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HSSB676: Your fate, I decide


Yan Zhaoge struck out unforgivingly with his sword.

A severe, frenzied look appeared within Nong Yuxuan’s gaze.

He completely forsook all defence, switching to attacking Yan Zhaoge with all his might as he seemed completely set on dragging them both down into death together!

If someone had told Nong Yuxuan before this that he would be going all out against someone who had only just entered the Martial Saint realm, attempting to drag them both down into death together, he would likely have thought that the other party was spouting nonsense.

Without the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi, he was actually still even stronger than that other Radiant Light Sect Elder whom Yan Zhaoge had just slain who was also at the late Merging Avatar stage.

Having refined a portion of the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi, borrowing the explosive force from the conflicting powers of sunlight and that which corroded the sun, his power had skyrocketed as it would be extremely rare for him to meet an outstanding opponent of the same cultivation level.

Now, however, he discovered that apart from this determination, there was already nothing more than he could hope for!

“I really underestimated you! If I had known this before, I would have disregarded all costs to invade the Eight Extremities World, exterminating you and Broad Creed Mountain!”

Roaring severely, Nong Yuxuan went all out in attacking Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge instead laughed, “This fighting method of yours will get you dead faster.”

His dense white sword-qi of the Immortal Ending Sword split into two between the heavens and the earth.

One streak of sword-light blocked Nong Yuxuan’s attack while the other continued its unstoppable momentum, hacking straight at Nong Yuxuan!

Nong Yuxuan’s eyes wavered as his gaze instantly dissipated somewhat.

He could clearly feel his true essence, qi and blood as well as spirit moving towards extinction at this moment.

Nong Yuxuan glared unrelentingly at the sword in Yan Zhaoge’s hand, “What sword dao of yours is this that is actually so sharp and ferocious, its sword-intent actually resembling the end of the world as all things fall into extinction”

He was suddenly shocked, “Wait, could it be the legendary Immortal Exterminating Four Swords There is only that sword of extinction which manifests the power of the eternal end which could possess such a concept”

The Radiant Light Sect had split off from the Dim Radiant Sect, which had been a Sacred Ground for martial arts in pre-Great Calamity times.

While following many ups and downs, many things had already been lost, much accumulated knowledge still remained with the others.

As an important figure of the Radiant Light Sect, Nong Yuxuan had read through all its records.

Feeling that terrifying sword-intent of Yan Zhaoge’s, he had a sudden realisation as he remembered an existence of legend.

As compared to the other powerful, most supreme martial arts, the Immortal Exterminating Four Swords which represented the arts of the end were indisputably famed more for their brutality.

Nong Yuxuan did not know the Immortal Ending Sword, only having heard of its name before.

However, he really couldn’t think of any other sword dao which could be so powerful as well as ferocious.

Yan Zhaoge brandished the Glorious Rainbow Sword once more, blocking the attack from Cheng Song behind him.

After all, Cheng Song was a fourth level Martial Saint, an expert of the early Seeing Divinity stage.

While the Northern Ocean Clone possessed remarkable power as well as the advantage in gear, he could only block him, not being able to guarantee definitely tying him down.

Amidst this long battle, Cheng Song finally managed to find a chance to break through his defensive lines.

Still, his attack was still blocked by Yan Zhaoge.

Hearing Nong Yuxuan’s words, Cheng Song was greatly shocked as well, “Prime Clear direct lineage, Immortal Exterminating Four Swords!”

He looked dazedly at Yan Zhaoge, “Right, aside from that, how could there be other sword daos that are as powerful and ferocious as this”

“Such power would not be a division or sub-type.

It is definitely the purest, most orthodox lineage!”

Gazing at Yan Zhaoge, Nong Yuxuan suddenly laughed loudly, laughing so maniacally, “Hahahaha! So your foundation is actually the direct lineage of the Prime Clear lineage!”

“No wonder you possess such power.

No wonder, no wonder! It was no wonder I was defeated!”

“Still, your days ahead will not be long!” Red light circulated on Nong Yuxuan’s face as if he was reinvigorated in the final moments of his life.

