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HSSB684: Between victory and defeat


The massive contours drawn by those streams of light seemed to form a huge, transparent vessel.

Enveloped by the screen of light, the Myriad Dragon Palace was located right at the centre of this great vessel.

The great vessel hovered amidst the horizon, slowly advancing within the air.

The old man Bai Ziming appraised it with a few glances before feeling slightly disappointed, “It is merely an illusory silhouette, not possessing actual strength or unique profundities.”

“At the root of it, it is still that strange palace.

The massive boat surrounding it is merely its looks.”

The expressions of Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang beside him instead suddenly became serious.

Chen Zhiliang whose cultivation base was slightly lower appeared somewhat doubtful.

Meanwhile, slight shock was revealed on the face of Zheng Ming who possessed a higher cultivation base and was currently controlling the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

Seeing this, Bai Ziming felt surprised as he instantly shut up.

Looking at this situation, there was clearly something extraordinary up with that massive silhouetted vessel which Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang who were familiar with the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel were both able to notice.

Under such circumstances, it was naturally best that the old man shut up, speaking less and listening more.

Just looking at the Myriad Dragon Palace, doubts involuntarily arose within Bai Ziming’s heart.

Yan Zhaoge sat within the Myriad Dragon Palace, combining his true essence with the power of the Myriad Dragon Palace to establish this formation before manifesting the silhouette of that massive vessel.

While the massive vessel traversed slowly between the heavens and the earth, it emanated an unstoppable intent as if it was going to traverse all the myriad heavens.

Because it was drawn by light to form a virtually transparent image, as patterns of light were visible alongside the great vessel’s travels, this displayed the profundities of its internal structure as well as the principles and reasons for it having been able to produce such a shocking scene.

Numerous streams of light circulated at the centre of the silhouetted vessel, forming a vortex which unceasingly absorbed the spiritual qi of the surrounding heavens and earth.

Numerous runes were inscribed within the air, resembling radiant passages as they illuminated the horizon.

As Yan Zhaoge was merely imitating it with his true essence, all of it was illusory.

However, some principles were already visibly displayed.

Ah Hu scratched his head, “Young Master, what is this”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “When unearthing legacy sites of pre-Great Calamity times, I obtained some incomplete records pertaining to the Heavenly River Vessel of legend.”

“It was not the blueprint for a Heavenly River Vessel, instead being some secret techniques with which to control it, raising the propulsive force of such treasures.”

“Having displayed it now, those on the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel should be able to understand it.”

While Zheng Ming did not understand it completely, he was still greatly shocked at this moment.

“Who exactly are they” Cheng Zhiliang gradually reacted as well as a rare look of shock emanated from his gaze, “Is it from ancient arts or has he analysed it himself from his usual interactions with other Riding Wind Heavenly Vessels”

Zheng Ming composed himself, “Regardless of this, let us save junior apprentice-niece Wen first.”

Chen Zhiliang said, “I will be troubling senior apprentice-brother Zheng.”

Zheng Ming closed his eyes, the massive silhouetted vessel projected of Yan Zhaoge’s true essence flashing through his mind as he pondered on the various principles and techniques depicted within.

He pondered silently for a moment, comprehending the rationale behind them and correspondingly applying it to their own Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

When he next opened his eyes, his knees bent as he stood stably, vigorous streams of true essence were already flowing through his legs, being infused into the massive divine vessel beneath his feet.

Light circulated beneath Zheng Ming’s feet, a formation appearing as streams of light swiftly expanded into the surroundings with it as the centre.

Streams of light appeared about the surface of the entire massive Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

Each of them was simultaneously formed by innumerable runes, containing inestimable, momentous power as they pulsed.

These runes circulated unceasingly as they varied and recombined.

The Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel mightily shook intensely, its power seemingly instantly rising somewhat.

Before this, the forces of the massive vessel and the Endless Magnetic Storms that it was clashing with had been at a stable equilibrium all along.

Whichever obtained a slight advantage, it momentum could immediately then suppress the other.

Under such circumstances, the propulsive force of the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel suddenly rose, streams of multi-coloured light suffusing the horizon, expanding unceasingly as they forcibly resisted the rampant storms and thunderbolts of the surrounding area.

Then, the massive divine vessel forcibly separated the numerous hurricanes down below that shot into the sky just like splitting through the waves of the sea.

The massive shadow in the sky began descending slowly, nearing the surface of the sea down below.

Astonishment appeared on the face of the old man, Bai Ziming, “The effects are immediately visible.

It is actually as miraculous as this”

Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang exchanged gazes, their expressions both solemn as the latter now asked, “You’ve understood all of it “

“This technique of his appears fragmented and incomplete.

It should be from unearthing a legacy site of pre-Great Calamity times,” Zheng Ming shook his head, “But it is truly remarkable.

I too have merely understood a portion of this fragmented technique of his, leading to yet another decrease in its might.

Yet, even so, it was still sufficient for immediate improvements to be seen with the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.”

Cheng Zhiliang sucked in a breath of cold air, “Unbelievable.

Who might they be”

He no longer spoke.

Seeing that the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel had already descended to the sea surface, breaking through the seawater and heading towards its depths, he immediately leapt out of the protective multi-coloured light of the massive vessel.

Outside of the storm, as Yan Zhaoge gazed into the distance, he saw that protective treasure-light at the bottom of the sea growing increasingly weaker as it seemed like it might vanish at any moment.

Still, someone had already descended the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, approaching that protective treasure-light in an attempt to save that person.

The Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel forcibly broke apart the rampant tides behind him.

While it shook, it remained steadfast and unflinching where it was, becoming a trustworthy bulwark within the sea.

Soon, jet-black light suddenly visibly shot out from the depths of the sea, forcibly churning it.

Intense ripples unceasingly expanded from the depths of the sea into the surrounding area.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Oh, it looks like the person who was in the sea earlier was indeed restricted and trapped by some sort of force at the depths of the sea.”

Such a major disturbance having occurred at the depths of the sea, it was naturally from Chen Zhiliang having broken the restrictions in his bid to rescue his disciple.

Now, Chen Zhiliang shot through the sea surface, returning aboard the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

The divine vessel with its majestic aura rose into the air once more, breaking through the all-encompassing storms and thunderbolts as it navigated out of the Clear Scenic Region.

After having picked them up, the other side did not immediately leave just like that.

Instead, they headed over towards the Myriad Dragon Palace’s location.

Yan Zhaoge had already retracted his true essence, with the Myriad Dragon Palace similarly having retracted its aura as the silhouetted massive vessel had thus vanished.

Looking at the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel that was gradually nearing, Ah Hu gave a simple and honest laugh, “Young Master, an innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth.

Could they be intending to interrogate you regarding that secret technique from earlier which strengthened the power of the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel”

Yan Zhaoge said, “They would have been able to tell that the technique was incomplete.

Also, their previous gains are already sufficiently great.”

“As compared to the technique for the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, if the background of my Myriad Dragon Palace were to be revealed, it would actually be more greed-inducing.

The same goes for my Extreme Yang Seal as well.”

“Now that the aura of the Myriad Dragon Palace has been retracted completely, there is no need to worry.

According to the words of the Dim Darkness Sect and the martial practitioners active in the Royal Reed Sea, the disciples of the Southeastern Exalt are still rather reasonable people.”

Yan Zhaoge gazed at the massive vessel halted before him that resembled a city, gazing at that massive sail.

A massive, complex emblem adorned its surface.

It was the symbol that represented the Southeastern Exalt.

Now, a voice resounded from atop the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, “I wonder what lineage you hail from.

Can I invite you up our vessel for a chat”


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