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HSSB69: A rare opportunity


On a hill far away from Jingyang City, a few figures were standing silently, gazing at the distant Eastern Tang capital.

The sunlight fell on them, causing their golden robes to look even more dazzling and eye-catching.

The middle-aged man leading them was precisely the Sacred Sun Clan’s Elder, the East Rising Lord of the Seven Reigning Suns.

Beside the East Rising Lord stood a golden-robed Elder, the Sacred Sun Clan’s Principal Elder in the lands of the Eastern Tang.

Other than that, there were also some other Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners present.

Amongst the crowd there stood a white-clothed youth, his face filled with a long, thick beard.

While he looked like a gallant and unrestrained person, his eyes actually harboured the coldness of a snake.

The youth’s face was still a little pale.

As he looked in the direction of Jingyang City, his gaze was filled with anger and resentment.

Naturally, this youth was Xiao Shen.

At this moment, the hatred he felt towards Yan Zhaoge was no less than his hatred of Feng Yunsheng in the slightest.

Not only had Yan Zhaoge defeated him, having already caused him to lose a lot of face; earlier, in broad daylight in front of everyone, Yan Zhaoge had even publicised the matter of him having had his lower body injured by Feng Yunsheng.

Xiao Shen’s entire face had been completely ripped apart.

Him having been injured by Feng Yunsheng had always been firmly kept under wraps; even within the higher echelons of the Sacred Sun Clan, those who knew about it were also limited.

Now, however, everyone knew.

Although none of the others were looking at him, standing within the crowd at this moment, Xiao Shen kept having the feeling that there were disdainful and mocking gazes being directed towards him from all around, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

This anxiety and embarrassment was completely transformed into hatred, directed in great amounts towards Yan Zhaoge.

The golden-robed Elder swivelled his head to look at the East Rising Lord “Inform the clan to dispatch more experts over; we can’t let it end just like this.”

“Meng Wan having lost the Extreme Yin Crown last year and Chief having remained in secluded meditation for so long, looks like some people have forgotten that it is our Sacred Sun Clan who is the current top Sacred Ground!”

“So what if the Eastern Tang Kingdom is in the Heaven Domain As long as my Sacred Sun Clan is willing, we will likewise trample all over them.”

These words could only be said by the East Rising Lord.

Were it someone else, that person would actually be casting doubt on his ability, causing him to feel unhappy instead.

Just standing there, the East Rising Lord resembled a dazzling sun hanging high up within the sky.

He gazed silently at the faraway Jingyang City, “How are our previous preparations”

The golden-robed Elder slowly shook his head, “Still not thorough enough.”

The East Rising Lord said, “While we haven’t made sufficient preparations, the same also goes for Broad Creed Mountain.”

“However, the current abnormalities in the Sealing Dragon Abyss can help to bolster the areas in which we are lacking, instead giving us the chance to succeed.”

The golden-robed Elder’s spirits instantly lifted, “You’re right; that is indeed the case.”

The East Rising Lord turned to look at Xiao Shen, “All other things aside, it seems that Yan Zhaoge wouldn’t be hard-pressed to defeat you”

“My abilities are slightly inferior,” Sucking in a deep breath, Xiao Shen replied with much difficulty.

The East Rising Lord gazed towards Jingyang City once again, “Your cultivation is a level higher than his, but you are still slightly inferior.

If the two of you were at the same cultivation level, I’m afraid the result wouldn’t have been much better than in Yuanlong’s case.”

Clenching his fists tightly, Xiao Shen lowered his head.

The East Rising Lord said mildly, “Looking at it like this, it is like I have seen yet another Zhan Dongge, yet another Yan Di; or a potential which surpasses even theirs.”

“This type of good seed; what a pity that it still originates from Broad Creed Mountain.”

“It would be best if we could deal with him before he grows up.”

Hearing his words, Xiao Shen’s breathing instantly sped up.

The East Rising Lord did not look back at him, “Just wait patiently.

Perhaps you will have a chance to personally kill Yan Zhaoge and avenge yourself.”

“Being able to personally slaughter Yan Zhaoge-there is nothing better I could ask for.” Xiao Shen’s breathing stabilised as he said in a lighter tone.



Having taken his leave of Zhao Shicheng, as Yan Zhaoge left the residence, he saw Ah Hu waiting for him there.

Walking up to him, Ah Hu gave a simple laugh, “Young Master, how’d it go”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “Junior Sister Feng will be escorted back to the clan’s main headquarters.

Meanwhile, we will continue staying here; I still have matters to attend to.”

“Both Yan Xu and I will not interfere in junior apprentice-sister Lin’s matter.

Yan Xu will hand over the things in his hands to me, though I don’t think he’s given up yet.”

