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HSSB691: Exposing them straight in the face


A mist of light surged within the valley, forming illusory scenes as a majestic, profound formation was manifested.

As the formation circulated, the glow of yellow soil shot out from the altar at the centre before descending into the great earth of the surroundings.

Witnessing this scene, Zheng Ming snorted, “It really is the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation.”

Having just been about to speak for Kang Ping’s group, Ye Xin said rather uncomprehendingly, “It wasn’t this formation earlier.”

Chen Zhiliang snorted as well, “With senior apprentice-brother Zheng watching over it, this change has actually been reproduced by him as well.

It would not be doctored.”

The valley instantly fell silent, the atmosphere turning somewhat strange.

Within the valley, Kang Ping and the others gazed simultaneously upwards at the massive divine vessel that hovered within the air.

Meanwhile, on the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel up above, the multi-coloured light that surrounded it was bright as it had never been before, radiance circulating as they were prepared to act or flee at any moment.

While Kang Ping’s expression did not change, his gaze was solemn as it had never been before.

Madame Kang’s expression was stern, her bearing strict.

However, she was not as composed as she usually was.

Qi Wei’s yellowed face was even colder and sharper than usual, his hands twitching unconsciously as if he was thinking of retrieving something.

He was a formations grandmaster, possessing various treasures with which he would be able to set up powerful formations at any moment.

Kang Jinyuan’s expression was savage as he ground his teeth, his entire body tense as if he was ready to fight at any moment.

Beside him, Kang Maosheng could still retain his calm just like Kang Ping.

However, his expression too was extremely grave, being even graver than when he had previously faced the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation back in the Whole Tower Region.

At this moment, the air of the surrounding heavens and earth seemed to have frozen completely.

On the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, Bai Ziming did not speak.

If anything were to go wrong in the slightest now, things could go beyond utter redemption without a moment’s notice.

Bai Ziming glanced at Yan Zhaoge before looking at the in-charge on the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, Zheng Ming, “Exposing them straight to their face, that is really a bit too much of a slap to them.

Would their embarrassment turn into rage like this as they directly try to silence us all”

Since they could not swindle their way through, they could simply make use of their martial prowess, directly flipping over the table and utilising violent methods.

Bai Ziming could not help but worry about this.

Kang Ping’s earlier show of might was sufficient to make everyone feel vigilant of him.

Currently being on the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, it seemed like he was going to be drawn into the matter as well this time.

Feeling Bai Ziming’s gaze on him, Yan Zhaoge turned to look at him, smiling as he nodded, no fear or reservations visible in his expression in the least.

Kang Ping was indeed powerful, able to kill even Martial Saints just based on his gaze alone.

If not for Yan Zhaoge being extraordinary as well, he might have been trapped and formlessly slain by Kang Ping amidst the long river of time earlier.

However, so long as the Grand Xuan Dynasty did not have other Immortal Bridge Martial Saints here, Kang Ping also not possessing more than one high-grade Sacred Artifact, he would not be able to take down all of them who were present for certain if he truly decided to act against them.

With the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, while they might not be able to secure a victory against Kang Ping, there was a very high chance of them being able to successfully flee if they so desired.

Moreover, Zheng Ming and the others had also made arrangements before having come such that it was impossible for them to be covertly killed off with none the wiser.

If something happened, the Southeastern Exalt would definitely pursue it.

Perhaps Kang Ping and the others did have some other major figure behind them, but if his personal disciples vanished or died without any reason at all, the Southeastern Exalt would not easily let it go.

Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories.

As overlords of the World beyond Worlds, there was some communication that existed between all of them.

The Southeastern Exalt was not someone who stood solitarily and without allies.

Looking at the valley down below, Zheng Ming slowly said, “I would ask Mister Kang-what formation is this Is it the Source Flowing Earth Birthing Formation”

“This Zheng is unskilled, and does not think it to be.

If Mister Kang still denies it, that is also fine.

This Zheng’s fellow disciples will soon be arriving.

We can wait patiently, and invite my senior apprentice-brothers who are more skilled in formations than me to come identify it.”

Hearing these words, Yan Zhaoge smiled.

Zheng Ming’s words were actually making clear the current situation for Kang Ping’s group.

Of course, the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel had made preparations for fleeing as well.

