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HSSB685: The youngest Martial Saint


Just having emerged from amidst the terrifying Endless Magnetic Storms, the exterior of the massive vessel was shrouded in multi-coloured light as the terrifying light of electricity also leapt ceaselessly.

Having domineeringly broken through those terrifying storms and thunderbolts, this massive vessel was filled with a dauntless, unstoppable aura that intimidated one’s soul.

While it had borne a great impact amidst the storms earlier, gazing at it now, not even a single scratch was visible on its surface.

A powerful aura was displayed in all its glory, all visible with a single glance.

Yan Zhaoge raised his head and gazed at the massive Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel in front of them before he turned and said to Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu, “You guys wait for me here.”

The two nodded.

Yan Zhaoge left the Myriad Dragon Palace, taking to the air as he approached the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

Arriving in mid-air, he saw a stream of radiance condensing amidst space from that divine vessel, forming an existence that resembled a bridge.

Seeing this, Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu both nodded slightly.

This showed that Zheng Ming and the others who were atop the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel had a very friendly attitude towards them.

Yan Zhaoge stood unmoving atop that bridge which automatically retracted on its own, the radiance bringing him aboard that massive vessel.

Everyone on the vessel, Bai Ziming included, was appraising Yan Zhaoge with their gazes, seemingly wanting to see through him.

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “I am surnamed Yan, Yan Zhaoge.

Greetings, everyone.”

While he was before three great Seeing Divinity Martial Saint experts, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual.

His gaze that appraised the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel was only that of an appreciative perusal, exhibiting no shock or admiration in the least.

The hearts of Zheng Ming, Chen Zhiliang and Bai Ziming involuntarily jolted, “This young man has a dignified air about him.

His experience must run deep…”

Bai Ziming felt this exceptionally intensely.

The first time he had seen the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel back then, he had been rather shocked by it.

His feelings of grandeur and might from having ascended to the World beyond Worlds had instantly been retracted greatly as a result.

Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang exchanged glances.

Even for those who had grown up in the World beyond Worlds, there were only a limited few who had truly witnessed the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel in person before.

Most people with insufficient cultivation bases and of lower tiers wouldn’t even be able to come into contact with Riding Wind Heavenly Vessels under ordinary circumstances.

They would just have seen projected images of it at most.

The shock from truly seeing the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel in person and feeling its pressure and aura that surged to the heavens in close range was far from comparable to merely seeing it visually.

The gazes of Zheng Ming and the others turned more serious somewhat as they carefully appraised Yan Zhaoge, “First level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Merging Avatar stage.

So young…wait!”

They were shocked yet once more.

However one looked at it, his actual age and that of his external appearance didn’t seem different

He should only be thirty years old at most.

Yet, a Martial Saint who had yet to reach thirty!

Of these people, Zheng Ming possessed the highest cultivation base and the greatest discernment.

Naturally, he was able to discern the most things.

However, it was precisely because this was so that he stared, entering a reverie for just that moment as he looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Chen Zhiliang and Bai Ziming had originally just had some suspicions.

Seeing Zheng Ming like this, however, their hearts began beating faster as well.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zheng, his age…” Chen Zhiliang looked at his senior apprentice-brother somewhat disbelievingly, sending via sound transmission.

Zheng Ming recovered his wits, shaking his head slightly, “Definitely not more than thirty!”

Chen Zhiliang sucked in a breath of cold air, “Not more than thirty! This would be the youngest Martial Saint ever since the time of the Great Calamity, right”

“I cannot be certain whether he is the youngest,” Zheng Ming was similarly shocked, “I can only say that amongst those I definitively know of who have Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, he is the youngest.”

Chen Zhiliang frowned, “I have never heard of such a figure before.

Such shocking talent-logically speaking, he should have quite the reputation.

Even if his fame is not spread far and wide, he also shouldn’t be unknown like this.”

His heart suddenly shook, “Could he have been cultivating in Kunlun Mountain all this while, only having entered the world to journey around now”

“Of the direct lineage of the Three Sovereigns or the Five Emperors” Zheng Ming wondered before ruling out this possibility, “No, if such a person were to be journeying out and about, it is impossible that there would be no news of it at all.

It is even more impossible that Master would not know of such a person having entered the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.”

Chen Zhiliang smiled bitterly, “Where did such a monstrous genius suddenly appear from”

Zheng Ming shared his sentiments, “I would really like to know as well.”

Even whilst interacting with Chen Zhiliang via sound transmission, Zheng Ming gazed at Yan Zhaoge, slowly asking, “I am Zheng Ming of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage.

I wonder where you hail from”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I learnt martial arts from my father since young.

Still, regarding that earlier matter, it was from a legacy site of pre-Great Calamity times that I inadvertently unearthed.

Having analysed some fragmented records, I showed my insubstantial skills earlier.

Please don’t mind it.”

Zheng Ming said, “It was quite a remarkable technique.”

Chen Zhiliang turned and said, “Luoxia, come here and thank this Little Friend Yan.

It was with his help that you were able to escape.”

There was someone else on the deck of the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

That person had been seated in the meditative position earlier, only having stood up upon seeing Yan Zhaoge’s arrival.

Hearing Chen Zhiliang’s words now, that person obediently walked over.

It was a girl who appeared to be in her twenties or thirties on the outside.

This girl was Chen Zhiliang’s personal disciple, a direct lineage descendant of the Southeastern Exalt.

Her name was Wen Luoxia.

It was she who had been trapped in the depths of the sea in the Clear Scenic Region earlier.

It was thanks to Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang’s group having arrived in time that she could have been saved.

Otherwise, after the power of the Surrounding Heavens Protective Talisman that protected her had been used up completely, she would undoubtedly have perished amidst those rampant Endless Magnetic Storms.

As Yan Zhaoge saw it, while her actual age was higher than that of her actual appearance, it wouldn’t be off by too much.

Her cultivation base was, shockingly, already that of a late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster.

As compared to her age, it was already sufficient to make most martial practitioners start sweating.

In those few worlds aside from the World beyond Worlds that Yan Zhaoge had visited, aside from just a mere handful of people, the speed of this girl’s cultivation would really be able to domineeringly suppress the myriad lifeforms that existed there.

Wen Luoxia had been staring fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge earlier with a troubled expression visible on her face.

She first bowed to and thanked Yan Zhaoge, “Many thanks for aiding me earlier, such that I was able to escape.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “You are polite.

In adventuring outside, unexpected dangers will always crop up.

It is the same for everyone.”

Wen Luoxia nodded before glancing questioningly at her Master through the corner of her eye.

Before she could ask, Chen Zhiliang sent via sound transmission, “His actual age is virtually the same as that of his external appearance.

He wouldn’t be more than thirty at most.”

An irrepressible look of shock appeared within Wen Luoxia’s gaze.

When she next looked at Yan Zhaoge, her gaze had involuntarily turned more solemn.

The descendants of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage were not many.

As compared to this, each of his descendants was incredibly talented.

Wen Luoxia was used to seeing too many monstrous geniuses in her life.

She herself was a genius amongst geniuses such that she had become numb to seeing geniuses from her daily experiences.

However, seeing this youth before her that was more than ten years younger than her yet had already Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood now, Wen Luoxia was shocked for once.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual as he smiled, “I have long heard of the famed name of the Southeastern Exalt.

I had just not thought that I would be meeting his reputed descendants today.”


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