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HSSB674: Rampage! Rampage!


The ancestors of the three Purities were incomparably supreme.

From ancient times till now, countless people who had lofty aspirations or were ambitious, countless geniuses who were truly incomparable geniuses or thought too highly of themselves, had attempted to simultaneously cultivate in the three Purities before.

However, at the end of it all, they either failed, gave it up themselves or just couldn’t compare to those of other lineages at all.

Those who could persist on this path were beyond few.

It was really too difficult.

Before having cultivated in the Immortal Ending Sword Manual, Yan Zhaoge too had questioned himself-should he really be walking down this path

Possessing the foundation of the number one direct lineage scripture of the Jade Clear lineage, the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, this was already sufficient to ensure that his road henceforth would be a smooth sailing one.

As long as he did not die young, he would definitely achieve great heights that most could only dream of.

Should he still risk it and instead walk a path that was much more difficult, needlessly bringing himself much more trouble as well as obstacles

He might even thwart his own path forward, trapping himself in a net.

After having considered it, Yan Zhaoge’s answer was-he would walk on!

He was someone who possessed a real ego.

However, it was not for satisfying his ego this time.

Everyone was perfectionist to some extent, wanting things to be perfect in their fondness for it.

This was so for Yan Zhaoge as well.

However, it wasn’t due to such this time.

The sole reason was that while his path would be much harder, he could also attain greater heights through it.

Following the Great Calamity, the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace had been reduced to the dust heap of history.

This was eternally buried within Yan Zhaoge’s heart, never to be forgotten by him as it spurred him ceaselessly forward into striving towards greater heights, never ever growing lax or slacking off.

Currently being a martial practitioner, he had already long since gotten used to the mentality of one.

Martial practitioners eternally aspired towards greater heights, challenging themselves even as they challenged and fought all external enemies.

Perhaps it was hopelessly clichéd, but Yan Zhaoge was happy to walk a path such as this.

Therefore, he would walk on!

Yan Zhaoge felt the grand daos of the heaven and the earth shaking due to his ascension into the Martial Saint realm, drawing the surrounding spiritual qi into his body and cleansing his physique.

For this difficult path, Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood was not the endpoint, nor was it final completion.

It was merely the start of it all.

His future path would only be more difficult, more and more difficult.

Yan Zhaoge was extremely clear about this, but he felt exceptionally calm.

He might not definitely be that luckiest person, might not definitely be that person who always obtained the final victory, might not definitely be that person who finally succeeded.

However, this did not affect him from being a confident person, an arrogant person.

Whether it was youthful recklessness or naivety, he dared to walk down this path.

The twelfth breath arrived.

However, the Glorious Rainbow Sword returned again to Yan Zhaoge’s hand.

He hacked out with his sword from the distance, cleaving towards Nong Yuxuan with a streak of pure-white sword qi!

Nong Yuxuan’s expression changed greatly, the low-grade Sacred Artifact on his body, the Heavenly Starlight Armour, lighting up, as if starlight had agglomerated to form armour.

However, that pure-white sword-qi broke through the Heavenly Starlight Armour as if slicing tofu, its radiance instantly extinguished!

Nong Yuxuan was greatly shocked.

His body unable to move, he could only barely muster the Dim Glorious Sword Qi that he could control and gather it before him.

The white sword-light turned, landing on that formless black fire.

Nong Yuxuan emitted a muffled groan, toppling backwards.

Enveloped by the black smoke, as Feng Yunsheng felt the change in the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi, she heaved a sigh of relief, the cold sunlight gradually dissipating from her pupils.

If an accident had occurred and Yan Zhaoge had not been able to succeed in time, she would have had to go all out, continuing to hold on no matter what.

At that final moment, Nong Yuxuan had faced a setback.

This meant that Yan Zhaoge had succeeded!

Amidst space, Yan Zhaoge first repelled Nong Yuxuan with a sword.

