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HSSB677: Not giving any way to escape


Before Yan Zhaoge’s words had landed, streams of radiance suddenly appeared in the distance.

Streaks of light overlapped as they drew across the horizon, forming many massive spirit talismans before they all came together to form a profound, complex formation.

A great formation obscured the distant horizon, locking down the surrounding area.

Enveloped by this formation, the region of sea that all of them were in seemed as if it had been split apart from the original heavens and earth, forming a separate, independent world of its own.

The space was isolated by this as a blurry, indistinct mist of light appeared before their eyes.

Yan Zhaoge and the others instantly felt their bodies turn strangely heavy beyond compare.

Fleeing in the distance, Cheng Song was enveloped by the formation as well as he was similarly affected by it, his fleeing speed instantly lowering before his figure gradually began descending irrepressibly.

It was not just the feeling of bearing a heavy object.

Instead, it was as if every single part of their entire bodies had turned heavy.

Every bone, every bit of flesh, even every drop of blood was extremely dense and heavy.

Let alone Martial Saints like Cheng Song and Yan Zhaoge, even Martial Grandmasters like Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu had already long since gained blood incomparably refined and blazing hot.

Each drop of blood was even heavier than mercury.

When one landed on the greenery, the plants would directly catch fire.

Now, however, they could only feel as though every single inch of their bodies, even just the tiniest, most miniscule portion which was fine as could be, was heavy beyond compare.

It wasn’t just those in mid-air.

Beneath the seawater down below, the reefs and crust of the earth were distorting strangely as well.

Enveloped by the formation’s radiance, in the Suffering River Region that neighboured the Heavenly Inheritance Region in which Yan Zhaoge had been battling Nong Yuxuan, Cheng Song and the others, time and space in these entire heavens and earth seemed to be in the midst of collapsing all at once.

In the Heavenly Inheritance Region, Elder Qi of the North Sea Sword Pavilion and the Purple Sun Martial Saint Zhang Chao who were still locked in battle both involuntarily slowed as they gazed shockedly in the direction of the Suffering River Region.

The hearts of those of the North Sea Sword Pavilion and the Dim Darkness Sect were all shocked and uncertain, “Just how many experts did the Radiant Light Sect send to surround and kill Yan Zhaoge”

Zhang Chao was similarly shocked and at a loss, “Could it be that there was an ambush over at the Suffering River Region The Yan brat intentionally lured Nong Yuxuan and Cheng Song over Whose experts are they who have ambushed the Radiant Light Sect”

He could not help but worry about his predicament.

If there was an ambush at the Suffering River Region, could there also be some fatal threat awaiting him here in the Heavenly Inheritance Region

Both sides exchanged glances, yet could only see the abnormalities and shock in the others’ gazes.

“It’s got nothing to do with them” They realised all at once, yet just felt even more astonished.

Unlike Zhang Chao who had ascended from the Eight Extremities World, only having recently come to the World beyond Worlds, after realising that it wasn’t the Radiant Light Sect’s handiwork, Elder Qi and the others all pondered slightly before feeling stunned.

“While this is located nearing the back of the warfront, having fewer peak anti-Xuan experts, it would also not have been easy to set up such a powerful formation on our sect’s territory.”

This meant that it was not premediated on their part.

Instead, the enemy had sneaked in within a very short period of time before setting up the formation on the spot.

Setting up such a powerful formation within such a short amount of time was very hard to achieve even for a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

Extremely high proficiency in formations would be required.

It would be extremely hard to find such a person in the Royal Reed Sea.

Now, a name simultaneously surfaced in the minds of Elder Qi and the others.

Daoist Shi.

A peak expert who had swept through the Royal Reed Sea with King Xuanwen and Shen Lingzi that year, having helped to conquer the vast territories of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

At the same time, he was also the best formations grandmaster that had appeared in the Royal Reed Sea in many years.

After the Grand Xuan Dynasty had been founded that year and the situation had gradually stabilised, with King Xuanwen reigning as the undisputed hegemon, Daoist Shi and his lineage had disappeared from the public eye alongside Shen Lingzi’s lineage.

