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HSSB679: A major background


Madame Kang was usually elegant and refined, seldom losing her composure.

However, her heart was currently filled with righteous fury and indignation that was comparable to when she had previously learnt of what had happened to her son, Kang Jinyuan.

Hearing Madame Qi’s enraged howl, Qi Wei’s face turned livid as well as darkness overwhelmed the world before his eyes for a moment.

It was as if there was a mouthful of blood stifled within his chest which he just could not vomit out.

Before having come to the Heavenly Inheritance Region and the Suffering River Region to make their move this time, they had conversed with King Xuanmu on this matter.

King Xuanmu had solemnly answered that it would be hard to find those previously gathered treasures on such a great scale again within a short amount of time.

If those treasures that had been stolen away by Yan Zhaoge could not be regained, it would be impossible to gather them again within the Royal Reed Sea.

Even if they could be found, a considerably long amount of time would still be needed before the required amount could be accumulated.

Meanwhile, they could not afford to wait out that long, for they would not be able to sustain the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation that way.

Approaching that spatial fissure, Qi Wei saw the sword-light of Madame Kang’s Time Flowing Sword currently locking down the chaotic space within.

However, Yan Zhaoge had already long since vanished.

Even if they wanted to chase him, they would not be able to catch up to him now.

Even Yan Zhaoge himself could not be certain where he might end up.

It was possible that he might even find himself outside of the Royal Reed Sea.

The two mid Seeing Divinity Martial Saints bigwigs exchanged glances, their expressions both gloomy.

While they had already been aware beforehand that Yan Zhaoge was a heaven-defying genius who possessed extraordinary strength as well as numerous treasures, they were still taken by surprise in truly clashing with him face-to-face.

“According to the words of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, when he slew Yang Zhaozhen in the Phoenix Bearing Region, he had only just stepped into the Transcending Mortality realm,” Madame Kang’s expression was stern as it had never been before, “In less than a year’s time, he has actually attained the Martial Saint realm”

Qi Wei’s expression was similarly solemn, “Could it be that he cultivates in the Time Flowing Sword or some other martial art that originates from the legacy of the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture”

Feeling the power attacking the grand formation from the outside growing stronger and stronger, he knew that more and more anti-Xuan experts were arriving.

Qi Wei inhaled deeply, stabilising his mind, “Let us leave this place first.”

Madame Kang nodded as well.

While King Xuanmu’s group was helping to occupy the attention of Gu Hong, Luo Zhiyuan and the others, they were currently still deep in enemy territory at the end of the day.

If they were not careful, they might instead lose their lives there.

Qi Wei circulated the two formations simultaneously in reverse, the heavens collapsing and the earth breaking apart in the entire Suffering River Region as if destruction had descended upon it.

He and Madame Kang made use of this as cover as they hurriedly fled to the pre-arranged meeting point where there would be experts of the Grand Xuan Dynasty waiting to reinforce them.

Looking at Qi Wei, Madame Kang said in a heavy tone, “I will look for that thief.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi, see if you can use any other treasures to substitute the Earth Ocean Lung Crystals.

We can work together in concert.”

Qi Wei’s expression was so dark it was terrifying, “Everything else would be still be fine, but the Heaven Bearing Ceremony Fragrance and the Earth Ocean Lung Crystals are virtually irreplaceable!”

Hearing this, Madame Kang felt greatly shaken as well, “Could this Yan Zhaoge know what we want these things for, therefore intentionally pocketing the Earth Ocean Lung Crystals”

Qi Wei ground his teeth, “This possibility does exist.

This person is knowledgeable and well-versed in formations.

He may very well know about the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation.”

Madame Kang suddenly no longer raged as her expression turned hesitant, “Could there be some other major figure who knows the Emperor’s intentions, thus secretly sending him over to covertly wreck our plans”

“If that is so, it would instead be good.

We need only report this to the Emperor, leaving everything for him to decide,” Qi Wei frowned, “However, the precondition is that the news cannot be leaked.

Otherwise, if the Emperor blames us, it would ultimately be hard for us to avoid this responsibility.”

Madame Kang muttered to herself, “If there is some other major figure who wants to wreck the Emperor’s plans, who could it be”

“This place is still the Southeastern Exalt’s territory at the end of the day.