That they could keep the other side from acting would still have to rest on the basis of them ensuring that it was likely impossible for all of them to be caught and silenced by their group.

Kang Ping raised his head, looking silently at the airborne Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel as he slowly said after a long time, “Things having come to this stage, this Kang has no further words.

Still, the truth behind this matter has far too many things involved.

Be it you or I, neither of us has the ability to bear the responsibility for it.”

He sighed, “If it is convenient, this Kang hopes to meet the Southeastern Exalt in person to clarify things, leaving the ultimate decision to the old man.”

Qi Wei’s expression changed slightly as he swivelled his head to look at Kang Ping.

Kang Jinyuan even yelled in shock, “Father!”

Kang Maosheng grabbed him from the side, shaking his head.

Kang Jinyuan mightily broke free of Kang Maosheng’s grasp, yet saw Madame Kang shoot him a look.

Kang Ping slowly raised a hand, indicating for them to be silent.

Kang Jinyuan had an unresigned look on his face yet dared not speak.

Beside him, Qi Wei raised his head and sighed slowly towards the heavens, full of fury and resentment as he too felt unresigned.

On the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang too were secretly heaving slight breaths of relief.

Kang Ping was still very rational as he chose to temporarily lower his head, not frenziedly going all out as he lost his mind over the current state of affairs.

Zheng Ming said, “From what Mister Kang says, there seems to be something deeper underlying this matter If you want to meet my Master, we will naturally be happy to guide you in arranging a meeting with him.

Our Golden Court Mountain welcomes your arrival at any time.”

He naturally would not invite Kang Ping up the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel to travel alongside them.

Such would be equivalent to letting a hungry wolf into the house.

Zheng Ming turned and glanced at Chen Zhiliang, “In a moment, junior apprentice-brother Chen, you will guide Mister Kang back to Golden Court Mountain.”

Golden Court Mountain was located in the central region of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, being where the dao venue and residence of the Southeastern Exalt were established.

Chen Zhiliang nodded, “Yes, senior apprentice-brother.”

He descended the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, arriving before Kang Ping and the others before he steadily cupped his hands towards them, “Whenever Mister Kang is convenient, we can move out.”

Kang Ping surveyed the surroundings, looking at the light mist that had still yet to dissipate as he spoke, “We can move out at any time.

Let us be off as soon as possible.”

“There is still one more thing.

Is that Yan Zhaoge a member of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage”

Chen Zhiliang said, “This Little Friend Yan is not a fellow disciple of ours.

Still, he can be considered a guest that we are travelling with.

If he so desires, he can return to Golden Court Mountain with us.”

Yan Zhaoge could certainly choose not to go as well.

Still, this was equivalent to Chen Zhiliang telling Kang Ping now that Yan Zhaoge was temporarily under their protection.

Kang Jinyuan ground his teeth hatefully while Kang Ping showed no fury at all, just saying mildly, “What the Southeastern Exalt eventually decides will naturally follow from his considerations.

Still, I would advise that if you have the intention of accepting him into your Exalt’s lineage, you should first properly verify his background and intentions.”

“This person possesses a high-grade Sacred Artifact.”

Chen Zhiliang was slightly taken aback before he nodded, “A genius blessed of heaven, yet also possessing great fortune, great luck.”

On the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, Zheng Ming, Bai Ziming, Wen Luoxia and Ye Xin were all astonished beyond compare.

Everyone’s gazes landed simultaneously on Yan Zhaoge.

It was still fine for Zheng Ming and Wen Luoxia who were primarily feeling shocked.

Ye Xin was left feeling mystified at someone who bore a high-grade Sacred Artifact having suddenly appeared in front of her.

“For real!” Irrepressible envy that bordered on jealousy surfaced within Bai Ziming’s gaze, “Good fella! Just having entered the Martial Saint realm, possessing a low-grade Sacred Artifact would be quite good already, while possessing a mid-grade Sacred Artifact would be incomparable fortune.

This youngster actually has a high-grade Sacred Artifact Could these people be trying to set him up by disseminating false information”

Qi Wei who was beside Kang Ping said coldly, “That Sacred Artifact was the accompanying treasure of the past Exalted Solar Luminary, the Extreme Yang Seal.”

Exalted Solar Luminary, Extreme Yang Seal…

Deathly silence suddenly overtook the entire Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.


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