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HSSB690: Who can allow the likes of you to distort facts


Looked first at Madame Kang and Kang Jinyuan and then at Kang Ping, Yan Zhaoge could not help but pull back the corners of his lips, “Really a family.”

Having seen Madame Kang and Qi Wei, Yan Zhaoge was rather taken aback at first.

While he had been sent to the Clear Scenic Region which was rather far away from this place, he had been riding the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel in travelling here after all.

Madame Kang and Qi Wei having been able to come back here so quickly was rather out of his predictions.

This meant that after the battle at the Suffering River Region and the Heavenly Inheritance Region, they must have hurriedly rushed over here without rest as well.

Still, looking at Ye Xin, Yan Zhaoge came to a realisation.

A descendant of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage having suddenly appeared in the Royal Reed Sea, they would naturally have to be concerned about that.

Kang Jinyuan’s gaze was filled with rage and viciousness as he stared fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge.

While Qi Wei was expressionless, his face appeared extremely dark and gloomy as well.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was ultimately still the most concerned about that mild-looking Kang Ping.

Being focused on by him, Yan Zhaoge suddenly felt his mind seemingly wavering slightly as various strange phenomena surfaced before his eyes.

It was like he was watching the ever-changing scenes of the world as time continually flowed by.

It was like he had fallen within a long river of time, unable to easily extricate his mind from within as he was gradually assimilated by time that resembled flowing water, turning numb as a result.

“Indeed, this person has already quite the attainments in cultivating the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture,” Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted in warning as he secretly circulated the profundities of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

His mind cleared, his entire person seemingly returning to nothingness, no longer able to be defined by time.

No before, no afterwards, no beginning, no end, disappearing from amidst the long river of time.

Within Kang Ping’s mild, indifferent eyes suddenly erupted a dazzling glow as he stared fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge.

Yet, he found Yan Zhaoge’s gaze to be calm and without ripples, even calmer than his.

Zheng Ming snorted, the multi-coloured light around the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel instantly growing even as it virtually condensed into tangible form.

On the surface of the vessel surged unquantifiable light, transforming into innumerable runes which hovered in the air, forming a screen of light which blocked Kang Ping’s gaze.

Zheng Ming asked coldly, “Mister Kang, are you trying to commit murder on my Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel”

Chen Zhiliang’s face was similarly ugly.

Ye Xin appeared uncomprehending while Wen Luoxia and Bai Ziming were both stunned.

Not only did this Kang Ping possess a high cultivation base, his methods were also strange and indiscernible, going beyond the norm.

He had actually penetrated through the defences of the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel just like that, nearly succeeding in murder.

While the protective treasure-light of the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel had indeed not been circulating to the fullest earlier, it had still been extremely powerful.

Most early Immortal Bridge Martial Saints would have been hard pressed to achieve this.

Even if they possessed such intentions, how many would be able to do it as casually as this

Kang Ping gazed at the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel in the air that was completely enveloped by multi-coloured light, resembling a massive ball of light.

His gaze regained its former mildness, no abnormalities being visible within in the least.

He answered mildly, “I should tell you two that this youngster surnamed Yan killed this Kang’s senior apprentice-brother, even nearly claiming my son’s life.

It is only natural that this Kang wants him to pay with his life for his actions.”

Zheng Ming said coldly, “If you have private enmity to resolve, this Zheng will not interfere with it.

Still, this Little Friend Yan currently being on our vessel, he is naturally a guest of our Southeastern Exalt’s lineage.

If Mister Kang wants to act against the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, it would really be overstepping your bounds.”

Madame Kang said from the side, “My husband was too rash earlier.

Please forgive him for this.

It is just that it is righteous fury he feels.

It is not simply because of private enmity that he has acted so.”

“While there aren’t many formations that can disrupt the earth veins, there are not merely a single one or two of them.

Why did you think that it was the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation earlier”

“That should have been the result of this Yan Zhaoge sowing discord against us.”

Madame Kang said calmly, “We are not guessing blindly at this.

