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HSSB683: Better not to act


The sturdiness of the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel caused one to sigh in admiration.

Amidst Endless Magnetic Storms of such a great scale, it could still maintain its position.

Despite the strong winds and the urgent tides, the great vessel never overturned as it remained stable amidst the shocking waves.

Still, the Endless Magnetic Storms possessed immense destructive power.

Numerous hurricanes swept along the seawater, mixed with thunderbolts as they shot into the air, preventing even the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel from easily descending.

Those within the vessel felt helpless that now that the storms had descended once more, it was not like before they had calmed previously when they had only lasted for a very short period of time.

This time, the storms persisted for an exceptionally long time, the terrifying Endless Magnetic Storms truly seeming infinite and endless.

Enveloped by the storms, that speck of defensive treasure-light within the sea was growing dimmer and dimmer, seeming like it was soon about to dissipate.

The treasure-light did not shift at all, seemingly having been caught in place by some sort of force at the depths of the sea such that it was trapped there, unable to escape.

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before he said to Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu, “Stand steady.”

Saying thus, he sat in the meditative position at the centre of the great hall, one hand touching the ground in a hand seal while the other was clenched into a fist, condensing his martial fist-intent as he punched out far into the distance above the palace.

Stimulated by his true essence, the Myriad Dragon Palace instantly shook, the numerous roars of dragons resounding.

In the Myriad Dragon Palace up above, numerous streams of light lit up, intermingling to form countless spirit patterns.

A massive formation gradually took form in the air above the Myriad Dragon Palace.

Enveloped by the formation, the aura of the Myriad Dragon Palace vaguely changed somewhat.

Ah Hu grinned, “Young Master, while I feel that forging a good relationship with the Southeastern Exalt while here in the southeast Yang Heaven Territory could only be beneficial, we shouldn’t just go up and help them so straightforwardly, right”

“We might not be able to resist these Endless Magnetic Storms before us…”

Yan Zhaoge shot him a strange glance, “What’s called might not We definitely wouldn’t be able to resist them.

If we go in directly just like this, it would only be purely finding trouble for ourselves.”

Ah Hu nearly choked on his saliva, “Why do you look like you’re planning to help, Young Master”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “There are many ways of helping.

One need not definitely venture within the storms themselves.”

Hearing his words, Ah Hu scratched his big head as he gazed curiously at the formation up above that enveloped the Myriad Dragon Palace.

Amidst the Endless Magnetic Storms, that massive divine vessel that navigated amidst the horizon was currently staunchly resisting these swift winds and sudden rain that resembled a tribulation capable of bringing about the end of the world.

Massive sails soared on the Riding Wind Heaven Vessel, all-encompassing multi-coloured light flickering which enveloped the entire vessel, coming together as a single entity as the terrifying thunderbolts and storms outside were kept at bay.

Beneath the vessel’s sails stood a few people with extremely solemn expressions on their faces.

A middle-aged man said with his brows knit tightly, “Junior apprentice-niece Wen is really too bold.

Just possessing the Surrounding Heavens Protective Talisman, she thinks that she can already go wherever she wants beneath the entire heavens”

Beside him stood another person who sighed, “Endless Magnetic Storms occur all year round in a particular sea region of the Royal Reed Sea.

I had only heard tales of this before.

It is only now that I am witnessing it in person that I truly know how remarkable it is.

The storms here are actually even more intense than Endless Magnetic Storms elsewhere, such that the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel is actually unable to even descend.”

This was a man with a scholarly air about him.

His name was Chen Zhiliang, and he was one of the Southeastern Exalt’s personal disciples.

The person who was trapped in the depths of the sea of the Clear Scenic Region down below was named Wen Luoxia.

She was his personal disciple in turn, a descendant of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Standing beside Chen Zhiliang as he steered the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, the middle-aged man who had first spoken was Cheng Zhiliang’s senior apprentice-brother Zheng Ming.

He was Wen Luoxia’s senior apprentice-uncle.

