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HSSB697: First meeting


Yan Zhaoge gazed into the distant horizon, “The Grand Xuan Dynasty’s attack is fierce, and they will soon retreat very swiftly as well.

Even if we contact the anti-Xuan forces now, it would be very hard to leave them behind here.”

He shook his head, “At the end of the day, the Grand Xuan Dynasty has more resources and greater strength.


Carefully observing the battling sides, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Still, it might not be the same for elsewhere.”

Saying thus, he brought Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu along in approaching the outskirts of the battlefield.

This was naturally in the direction that the anti-Xuan forces were retreating in.

The momentum of the attacking side was unprecedentedly fierce such that the anti-Xuan forces were unable to retain a stable footing for a time.

In order to avoid being completely surrounded and forced into the decisive battle out in the open like this, the anti-Xuan forces continued retreating more and more, heading towards the north as they left this region of sea.

Finally, the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s offensive gradually came to a halt.

After having successfully drawn away from their pursuers, the anti-Xuan forces all sighed slightly in relief before sending people to vigilantly scout, confirming the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s movements.

Ceasing their attack, the Grand Xuan Dynasty halted, seemingly having given up on the pursuit once more as they turned back, continuing on their earlier journey.

Both sides were incomparably familiar with this scene, already having experienced it so many times.

Now, it seemed like it was just the same situation playing out once more.

The difference here was just that because the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s offensive had been too fierce, the anti-Xuan troops had retreated quite a bit more.

When the anti-Xuan coalition tried to catch up with and keep an eye on the Grand Xuan Dynasty again, though, they suddenly discovered to their great surprise that their speed was actually increasing as they moved along.

It actually appeared as if they would lose sight of them very soon.

The higher echelon experts of the anti-Xuan powers were all very astonished, this abnormal situation causing everyone to feel wary.

This instead decreased their speed of pursuit as they all appeared to be hesitating.

Yan Zhaoge’s group now approached the camp of the anti-Xuan coalition.

Seeing that the anti-Xuan forces were instead slowing in their pursuit, revealing a hesitant attitude, the trio could only smile wryly as they exchanged looks.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty that was more powerful had suddenly done something abnormal.

The anti-Xuan forces were naturally nervous at this for fear that they might fall for their enemy’s scheme.

Being a little more vigilant at a time like this was only natural.

However, it was a pity that it was precisely such a mindset that the Grand Xuan Dynasty was making use of.

As they slowed now, this removed their final hopes of pursuing the Grand Xuan Dynasty, allowing them to successfully retreat as they wanted.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly, a smile appearing on his face as he looked at the person coming over towards him, “Elder Wu, long time no seen! I trust you’ve been well.”

A black-clothed old man walked over towards him.

It was precisely the Dim Darkness Sect Elder that Yan Zhaoge had initially met at one of their branch altars in the southern part of the Royal Reed Sea, the Head of the Non-Brightness Hall Wu Zixiu.

Yan Zhaoge had first found a Dim Darkness Sect disciple on the outskirts, asking him to convey news of their arrival.

Receiving news of Yan Zhaoge, the Dim Darkness Sect clearly viewed it with great importance as Wu Zixiu had very quickly arrived to greet him.

Seeing Wu Zixiu, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “You came all the way over from the southern part of the Royal Reed Sea as well”

Wu Zixiu was a mid Seeing Divinity stage expert of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Being the Head of one of the Dim Darkness Sect’s three halls, he was a bigwig and of the higher echelons even amongst the entire anti-Xuan coalition.

After the Dim Sun Cold Moon Ritual had ended, with the main altar of the Dim Darkness Sect having been destroyed and requiring his urgent assistance, that he had appeared with many troops of the Dim Darkness Sect in the northern regions of sea was something that could easily be expected.

Wu Zixiu sighed, “Our last meeting still seems like it was yesterday.

Not only are you safe and well, Little Friend Yan, you have even Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood.

This truly causes one to sigh in admiration.”

He clearly knew that it had only been a year at most from the time Yan Zhaoge had stepped into the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster realm to when he had successfully attained the Martial Saint realm.

