone again without giving him any breathing space.

Now that he was protected by a Sacred Artifact, he was sufficiently confident that even without weapons, as he forcibly clashed head-on with the Northern Ocean Clone’s spear, he could destroy him along with his Sacred Artifacts all at once!

However, the Northern Ocean Clone did not forcibly clash head-on with him this time, instead turning as a dark green bamboo cane suddenly appeared in his hand.

Seeing this bamboo cane, Cheng Song’s brows twitched as he recalled the abnormalities of this cane which Nong Yuxuan had once mentioned.

He immediately changed his stance, not letting the bamboo cane touch him.

The Northern Ocean Clone looked expressionlessly at Cheng Song.

Seeing that dark green bamboo cane, Nong Yuxuan’s expression instantly turned rather dark as well.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he said coldly, “Do you think that you were just unlucky, having been trapped again here after having escaped from the Heavenly Inheritance Region”

“That was merely us having intentionally allowed you to escape, lest the North Sea Sword Pavilion and the Dim Darkness Sect learn of what we gain after having killed you.

There are no bystanders here anymore, just perfect for your ground of burial.”

“You possess many secrets, many treasures.

Leave them all behind for me today.”

As Nong Yuxuan said this, roiling black smoke was suddenly emitted from his body.

Black fire and devilish qi surged within the black smoke, devouring the heavens and corroding the sun as all brightness was repelled.

That brutal aura was incomparably powerful, even seeming infinite and without end.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge even felt as though the third level Martial Saint Nong Yuxuan seemed no inferior to the fourth level Martial Saint Cheng Song in the least, even surpassing him somewhat.

It was like a mid-grade Sacred Artifact whose power he could fully wield had merged with his body, transforming into the power of his cultivation base for a limited amount of time.

“I have already successfully refined most of the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi, no longer being at threat of entering cultivation deviation as my strength has risen yet further,” Nong Yuxuan strode towards Yan Zhaoge, “If you think to do the same thing as you did last time, let’s just see you try it then.”

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge laughed leisurely, “There are no bystanders now.

This is also precisely fitting my intentions.”

The Myriad Dragon Palace suddenly appeared in the air up above, Yan Zhaoge’s smile turning icy cold, “Yunsheng, do it!”


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