Of the two, one was at the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Seeing Divinity stage, while the other was a fourth level Martial Saint, being an early Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

In terms of cultivation base, they could be considered experts in the Royal Reed Sea, but not the peak, strongest experts.

In the entire southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, there were even more people who had higher cultivation bases than them.

However, within the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, there was no one who did not know the names ‘Mountain Ocean Sword’ Zheng Ming as well as ‘Flying Feather Assailant’ Cheng Zhiliang.

This was not simply because they were personal disciples of the Southeastern Exalt.

It was more because of their extraordinary strength which had accorded them great fame.

Not relying on the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel beneath their feet, not relying on their martial lineage, in having come to places like the Royal Reed Sea, they were able to act domineeringly as they so desired most of the time.

Having come to the Royal Reed Sea, those who could interact on equal terms with them would have to be the likes of King Xuanmu, Gu Hong, Luo Zhiyuan, Zhou Haosheng and Gongsun Wu.

However, faced with this natural calamity now, the two bigwigs who presided domineeringly over the southeast were both feeling despondent.

Cheng Zhiliang sighed, shaking his head.

If one were to speak of Wen Luoxia’s confidence, the Surrounding Heavens Protective Talisman that protected her was only one aspect of it.

She actually relied more on this Master of hers, as well as her senior apprentice-uncle Zheng Ming, as well as a powerful treasure like the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

Sadly, Wen Luoxia had miscalculated this time such that she was currently in mortal peril while Chen Zhiliang and Zheng Ming were only able to hastily wait.

The fifth level Martial Saint, Zheng Ming, said, “Right now, there is only one way.

You must control the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel and assist me in suppressing the storms while I descend from the vessel, personally entering the sea and bringing junior apprentice-niece Wen up.”

Cheng Zhiliang’s brows were knit tightly.

There was indeed only such a method available to them.

However, it was too risky.

If the storms persisted for a long time, even Zheng Ming might be harmed as a result.

As he pondered, his expression suddenly changed as he gazed outside of the storms.

While he was currently located amidst the storms, protected by the multi-coloured light, he could still detect the movements of the Myriad Dragon Palace in the distance.

He had not thought much of it initially.

Seeing sudden changes actually occurring with the Myriad Dragon Palace now, however, Chen Zhiliang could not help but pay attention to it.

“They can’t be thinking to take advantage of us, right” Chen Zhiliang was taken aback.

Beside him and Zheng Ming stood another person.

It was an old, white-haired old man.

While he looked old on the outside, he appeared hale and hearty.

The old man smiled, saying, “It is impossible for them to not know what the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel signifies.

It shouldn’t be that they are so unwise.

If someone is really so foolish, you can just leave it to this old man to handle them.”

Cheng Zhiliang nodded, “Best if that is so.”

This old man was named Bai Ziming.

He was not a descendant of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage.

Instead, he hailed from one of the lower worlds, having ascended to the World beyond Worlds after having attained the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Coincidentally, he had happened to meet Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang’s group.

Thus, he had chosen to curry favour with them.

Zheng Ming noticed the changes in the Myriad Dragon Palace as well.

He glanced at it before making a curious sound, “It doesn’t seem like they intend to take advantage of us.

Instead, they actually seem like they are preparing to give us a hand.”

Chen Zhiliang shook his head, “I appreciate their intentions, but they really don’t know the height of the heavens and the boundlessness of the earth.

If they really dare to approach the perimeter of the storms, they would likely be crushed to shreds.”

Gazing at the Myriad Dragon Palace, Zheng Ming’s gaze suddenly focused on it, “That’s not right!”

Cheng Zhiliang and Bai Ziming both gazed over as well.

They were immediately rendered stunned.

The formation in the air above the Myriad Dragon Palace circulated, streams of radiance enveloping the Myriad Dragon Palace before expanding within the air.

Streams of light drew different shapes, gradually manifesting to take form with the Myriad Dragon Palace at their centre.

Carefully gazing over at the contours that had been drawn by that radiance, the Myriad Dragon Palace actually seemed to be in the midst of gradually transforming into a huge vessel.


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