Such a swift, rapid improvement was truly unheard of.

Especially with this youth possessing such unmatched might, which made it all the more noteworthy.

“This old man heard from my fellow disciples that it was precisely you, Little Friend Yan, who broke the Heaven Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation.

That Radiant Light Sect’s Nong Yuxuan was merely a shameless cretin who tried to steal your credit,” Wu Zixiu sighed emotionally, “This old man and many fellow disciples were also in the Grinding Hut Region’s sword domain at the time.

Speaking of this, I really have to thank you.”

“In the Heavenly Inheritance Region and the Suffering River Region, the situation was very chaotic.

Afterwards, you and those of the Radiant Light Sect had all vanished.

Hearing of this, my sect was saddened.

Fortunately, you and your fellow disciples are naturally favoured by heaven’s fortune.”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, “You are welcome, Elder Wu.”

He looked at Wu Zixiu, “We can slowly talk about this afterwards.

In having come this time, this Yan actually has something important to report.

It has to do with the Grand Xuan Dynasty as well as the Southeastern Exalt.”

Hearing the words ‘Grand Xuan Dynasty’, Wu Zixiu’s expression was calm.

However, hearing Yan Zhaoge mention the Southeastern Exalt, the old man’s expression instantly turned solemn.

Matters that concerned the Southeastern Exalt within the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory were never minor.

A matter that simultaneously had to do with both the Grand Xuan Dynasty and the Southeastern Exalt was naturally something that the Dim Darkness Sect Elder, Wu Zixiu, had to take note of.

Yan Zhaoge succinctly explained what had transpired.

Wu Zixiu was rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied at this.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had secretly set up the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation within the Royal Reed Sea for many years, having done so without anyone’s knowledge.

This matter concerned the Earth Queen of the legendary Four Heavenly Ministers of Daoism, and the Southeastern Exalt already knew about this matter now.

In order to avoid antagonising the Southeastern Exalt further, the Grand Xuan Dynasty was forced to retreat, having no choice but to lay low and quietly for the moment whilst sending someone over to Golden Court Mountain to meet the Southeastern Exalt and properly explain things to him.

Being a bigwig of the Dim Darkness Sect, after Wu Zixiu understood this information, he instantly connected this to much more.

Looking at the deeply pondering Wu Zixiu, Yan Zhaoge pointed in the direction the Grand Xuan Dynasty was currently retreating in, “The Grand Xuan Dynasty’s current movements can actually already prove the veracity of this Yan’s information.”

Wu Zixiu also gazed in that direction, sighing amidst his realisation, “If it really is so, we would have missed a good opportunity.

While we might not have been able to deal them a debilitating blow, we could still have taken advantage of their plight somewhat.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Actually, it still isn’t too late.

There’s still a chance.”

Wu Zixiu was taken aback, “Oh”

He pondered for a moment, “Please follow me, Little Friend Yan.

Our Chief has always wanted to meet you.

Sadly, the chance had never come before.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Time waits for no man.

Let us hurry.”

Whilst meeting Zhou Haosheng, he also met the other bigwigs of the anti-Xuan coalition.

The Pavilion Lord of the North Sea Sword Pavilion, “North Sea Divine Sword’ Gu Hong of the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Immortal Bridge stage.

The Chief of Copper Men Island, the ‘Three Dragon Forms’ Gongsun Wu of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Seeing Divinity stage.

As well as the Chief of the Radiant Light Sect, “Light Dazzling the Nine Heavens’ Luo Zhiyuan of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Seeing Divinity stage.

Apart from that, the other peak experts of the North Sea Sword Pavilion, the Radiant Light Sect, the Dim Darkness Sect and Copper Men Island were also gathered here together.

Besides they of these four powers, there were also the leaders of other rebelling sects and solitary practitioner experts.

Most of them were appraising Yan Zhaoge with their gazes, while those of the Radiant Light Sect were all forceful and domineering with their gazes.

This was the first time they too were seeing Yan Zhaoge in person.

That youth who had a limited cultivation base yet had left the Radiant Light Sect frustrated beyond compare.


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