Shen Lingzi’s lineage had reappeared just a short while ago.

Could it be that Daoist Shi’s descendants had reappeared now as well

Feeling the sudden changes in the distant Suffering River Region, Elder Qi and the others all felt a chill permeate their hearts.

Trapped within the formation, Cheng Song was feeling even more bitter.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had indeed been lying in wait, looking to profit from their efforts.

It was not that the Radiant Light Sect had not considered this possibility.

However, firstly, they had not thought that Yan Zhaoge might actually be this powerful, causing their Radiant Light Sect to suffer major casualties in the ensuing battle.

Secondly, experts of the Grand Xuan Dynasty such as these had suddenly surged into the fray, not giving them any room to escape at all.

Such a major disturbance having occurred in the Suffering River Region, this also being within the territory controlled by the North Sea Sword Pavilion, stronger experts of theirs who were in the vicinity were immediately alerted.

Even the North Sea Sword Pavilion experts who had stayed behind in the Grinding Hut Region’s sword domain to guard over it were alerted as well.

Someone had actually invaded right beneath their very eyes, causing such a major disturbance as they almost seemed about to completely wreck the Suffering River Region.

Shocked and enraged, these North Sea Sword Pavilion experts instantly rushed out of the sword domain to investigate.

However, the formation had already been established.

With its power, even experts of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Seeing Divinity stage, would have a hard time breaking through it.

The peak North Sea Sword Pavilion experts were pursuing and attacking King Xuanwu and the others under Gu Hong’s leadership.

While those who remained were also strong, they were unable to break through the formation within a short period of time.

Zhang Chao’s brows were knit tight, “Such a grand scale-who exactly is this for If it is that Yan brat, why would the Grand Xuan Dynasty see him as so important Could it be that they too have learnt of the matter of the Extreme Yang Seal”

Within the formation, a middle-aged man with a yellowed face stood atop the air.

It was precisely Qi Wei.

A woman stood beside him.

It was Madame Kang.

These two experts of the mid Seeing Divinity stage acted in concert, accounting for all eventualities in their bid for success.

Qi Wei had acted personally, establishing the Prime Earth Reversal Formation as even the possibility of the nearby bigwigs of the North Sea Sword Pavilion coming to assist vanished.

His icy cold gaze presided upon the myriad lifeforms within the formation as he mercilessly circulated the formation.

Beneath this terrifying pressure, all things within the Suffering River Region, regardless of whether they possessed life or if their frames were sturdy, distorted strangely before shattering, losing their original shape and form.

The Radiant Light Sect Elder of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, Cheng Song, could not even utter a sound as fresh blood leaked from every single pore of his entire body.

Even his powerful acupoints which had already sensed and established a connection with the stars of the sky up above broke ceaselessly apart at this moment.

His flesh broke apart bit by bit, cold white bones jutting out from amongst it in a mangled heap.

All the blood of his entire body congregated together, forming a strange ball of blood.

Beneath the destructive pressure of the grand formation, the powerful body of a Martial Saint was distorted beyond recognition.

His fleshly body had been damaged, his true essence leaking into the outside world.

Cheng Song fell apart completely, the flesh and blood of his entire body being crushed into a meatball which was still shrinking non-stop, condensed and condensed continuously!

The sole exception was Yan Zhaoge and the Myriad Dragon Palace.

However, this was because Qi Wei had intentionally eased the attacks of the grand formation towards them.

Even so, the Myriad Dragon Palace was still trembling unceasingly as if it might fall apart at any moment.

Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone could feel that immense pressure as well.

The other party was definitely not showing them mercy.

Yan Zhaoge’s heart was cognisant like a bright mirror.

Qi Wei was doing this in order to avoid the Heaven Bearing Ceremonial Fragrance, the Prime Chaos Soil as well as the other treasures for the establishment of the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation being accidentally damaged as a result.

However, having set things up on such a grand scale, they would definitely still have other followup actions planned.

Within the grand formation, a sword that resembled water streaked through the air, descending from the heavens like a long river of time.


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