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HSSB693: The heavens of the Royal Reed Sea change


Yan Zhaoge knew that the matter Zheng Ming wanted to investigate was likely related to Ye Xin having been attacked previously.

Perhaps there were many secrets hidden therein.

Still, Yan Zhaoge did not intend to get involved in this for the moment.

While it had been from luck and coincidence, it had also been through his own careful planning that the current situation within the Royal Reed Sea had changed greatly.

While Zheng Ming’s group would not interfere in the conflict between Yan Zhaoge and the Radiant Light Sect, as soon as the news of him having once been a guest on the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel spread, the Radiant Light Sect would still have to take it seriously.

Kang Ping was currently headed to Golden Court Mountain to meet the Southeastern Exalt, the results of this being hard to predict.

However, before the Southeastern Exalt had made a definite statement, the forces of the Grand Xuan Dynasty would have to temporarily lower their flags and cease their drums within the Royal Reed Sea, keeping a low profile in their actions.

Even though Kang Ping would be away from the Royal Reed Sea, the Grand Xuan Dynasty still possessed great strength.

They would definitely quieten down, and as the anti-Xuan forces caught their breaths, it would be very difficult for them to launch an effective wave of counterattacks.

The current great battle that was raging on within the Royal Reed Sea temporarily halting was already something that could be foreseen.

While Yan Zhaoge thought that it would be best if the Grand Xuan Dynasty could have directly broken through and taken down the Radiant Light Sect’s headquarters before this, the North Sea Sword Pavilion, Copper Men Island and even the Dim Darkness Sect might not be happy to see this.

In the end, it was still the overall battle between the Grand Xuan Dynasty and the rebels that held significance, with the fate of the Radiant Light Sect here being very hard to predict.

They could plummet all the way, receiving a huge blow to their vitality.

They could also receive great benefits, making use of this momentum to achieve greater heights.

Moreover, if the Extreme Yin Crown landed in the hands of the more powerful Grand Xuan Dynasty, it would inevitably not be ideal.

Comparatively speaking, Yan Zhaoge had greater room to work around amidst the current situation.

Having lost the external pressure from the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the tensions amongst the anti-Xuan forces would rise to the surface once more.

The North Sea Sword Pavilion had already been indebted to him before.

Now, he had borrowed the momentum of the Southeastern Exalt to give the Grand Xuan Dynasty a setback, forcing the Grand Xuan Dynasty that had originally grasped the initiative into the defensive as the flames of war were quelled.

This would unquestionably be a great help to all the anti-Xuan forces.

Aside from that, he had received other gains as well.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze focused slightly as his mind came to feel the Extreme Yang Seal that had currently descended into slumber once more.

For what had transpired following the Great Calamity, he understood most of the Eight Extremities World’s history, yet most of what had happened in the World beyond Worlds was unknown to him.

Being able to interact with disciples of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage now, there would inevitably be major benefits.

Information, knowledge, news-much of this could not be obtained using wealth.

It would be able to be of use in a way that far surpassed one’s expectations at the appropriate place and time, equalling cities in their worth.

Moreover, it was news regarding the Extreme Yang Seal that concerned him greatly.

Right, and perhaps for the Extreme Ying Crown and the Cold Sun Divine Sabre as well.

Yan Zhaoge glanced sidelong at Feng Yunsheng who met his gaze.

The two blinked simultaneously.

Feng Yunsheng’s expression showed no abnormalities.

However, the veins of her sabre-wielding arm were clearly tensed up.

The Cold Sun Divine Sabre retained its ordinary, innocuous look, being completely inconspicuous as it lay quietly in its sheath.

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he looked at Zheng Ming, “If you are busy with something, just handle it as you please.

You can just let this Yan and my fellow disciples off after we have departed from this place.”

Zheng Ming said, “Travelling for a bit more together would naturally be fine.

If Little Friend Yan wants to continue remaining on the vessel, that would also be fine.

Whenever Little Friend Yan intends to go settle your private matters, you can just depart.

There is no need to be polite.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I shall thank you here.”

Watching the progression of things quietly from the side, not intending to interrupt in the least, Bai Ziming clicked his tongue in wonder.

