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HSSB675: Only extinction!


Witnessing that white sword-qi which was unpredictable in its variations with infinite profundities yet was brutal to the extreme as it extinguished all, all the Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners felt a chill within their hearts.

They suddenly remembered how when this Yan Zhaoge before them had still been at the Martial Grandmaster realm, he had once beaten a first level Martial Saint of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, Yang Zhaozhen, straight to death.

Now that Yan Zhaoge had finally Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, what kind of terrifying would he be

As this thought crossed their minds, they all felt like they should retreat.

Yan Zhaoge appeared leisurely, but his gaze was icy cold.

He did not use other martial arts, just unleashing the infinite profundities of the Immortal Ending Sword on his own, with that sword.

All other concepts dispersed at this moment as there was only that ferocious sword-intent of the eternal end which extinguished all things, growing increasingly stronger as it was unleashed to its limits.

This was a sword of pure slaughter and destruction.

In terms of killing and brutality, there were few other martial arts which might be able to match it.

Now that Yan Zhaoge had attained the Martial Saint realm, he was also finally able to unleash the full power of the low-grade Sacred Artifact, the Glorious Rainbow Sword.

While it was not all that compatible with the sword-intent of the Immortal Ending Sword, wielded by Yan Zhaoge, its sword-light had become icy cold whilst also pale with an unprecedented sharp, biting cold killing intent!

The Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners mustered their final courage, simultaneously attacking towards Yan Zhaoge together.

Instantly, bright light appeared all around Yan Zhaoge, the entire world seemingly having been completely enveloped and separated by radiance.

Emotionless and soulless, the infinite, immeasurable radiance was bright and pure as it repelled and decimated all other existences that existed where it was.

Amidst this world of infinite radiance, Yan Zhaoge was like the greatest foreign entity as he was pressured towards destruction by all this brightness.

He laughed lightly, sweeping out domineeringly with his sword as the brutal sword-intent directly cleaved through the infinite radiance before him.

The sword-intent of decimation swept through the surrounding area all-pervasively.

Muffled groans resounded, the attacking Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners all sent into retreat.

The white sword-qi surged once more, several heads now instantly flying into the air!

The surrounding heavens and the earth were currently illuminated a tragic white by the sword-light.

The clouds in the sky dissipated, the surrounding space distorting and collapsing as this extended to even further regions of space in the distance.

The ocean down below froze before the seawater was extinguished and dried up, revealing the reefs at the bottom of the sea which began to unceasingly break apart.

The qi of underground fire surged from within before unceasingly being extinguished once more.

Accompanied by the increasing number of people he slaughtered, Yan Zhaoge’s current sword-intent of the Immortal Ending Sword was shockingly thriving, still being in the process of rising!

Unable to do anything to Yan Zhaoge even whilst attacking together, everyone finally no longer persisted as they wanted to flee.

However, it was already impossible for them to leave freely now as Yan Zhaoge brandished his sword, enveloping the surrounding area as he slew one Radiant Light Sect expert after another.

The Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners present suffered major, tragic casualties.

That third level Martial Saint Elder roared in rage before striking out simultaneously with his palms, attacking towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly, striking out with a sword once more as dense, white sword-qi transformed into a black hole, devouring immeasurable radiance.

As the radiance dimmed, white sword-qi reappeared from within the black hole, continuing to hack towards the opponent.

That Radiant Light Sect Elder could only wield his Sacred Artifact to withstand it.

However, beneath Yan Zhaoge’s terrifying sword-intent of the Immortal Ending Sword, the Glorious Rainbow Sword seemed mighty and unmatchable as it directly hacked his Sacred Artifact into two!

The other party’s face was livid as he circulated the Radiant Light Illuminating Art to the maximum, executing the Radiant Light Sect’s top direct lineage defensive martial art, the Inextinguishable Light Body.

Instantly, it was as though infinite radiance had condensed in a single body, causing him to resemble a person of light.

The durable concept of light illuminating throughout, eternal and inextinguishable surged into being.

Yan Zhaoge completely ignored this as his sword continued forth.