His smile was maniacal and strange, hateful yet triumphant, “The Earthly Sovereign passed an order a thousand years ago that descendants of the Prime Clear lineage are not to set foot upon the World beyond Worlds!”

“Those who go against this, even if they leave the World beyond Worlds afterwards, will be slain without question!”

“This is already so for those branch lineages, what more those of the direct lineage like you”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Nong Yuxuan shook his head, “You’re done for!”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “Oh Descendants of the Prime Clear lineage aren’t allowed to step into the World beyond Worlds”

Three Sovereigns, Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories.

This was what Old Man Mo had solemnly warned Yan Zhaoge about before he had come to the World beyond Worlds.

These eight words represented the strongest hegemons of the World beyond Worlds.

After having come to the Royal Reed Sea and come into contact with the martial practitioners of the Dim Darkness Sect and the Grand Xuan Dynasty, Yan Zhaoge knew that the current World beyond Worlds still remained beneath the reign of these eight words.

Even if those of the Royal Reed Sea did not know what experts resided there, did not know of King Xuanmu, Pavilion Lord Gu Hong of the North Sea Sword Pavilion, Chief Luo Zhiyuan of the Radiant Light Sect and the others, they would still know these eight words.

The Three Sovereigns and the Five Emperors were not those legendary ones of pre-Great Calamity times.

Instead, they were the collective name for the most powerful experts of the current World beyond Worlds.

The Earthly Sovereign was one of these three sovereigns of legend.

Nong Yuxuan looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Be as arrogant as you want now.

You will have no good end!”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not turn solemn at all as he remained calm.

Looking at Nong Yuxuan, he suddenly laughed, “Whether I will come to no good end has nothing to do with you at all.”

“Even if there’s going to be some trouble for me later on, it still would not have been caused by you.

What is there to be so happy about”

Yan Zhaoge’s smile turned icy cold, “You don’t have to be concerned about me.

Be more concerned about yourself.”

“The difference between you and I are that your current actions are like praying to the heavens to give me retribution while you yourself are unable to do anything at all.”

“As for me, I can definitively tell you now that you will definitely have no good end.

This will have been brought about completely by me.”

Saying thus, he stabbed out with his sword once more.

Nong Yuxuan’s eyeballs were on the verge of imploding, yet he was already unable to utter a sound.

Beneath the Immortal Ending Sword, his life force was swiftly extinguished, moving towards the end.

His vigorous true essence served no use at all as it dissipated unceasingly.

His powerful qi and blood and fleshly body served no use at all as it deteriorated unceasingly.

His firm mind and spirit served no use at all as it was extinguished unceasingly.

Seeing Nong Yuxuan gradually heading towards death, Cheng Song too felt a chill within his heart.

The Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners had all been slain, while the depths of Yan Zhaoge’s prowess seemed unfathomable.

If Nong Yuxuan too perished and Yan Zhaoge joined forces with the Northern Ocean Clone, Cheng Song felt as though he would be hard pressed to stand against them.

His mind spun urgently before his figure too spun, directly fleeing!

The fourth level Martial Saint expert no longer dared to battle as he hurriedly fled now.

Yan Zhaoge looked at him.

Within the Myriad Dragon Palace resounded Ah Hu’s voice, “Young Master, wouldn’t letting him flee be a problem”

On the other side of the great palace hall, Feng Yunsheng was seated in the meditative position, her eyes closed as she moderated her condition.

As the roiling black fire and devilish qi was gradually absorbed by the Cold Sun Divine Sabre, the dim blue radiance formed of the power of reversed sun on the surface of the sabre gradually dimmed as it appeared to be devoured by the darkness.

However, its brutal aura of misfortune and inauspiciousness grew more vigorous and tyrannical.

When Yan Zhaoge had made his move earlier, the great gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace had opened with a suction force emitted from within, guiding Feng Yunsheng back through the gate.

Feng Yunsheng opened her eyes now.

Cheng Song was an expert of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, an early Seeing Divinity stage expert.

If he did not want to stay behind and go all out in his efforts, instead concentrating fully on fleeing, it would definitely not be easy at all to prevent him from getting away.

Yan Zhaoge squinted, gazing into the distance, “Even if we don’t chase him, he still wouldn’t be able to escape.”


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