It is ultimately the most possible that he is responsible.

While he silently allowed our ancestors to establish our positions in this Royal Reed Sea that year, continuing our legacies till now, the Southeastern Exalt most likely did not know what exactly we were doing, therefore having ignored us.”

“As soon as he learnt the specifics of what we are up to, perhaps he would no longer agree.

It is only because he does not want to openly wreck their relationship that he sent someone to act covertly”

As Madame Kang pondered, her heart suddenly jolted slightly, “This Yan Zhaoge is so young, with such a meagre cultivation base, yet actually possesses a high-grade Sacred Artifact”

“While he is unable to fully wield its power, it can also be seen how remarkable this Sacred Artifact is, seemingly actually being superior to even the Cloud Rotating Heavenly Light Sword and the King Xuan Spear.”

Madame Kang and Qi Wei exchanged glances, “The true intent of the Sun Star that is refined within is incomparably powerful, being completely unprecedented in my knowledge.

It appears like a great seal from the outside…”

The two blurted out simultaneously, “Could it be the legendary Extreme Yang Seal”

Qi Wei’s expression was ugly, “This treasure has already been missing along with its owner for over a thousand years.”

Madame Kang exhaled slowly, “Yes, merely missing with its whereabouts unknown, not having been destroyed or decimated.”

She paused slightly for a moment before saying softly, “Once, that major figure was acclaimed alongside peak figures like the Earthly Sovereign.

After the Great Calamity, through all their combined efforts, they rebuilt our martial civilisation, constructed the World beyond Worlds, re-established Kunlun Mountain…”

Qi Wei pressed his lips together, “Of the Nine Luminaries of Kunlun in post-Great Calamity times, the Exalted Solar Luminary, Gao Han.”

Sieving out such a name which was a legendary existence even to people of their level from amongst his memories, Qi Wei’s voice involuntarily grew softer on its own accord as he did utter that name.

As Madame Kang had said, this person had merely gone missing.

He might still be alive.

Qi Wei felt somewhat frustrated, “Could it be that this Yan Zhaoge is a descendant of the Exalted Solar Luminary”

Madame Kang said, “We cannot say for sure.

While the Radiant Light Sect has spread word that Yan Zhaoge is merely a practitioner from the lower worlds, having come to the World beyond Worlds via the wounds of the sky, who knows what sort of fortuitous encounters he experienced down below”

“Anyway, we should first report the situation to the Emperor.”

Madame Kang thought for a moment before saying, “Let us talk with King Xuanmu, inviting him to help us obtain news from the Radiant Light Sect.

If it really isn’t possible, let us exert greater effort in capturing a higher echelon expert of theirs to interrogate and learn more about the situation from.”

Qi Wei frowned, “If I had known about this beforehand, I would have spared that Radiant Light Sect Elder of the Seeing Divinity stage earlier.”

Madame Kang’s gaze flickered, “I kind of understand now why the Radiant Light Sect is so fixated on that Yan Zhaoge.

It is very probable that they know that the Extreme Yang Seal is in his possession.”

“The Radiant Light Sect originates from the Dim Radiant Sect.

While it has fallen out of prominence, they should still know regardless that the Extreme Yang Seal was the accompanying treasure of the Exalted Solar Luminary that year.

Yet, they still dare to rampantly pursue Yan Zhaoge in an attempt to slay him.

Perhaps he only coincidentally obtained the Extreme Yang Seal and is unrelated to the Exalted Solar Luminary”

Qi Wei said, “Let us be cautious in our actions.

It is best for us not to guess on the intentions of major figures like that.

Who knows what secrets might lie therein The Radiant Light Sect might unknowingly be playing with fire, who knows.”

Madame Kang said solemnly, “It naturally has to be investigated.

Still, we cannot just wait alone.

If aside from the Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yang Seal, that Yan Zhaoge is unrelated to the Exalted Solar Luminary, and yet we do nothing at all, we will not be able to account for it to the Emperor.”

Qi Wei said, “Right.

Continue tracking the whereabouts of that Yan Zhaoge.

At the same time, try to obtain more news over from the Radiant Light Sect.”

Madame Kang lightly rubbed the corner of her forehead which rather hurt, “This Yan Zhaoge-what exactly is his background”


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