Wherever the brutal white sword-qi passed, the infinite radiance instantly dimmed as it was no longer as brilliantly and gloriously with eternal brightness as it had been before.

That Radiant Light Sect Elder was greatly shocked yet could only watch the sword-qi sweeping through all that stood in its path with the momentum of breaking bamboo.

The Inextinguishable Light Body, broke!

At this crucial moment of life and death, the Radiant Light Sect Elder clenched his teeth, extending his palms before clapping them together, catching Yan Zhaoge’s Glorious Rainbow Sword between.

Just having touched it, the flesh and blood of his hands began to be reduced to ash.

Numerous illusory scenes seemed to appear before the eyes of this Radiant Light Sect Elder.

The spirit avatar formed of his perfectly merged fleshly body, spirit and martial true intent actually gradually collapsed now, separating once more!

As the true martial avatar dispersed upon separation, the fleshly body collapsed as even the formless spirit was extinguished as well!

Greatly shocked, he instinctively relaxed his grip.

Yan Zhaoge sent his sword lightly forth, already piercing into his chest.

Beneath the Immortal Ending Sword that sent all lifeforms and all things into extinction, this third level Martial Saint of the Radiant Light Sect shockingly had his body extinguished!

Yan Zhaoge relaxedly kept his sword, gazing towards the side.

Cheng Song was being blocked by the Northern Ocean Clone.

Meanwhile, Nong Yuxuan stood amidst the air, his expression ugly as he was stiff and unable to move.

Black qi frequently surfaced on his face, the radiance in his eyes stable at times whilst disordered at others.

Having wrested for control of the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi with Feng Yunsheng earlier, having been repelled by Yan Zhaoge with a single sword at that final crucial moment, Nong Yuxuan had lost most of the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi as a result.

The remaining Dim Glorious Sabre Qi became unstable once more due to those many occurrences.

Nong Yuxuan’s body was currently surging and overturning like a sea internally as he seemed to have descended into cultivation deviation once more.

He could only stand stiffly where he was, unceasingly adjusting his breathing as he re-stabilised his true essence and the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi within his body.

Getting his qi back in order with great difficulty, he saw that most of his fellow disciples who had arrived to slay Yan Zhaoge together with him had already been slain themselves.

Standing atop the air, Yan Zhaoge strode over, “In the Eight Extremities World back then, I said that I would come to the World beyond Worlds and see your Radiant Light Sect for a bit.

Now, I’m here.”

He brandished his Glorious Rainbow Sword, another white sword-qi condensing which cleaved towards Nong Yuxuan.

As Nong Yuxuan gazed at Yan Zhaoge, his usual confident expression had been replaced by an extremely ugly look.

Swelteringly hot sunlight and brutal black fire appeared on his body together.

The two intermingled, forming an explosive force.

As the sunlight and the corroding power of the sun collided, Nong Yuxuan brought his palms together before raising them above his head.

It was like a massive sabre was raised high by him before chopping down towards Yan Zhaoge!

A supreme direct lineage martial art of the Radiant Light Sect, the Great Radiance Sabre, had come together with the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi to form this tyrannical sabre!

Half black, half gold.

Half sabre-light, half sabre-qi.

The two combined forces.

The heavens and the earth seemed to have been separated into two distinct worlds of dimness and radiance now.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as his dense, white Immortal Ending Sword sword-qi struck upwards.

Where the sword-qi passed, the boundaries of the worlds of radiance and dimness were eradicated, becoming chaotic and indistinct.

Where the two clashed, space broke apart, distorting and roiling unceasingly like water.

The sabre-light that manifested infinite radiance dimmed, was extinguished!

The darkness that devoured the heavens and corroded the sun dispersed, dissipated!

The eclipse ended as the sky and the sun appeared once more.

However, the newly appeared sunlight emanated the feeling of the end.

As the sun reappeared, it was already about to set, at the end of dusk.

The remaining rays of the sun illuminated Nong Yuxuan’s ashen, defeated face.

The once handsome, refined exterior now appeared old and weak, seemingly having arrived at the end of the line as dictated by fate.

What awaited him there, was only extinction!


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