At this point, Yan Zhaoge ordered, “Ah Hu, about the matter of harm befalling junior apprentice-sister Lin, get people to take note of the direction of the rumours.

If there are any changes, notify me immediately.”

Ah Hu scratched at his head, “Young Master, what kind of changes do you mean”

“Now, the direction of the rumours is that junior apprentice-sister Lin came to bother me due to jealousy, ending up with me accidentally killing her out of impatience.”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, “If the direction of the rumours changes, saying that junior apprentice-sister Lin still remained fond of Ye Jing and had actually come to re-enter his embrace, instead being beaten to death by a furious me, that could only mean one thing…”

“Yan Xu-it’s possible that he’s already found Ye Jing.”

“While spreading such rumours would indeed wreck my reputation, they would not harm me at my core.

Doing so would only be setting up some sort of foundation for something.”

Yan Zhaoge said leisurely, “I have a feeling that this time, Yan Xu…intends for me never to return to Broad Creed Mountain again.”

Ah Hu stopped laughing, his expression turning grave, “He wants to kill Young Master”

“But why There’s no reason for that ah.

While you made things difficult for him a few times, even if he is frustrated​ and angry, it also shouldn’t be to the extent of wanting to kill you, right”

“After all, you, Young Master, are different from ordinary members of the younger generation.

Unless, Elder Fang…”

After thinking deeply for a time, Yan Zhaoge said, “It shouldn’t be what second apprentice-uncle wishes for; it should be Yan Xu’s own idea.

Maybe it was just me hallucinating, but I felt that in junior apprentice-sister Lin’s death this time, Yan Xu’s behaviour was a little weird.”

Ah Hu exclaimed in a deep tone, “Is he crazy That’s already past what’s acceptable.”

“The potential that you, Young Master, are currently displaying already presides over members of same generation.

Elder Fang would be hard-pressed to produce a junior who could contend with you.”

“If something were to happen to you, the Head of our Yan Family aside, the old Clan Chief would already not let him get away with it!”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “He obviously wouldn’t bear the blame himself.

That Ye Jing is just the best scapegoat for him.”

Ah Hu relaxed, smirking slightly, “Just that Ye Jing, can kill Young Master”

Yan Zhaoge spread his hands apart, “Haven’t we just offended the Sacred Sun Clan’s people terribly Moreover, there’re still the Crimson Spirit Flag Master as well as the Ghost Hatchet Elder who’s related to Ye Jing.”

“I dying in the hands of Martial Grandmasters would naturally be the most ideal situation for him.”

“If Yan Xu had to do it personally, he could just narrate that those Martial Grandmasters who have the ability as well as the motive to heavily injure me did so, before Ye Jing supplemented the final blow.”

“If Yan Xu wanted to kill me, it would be much easier than those Martial Grandmasters from outside.”

“Elder Qin’s arrival has kept back the Sacred Sun Clan’s people, but at the same time, those people have also engaged Elder Qin’s attention.”

“That Yan Xu, has the space to move about as a result.”

Ah Hu said earnestly, “Young Master, I seriously advise you to directly return to Broad Creed Mountain alongside Miss Feng.”

His hands behind his back, Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, smiling as he walked, “Ah Hu, to be honest, until just now, I had truly been seriously considering the solution you speak of.”

“However, it wasn’t for my personal safety, but, rather, that of those of you who follow beside me, who might be inadvertently dragged into the fray.”

“If it were only myself…” Yan Zhaoge’s smile gradually turned cold, “Even if Yan Xu didn’t make a move on me, I would be thinking of making a move on him!”

“Unlike earlier with Wen Ningzhi and Cui Xin, finding a chance to take down a Principal Elder would really be somewhat tough.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “But at the same time, taking down a Principal Elder would also be a great loss for second apprentice-uncle’s side, in no way comparable to how little they suffered when I took down those two simple Elders of the Assignment Hall of theirs.”

Ah Hu blinked, “Young Master, this is playing with fire ah; you might get yourself burnt badly.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed carelessly, “In this world, what things are there that hold completely no risk”

Very quickly, the experts from Broad Creed Mountain arrived in Jingyang City.

After conversing for a time, Yan Zhaoge eventually still decided to remain in the Eastern Tang, whilst Feng Yunsheng would return to Broad Creed Mountain alongside those who had arrived.

“Go back and take good care of your injuries to prepare yourself.

When I return, your nightmare will also be beginning,” Yan Zhaoge was all smiles as he looked at Feng Yunsheng, “What awaits you, is suffering beyond your wildest imagination.”

Raising her brows, Feng Yunsheng asked laughingly, “How much suffering is that”

Yan Zhaoge snapped his fingers, “Tentatively…you will feel that, being pursued by those Sacred Sun Clan disciples out for your life previously, had actually been a pretty leisurely thing indeed.”


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