For this current situation, how much of it exactly had already been predicted by this youth when he had ascended the vessel

These waters of the World beyond Worlds were truly deep and indiscernible without measure.

As one walked amidst it, just the slightest bit of inattention could spell a fatal disaster for them.

Most terrifying and also most tragic was how often, people would die without even knowing just how that major misfortune had befallen them.

A dense forest with innumerable great trees that towered to the heavens, their branches and leaves thriving beyond measure as they obscured the heavens and concealed the sun.

Beneath the soil were entangled countless roots, amongst which were concealed too many unknowable things.

The old man suddenly felt an urge to sigh mournfully.

Back then, he too had been full of triumph and excitement.

Having attained the peak in his former world and painstakingly cultivated for many long years, he had finally successfully surpassed those limits, striving towards even greater heights.

Having ascended to the World beyond Worlds, he had also felt accomplished at having successfully forged a relationship with Zheng Ming’s group.

This was equivalent to having gained stable footing in this World beyond Worlds, signifying a good beginning.

Who knew that the winds would blow in an increasingly wrong direction afterwards.

The Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation was something that even direct lineage descendants of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage were extremely concerned about.

From this, it could be seen just how extraordinary it was.

Having arrived at the valley amongst the mountains, waiting for them had been an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint expert who possessed shocking strength.

The two sides had entered a standoff, with a battle ready to be set off at the drop of a pin.

Even though Bai Ziming had undergone many trials and tribulations in his former world before, he still secretly broke out in cold sweat at that.

While his composure had been dented somewhat, Bai Ziming still quickly righted his mindset as he realised that with his current cultivation base, it was still very risky for him to be dragged into such incidents.

He could tell that the level of this clash here was likely not simply that currently visible in this valley.

Those who were truly clashing were not Kang Ping and Zheng Ming.

Even an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint like Kang Ping might only be a mere footsoldier here.

Thinking about this, he felt like he had been purely dragged down into things.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Bai Ziming’s gaze involuntarily grew incomparably complicated, “This young man is playing with fire!”

Within the valley, be it Chen Zhiliang or Kang Ping’s group, their gazes were all no longer calm as they gazed upwards at the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

Kang Ping covertly sent a sound transmission to his wife and Qi Wei, “Report the matter in detail to the Emperor.

I will be heading over to Golden Court Mountain right now.”

“Before the Emperor gives a decree or news from me returns, you will have to maintain a low profile here in the Royal Reed Sea.

Do not act rashly.

Inform the two senior apprentice-uncles and King Xuanmu to retreat as soon as possible.

We cannot possibly continue to battle now.”

“The Earth Ocean Lung Crystals are used up.

Without them being replenished, it would already have been impossible to sustain the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation originally.

That being said, we can only put a halt to it now.”

The expressions on the faces of Madame Kang and Qi Wei were both gloomy.

With this halt, it was equivalent to the previous hundred years of work which was equivalent to not just the painstaking efforts of their single generation having completely fallen to waste as a result.

They had clearly already had a glimpse of it, the light of hope surfacing before their eyes.

Now, all of it was simply no more.

However firm one’s will was, they would virtually feel like they were going crazy at a thing like this.

Madame Kang said in a heavy tone, “That Yan Zhaoge…”

Kang Ping said with an indifferent expression on his face, “Do not make a move on him first.

Before the Emperor has reached a decision, we should not anger the Southeastern Exalt further.”

“Still, keep a close eye on him and ascertain whether he does really have the shadow of the Exalted Solar Luminary behind him.”

Qi Wei’s gaze grew colder, “This matter was completely wrecked by this person.

If there is no one who stands behind him, he must definitely suffer a fate worse than death! I want him to regret ever popping out from his mother’s womb!”

Kang Ping said, “Notify King Xuanmu.

Low-key, and even more low-key.

Numb the anti-Xuan forces in the Royal Reed Sea, not posing any threat to them.”

“This person has enmity with the Radiant Light Sect.

Give them sufficient space to fight it out! After this trial has ended, the heavens of the Royal Reed Sea will still be ours.”


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