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HSSB682: A divine vessel above


Feeling the approach of a powerful aura, Yan Zhaoge gazed towards the west.

He saw the clouds part in the horizon, rays of light illuminating the world all round as even the great sea basked in its glow.

Amidst the light, a tiny black dot gradually appeared which instantly expanded as it grew closer, nearing their current location.

A great vessel that was a thousand feet long emerged from its glow, soaring through the skies.

Riding the wind through the nine heavens, breaking through clouds and seas of ten thousand li.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered slightly as beside him, Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu both fixed their gazes on that massive vessel that navigated amidst the horizon as well.

Ah Hu opened his mouth wide, his saliva nearly flowing out, “Young Master, is this the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel that the Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners once spoke of”

Feng Yunsheng squinted, “Is it disciples of the Southeastern Exalt”

Yan Zhaoge said, “That’s right.

It is precisely the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

If nothing is wrong, it should be disciples of the Southeastern Exalt.

Still, they will have to get closer for us to confirm this.”

The Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel was a rather legendary treasure of the World beyond Worlds.

Its power was great and its production difficult such that extremely few of them existed.

There were only the likes of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors and the Exalts of Ten Territories who could possess a limited few.

The Royal Reed Sea was located within the domain of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Thus, the appearance of this Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel should likely signify those of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage.

However, the Royal Reed Sea was positioned close to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory where the two Territories met.

Thus, the vessel could actually also belong to the Southern Exalt’s lineage.

As Yan Zhaoge looked at that flying vessel within the air that travelled ten thousand li in an instant, chasing the sun and pursuing the moon, his gaze momentarily wavered.

He thought of the heavenly vessels which the Divine Palace of the Heavenly Court had once used to navigate the rivers of stars of the various worlds in pre-Great Calamity times, known as the Heavenly River Vessel.

That had been a transportation tool used by the immortals of the Heavenly Court as they inspected those heavenly rivers.

Still, following the Great Calamity, all this had dissipated to nothingness along with the Divine Palace.

After having heard the name of the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel previously, Yan Zhaoge had vaguely had some suspicions.

Seeing the actual thing now, he instantly understood.

The Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel before them was precisely the result of trying to reconstruct the heavenly vessels of post-Great Calamity times.

While it was inferior to the heavenly vessels of the past, it did indeed resemble them somewhat.

Looking at the mighty Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel before him, Yan Zhaoge felt rather emotional for a time, the feeling of the world changing through the ages, the vast ocean and the boundless fields moving alongside the vicissitudes of time growing even heavier.

That massive divine vessel streaked across the horizon above their heads.

Above the Clear Scenic Region, it suddenly halted.

A mirror-light suddenly descended from atop the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, hanging high overhead as it resembled a bright sun.

The condensed mirror-light swept unceasingly across the sea surface of the Clear Scenic Region.

Yan Zhaoge’s brows twitched slightly, “It seems to be searching for someone, or something.”

The southeastern Yang Heaven Territory was tacitly acknowledged as the Southeastern Exalt’s sphere of influence.

Here, everyone and everything fell under his jurisdiction.

Still, the Southeastern Exalt generally turned a blind eye to the conflicts between the various powers within his territory unless a very major disturbance occurred.

Despite the all-out war between the Grand Xuan Dynasty and the anti-Xuan forces previously, he had not intervened in it at all.

Of course, all these years, whoever reigned in the Royal Reed Sea, whether they had achieved hegemony or just a joint power balance with other powers, all of them had never been stingy in their respect towards the Southeastern Exalt in the least.

Some members of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage would venture out on travels once in a while.

However, this was rare, and at the same time, they would also not partake in any power struggles.

For example, it had already been many years since someone of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage had arrived in the Royal Reed Sea.

Specifically coming to look for something like they had now was even rarer.

Yan Zhaoge blinked.

The first thing he thought of was that box whose location he had sensed through the Earth Devouring Burner.

If he had not sensed it wrongly, that box which had the words ‘Heaven Swallowing’ written on its surface should be buried and concealed somewhere at the bottom of the sea here in the Clear Scenic Region.

The mirror-light of the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel shone from up high, illuminating the surrounding area.

Now, the sky suddenly turned dark.

Then, massive waves which surged to the heavens suddenly arose above the Clear Scenic Region’s sea surface, countless terrifying storms rampaging as numerous water dragons soared into the air!

Just having calmed for an instant, the terrifying Endless Magnetic Storms now swept the area once more, as if the calm scenes of earlier had just been a mirage, demonstrating the saying of changing your behaviour even faster than flipping the pages of a book.

Looking at the roiling light of electricity that surged amidst the numerous water dragons, the corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth twitched involuntarily.

Feng Yunsheng raised her brows, “It is only having seen this scene that I understand what exactly you meant, Zhaoge, when you said that the Endless Magnetic Storms come whenever they want, without any prior warning whatsoever.”

The Clear Scenic Region was enveloped by the terrifying Endless Magnetic Storms once more, the entire region of sea turning into a living hell of storms, tsunamis and thunder and lightning as it was completely a scene from the end of the world.

That massive flying vessel did not evade this, instead forcibly resisting those terrifying storms of thunder and water as it remained halted in the air above the Clear Scenic Region!

From the perspective of Yan Zhaoge and the others, while the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel was massive, it was completely enveloped by the storms of water and thunder that surged straight into the horizon in an instant, no longer being visible.

It was just that bright, multi-coloured light remained in the position where the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel had been, stubbornly penetrating outwards indistinctly even through the terrifying hurricanes which flickered with the light of electricity.

It could be seen that as the multi-coloured light surged, while it shook unceasingly at the impact, it still somehow remained fixed where it was.

Feng Yunsheng was rather taken aback, “Forcibly resisting Endless Magnetic Storms of such a scale This Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel is actually so sturdy! Even Immortal Bridge Martial Saints wouldn’t be able to destroy it easily, right”

Ah Hu’s saliva flowed uncontrollably, “Young Master, what a great item!”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, not blaming Ah Hu for his greedy look.

To the current him, this Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel would indeed be a great item.

While it was inferior to the Heavenly River Vessel, at the current stage, it was indeed a supreme tool.

It was just that it was too hard to manufacture.

The required craftsmanship was hard, and finding the required materials would be even harder.

His gaze focused on the Clear Scenic Region before him as he vaguely saw a streak of mirror-light stubbornly descending indistinctly from the source of the bright light within the sky.

Yan Zhaoge frowned, “They needn’t be so desperate in searching for treasures, right Could they be searching for someone”

A moment later, this mirror-light suddenly flickered, light also suddenly flickering slightly amidst the great sea down below where the storms and tides were rampaging about.

This light seemed to have been trapped by something.

If not for it becoming exceptionally strong after having been stimulated by the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel’s mirror-light, no one would have been able to notice it from the outside at all.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge and the others too had not detected it before this.

While observation was hard amidst these rampaging storms, after noticing that streak of light, Yan Zhaoge came to a realisation, “Indeed, this is some sort of protective treasure.

Someone is making use of this treasure to barely resist the might of the Endless Magnetic Storms.”

Gazing into the distance, the light of that treasure was clearly deteriorating, not being able to hold on for much longer.

However, the person in question was trapped amidst the depths of the sea, still unable to extricate himself.

The Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel had finally found its target.

However, while it could maintain its current position amidst the Endless Magnetic Storms without being wrecked, caught by the light of thunder and those hurricanes that shot into the sky, it was just unable to descend no matter what.


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