Meanwhile, the other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners had already rushed before him as well.

They all wanted to prevent Yan Zhaoge from Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood.

Never would they have thought that Yan Zhaoge might actually be able to succeed this quickly.

Right, if it had not been so, how would he otherwise have dared to take this final step with a bunch of enemies right in front of him

It was just that this extraordinary truth that was currently laid right out for them to see caused all of them to feel like it was just so surreal.

They had just been a little too slow.

However, this mere inch already signified the difference between endless horizons.

Currently, they were still amidst their headlong rush towards Yan Zhaoge!

Their courage dispersed as a chill arose within all their hearts.

They only felt like they were charging over to send themselves into death, giving up their heads to Yan Zhaoge’s sword on a golden platter.

A mighty boom resounded in mid-air.

The great gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace was forcibly jolted open, a figure shooting out from within.

It was precisely that third level Martial Saint of the Radiant Light Sect whom Yan Zhaoge had imprisoned earlier.

As soon as he appeared, he immediately shot towards Yan Zhaoge without question.

Seeing this Elder, hope reignited within the hearts of the Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners.

Everyone clenched their teeth tightly, fiercely attacking towards Yan Zhaoge.

The youth before them had merely just stepped into the Martial Saint realm.

Meanwhile, these Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners present were all Martial Saints!

Everyone worked together in concert to surround and attack Yan Zhaoge, not believing that they would be unable to take down someone just at the first level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Merging Avatar stage.

No, it should be said-which first level Martial Saint might they possibly be unable to take down

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge chuckled loudly.

He abruptly leapt and shot into the air, numerous streams of white sword-qi traversing space where his sword pointed.

There was that sword-qi which abruptly changed its form, actually containing some of the concept of the Dim Glorious Devilish Qi, the eclipse power of the Rahu Star.

The sword-qi that contained the power of corrosion instantly eradicated the golden sunlight amidst space.

There was that sword-qi which had changed its form as well, instead manifesting some of the power of the Ketu Star, transforming into dim light that resembled the flow of water which enveloped the heavens and covered the earth.

It contained another sword-qi of corrosion which domineeringly swept away the silver moonlight.

The two swords combined with the simultaneous corrosion of both sun and moon, the fearsome power of decimation reaching its peak as it specifically countered the Radiant Light Sect’s supreme martial art, the Sun Moon Divine Palm.

There was that sword-qi which transformed into brilliant sunlight and moonlight, breaking down that supreme martial art of the Radiant Light Sect’s, the Sun Devouring Moon Corroding Hands.

There was that sword-qi which transformed into a black hole, devouring an immeasurable amount of sunlight as it targeted the Radiant Light Sect’s supreme martial art, the Infinite Brightness Palm.

There was that sword-qi which resembled flowing water and time that corroded the Radiant Light Sect’s top defensive martial art, the Inextinguishable Light Body.

Time flowed like water, merciless amidst the ages as however eternal the brightness, it would still ultimately dim before it one day.

The terrifying sword-qi of the Immortal Ending Sword circulated with infinite profound variations, sending various existences to their final ends in various ways.

There were myriad variations and processes, but the final result was always the same.

There was just one common destination for them all.

It was extinction!

Yan Zhaoge appeared leisurely as he attacked towards that third level Martial Saint with a sword before attacking the others with a sword, next attacking that Radiant Light Sect Elder again before switching his target yet once more, attacking those other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners.

Beneath the terrifying attacks of the sword-qi of the Immortal Ending Sword, even that third level Martial Saint of the Radiant Light Sect with his merged, condensed power of the body, avatar and spirit was unable to bear it as he was wounded if hit, ravaged if touched.

That third level Martial Saint aside, none of the other attacking Radiant Light Sect experts who were jointly encircling and attacking Yan Zhaoge were able to stand against the might of his single sword!

Rampaging throughout the battlefield, he caused the shadow of death to envelop the hearts of all the Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners present!


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