Instead, we once saw this person carrying Earth Ocean Lung Crystals, Heaven Bearing Ceremonial Fragrance, Prime Chaos Soil and other treasures that are all used to establish the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation.

We too feel very curious about what he intends to do with these.”

“Traces of his schemes having been exposed, he killed our fellow disciple, now even having come to malign us in order to conceal his untoward intentions.

I hope that you can investigate this carefully.”

On the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang exchanged glances.

Yan Zhaoge smiled and shook his head, his expression calm and undisturbed.

Chen Zhiliang glanced at Ye Xin, wanting to ask something.

Still, he shook his head, not speaking.

With the gap between their cultivation bases, Ye Xin would not have been able to detect it even if Kang Ping had done something.

Even if it had been the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation here earlier, he still had ways with which to faultlessly let Ye Xin believe that it had instead been the Source Flowing Earth Birthing Formation.

Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang both felt headached.

The valley was already completely empty, the previous formation being completely gone.

No proof was to be had.

Currently, it was all based on the one-sided testimonies of Yan Zhaoge and the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had saved Ye Xin.

Without any actual proof, while Zheng Ming and the others were feeling greatly suspicious, they were just unable to pursue the matter any further.

Between Yan Zhaoge and Kang Ping’s group, Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang couldn’t really help either side now.

The matter that Ye Xin had reported earlier left her Master and senior apprentice-uncle feeling extremely headached as well.

The situation seemed to have become even more chaotic, even more bewildering.

Someone had covertly entered from the southern Blazing Heaven Territory with something up their sleeves.

Knowing that Ye Xin was of the Southeastern Exalt’s direct lineage, they had still tried to kill her.

Therefore, their schemes must not be minor at all.

To a certain extent, this matter was even more pressing than that of the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation.

Zheng Ming swivelled his head to look at Yan Zhaoge, hesitating slightly for a moment before asking, “Where does Little Friend Yan intend to go next If it is on the way, let us travel together.”

Seeing such an outstanding youth hero, Zheng Ming admired his talent as he wanted to protect him.

If he ignored this matter and let Kang Ping’s group seek vengeance against Yan Zhaoge, Zheng Ming felt that however remarkable this youth was, he would definitely still perish here today.

After all, while Yan Zhaoge had already Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, the gap between their cultivation bases was still much too great.

Feeling Zheng Ming’s goodwill, Yan Zhaoge smiled, nodding in gratitude.

Still, he had no intention of leaving this place just like that.

“Please lend me a hand, you two.

How can the truth of the matter be concealed so easily” Yan Zhaoge laughed, punching out distantly towards the formation in the air above the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel Formation.

Zheng Ming’s gaze flickered as he immediately felt a change happen in the Earth Returning Fleeing Formation that he had established overhead.

Feeling the profundities of this change, Zheng Ming felt like a whole new world had opened to him.

This formation having been established by him, with his unordinary grasp of the dao of formations, after pondering carefully for a bit, he gradually understood what it was that Yan Zhaoge intended.

After hesitating slightly, Zheng Ming silently allowed Yan Zhaoge’s actions, even aiding him from the side.

Streams of light shot into the air from atop the Earth Returning Fleeing Formation, separating from the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel as they scattered towards the valley down below, a dense mist of light being formed.

Seeing this, Qi Wei’s expression was the first to change, “Stop him!”

The words just having left his mouth, he knew that such would be impossible.

That would be equivalent to a free admission of their guilt.

The light mist enveloped the valley, illusory scenes gradually surfacing within.

Within the silhouetted image, a massive, profound formation circulated.

At the centre of the formation stood a grand, majestic altar.

Seeing this, Chen Zhiliang muttered to himself, “This does not look like the Source Flowing Earth Birthing Formation.

Instead, that altar has completely the look of worshipping the Earth Queen…”

Within the mist of light, the formation that had been erected in the valley earlier was shown once more.

While it was illusory, it revealed what had once been present there.

Yan Zhaoge asked smilingly, “Who can allow the likes of you to distort facts”


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