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HSSB701: The Radiant Light Sect’s chains


Yan Zhaoge had long heard the famed name of the Grinding Hut Region’s sword domain where the headquarters of the North Sea Sword Pavilion was located.

Previously, when the Grand Xuan Dynasty had aspired to break the sword domain with the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation, Yan Zhaoge had wrecked their plans.

He himself, however, had never gone there before.

Now that the Grand Xuan Dynasty had returned, Yan Zhaoge went there as an esteemed guest.

Even while the sword-qi was not activated, upon entering the vicinity of the Grinding Hut Region, dense sword-intent could still be felt all around, attacking over towards them from all directions.

The stronger one’s cultivation base, the more clearly one would feel it.

Yan Zhaoge surveyed his surroundings rather interestedly.

The sword-qi was formless and soundless yet seemed all-pervasive and all-encompassing.

“Such a grand foundation can really be considered rare,” Yan Zhaoge nodded slowly.

As the disciples of the North Sea Sword Pavilion remained amidst such an environment, it was like unquantifiable sharp swords would be tempering them at all times from all directions in all ways, tempering them like whetstones.

Perhaps it was very slight, but as this was gradually accumulated over time, it would signify quite the considerable wealth.

As one lived in and cultivated here, one would have to remain on alert at all times whilst ceaselessly being tempered.

It was not for no reason that the average quality of North Sea Sword Pavilion disciples was publicly recognised as being the highest amongst the various powers of the entire Royal Reed Sea, quite a number of accomplished figures having emerged from amongst them.

Walking beside Yan Zhaoge, Yue Baoqi led the way for him, “This way, Young Master Yan.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled and nodded, following her alongside Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu.

Along the way, Yan Zhaoge received the curious gazes of quite a few North Sea Sword Pavilion disciples.

Aside from that, he could see descendants of the other sects gathered here as well.

There were some from the Radiant Light Sect, some from the Dim Darkness Sect, some from Copper Men Island as well as some from other martial practitioners of the Royal Reed Sea who had joined the rebel forces due to being dissatisfied with the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s rule.

Everyone was either openly or secretly observing Yan Zhaoge.

“It was because of this person that the Grand Xuan Dynasty retreated How unimaginable.”

“I heard that it was mainly because the Southeastern Exalt was angered.”

“If it really is so, things are more understandable then.”

“In this, this Yan Zhaoge should only have played the role of an activation catalyst How lucky…”

“It shouldn’t just be that, right So young, yet already having Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood.

Let alone the Royal Reed Sea, how many others under the heavens have you heard of”

“Catalysing things by conveying the news wouldn’t require that much powerful of a cultivation base.

If one really is powerful enough, they would be like the Southeastern Exalt.

Not needing to speak, just him possibly having been angered alone was sufficient for the Grand Xuan Dynasty to lower their flags and cease their drumbeats.”

“Beneath the combined forces of two fifth level Martial Saints, which early Merging Avatar Martial Saint would be able to successfully flee Why not you or one of the seniors of your sect give it a go”

“Who knows how he managed to flee…”

“One or two matters by themselves could still be called coincidental, but it likely wouldn’t be so for many.

Do not forget that the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation was actually broken by him! The Radiant Light Sect’s Nong Yuxuan was a deceitful person who stole his credit.”

“That’s true.

The Radiant Light Sect is full of these bastards.”

“You of the Dim Darkness Sect, you’re courting death!”

“Come on, could it be that I’m scared of you You dare to do it, and we shouldn’t dare to say it”

As the Grand Xuan Dynasty retreated and the pressure on everyone eased, some pre-existing tensions from the past also began rising to the surface.

While all of them were conversing in private and Yan Zhaoge was unable to hear what exactly was being said, he was basically able to guess what they should be thinking.

He did not mind this in the least.

The martial practitioners of the Radiant Light Sect and the Dim Darkness Sect entering a standoff with a fight nearly breaking out, Yan Zhaoge felt even more interested at this.

Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu saw this scene as well, the latter suddenly sending via sound transmission, “Young Master, there’s a problem.”

As Yan Zhaoge turned to look at him, he saw that the big man’s face lacked all its usual slickness and laziness as he appeared extremely solemn.

“Young Master, the Grand Xuan Dynasty has ceased in its war efforts.

So long as the Radiant Light Sect and the other powers do not take the initiative to provoke them, they will keep a low profile, not attacking the Radiant Light Sect.

Hence, the pressure formerly exerted on them will be gone.”

Ah Hu said earnestly, “Currently, with the North Sea Sword Pavilion and the Dim Darkness Sect protecting us, the Radiant Light Sect cannot do anything to us.


A gloomy look flashed on his face, “Might they simply concentrate their power and descend within the Eight Extremities World to deal with Family Head and Broad Creed Mountain”

The Radiant Light Sect’s main, elite forces had been concentrated within the Royal Reed Sea all along, dealing with their entanglements with the Grand Xuan Dynasty and the Dim Darkness Sect.

Even when they dispatched people to the lower worlds, it would be limited in number.

Now, however, if the Radiant Light Sect hardened their hearts and shifted their focus, with their strength and their many experts, it would be completely different from the previous small scale skirmishes that had occurred between them.

The easiest example was that even Seeing Divinity Martial Saints would have their cultivation bases suppressed to the third level of the Martial Saint realm when down in the Eight Extremities World.

However, the gap between a late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint and an early Seeing Divinity Martial Saint who had both been suppressed to the peak of the third level of the Martial Saint realm was very prominent indeed.

There would naturally be a difference in terms of their accumulated experience and their grasp of the martial dao, and this was so for the extent of their strength as well.

Taking a step back, even if their relative strength remained unchanged, as the Radiant Light Sect shifted their focus, the experts that they were able to pour in would still reach a shocking figure.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “This is not impossible.

After all, I only have ties with some descendants of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage.

It is not like I have personally entered his lineage and his protection.”

Ah Hu’s expression was solemn, “Should we ask the North Sea Sword Pavilion and the Dim Darkness Sect for help then”

Yan Zhaoge said, “When experts above the third level of the Martial Saint realm forcibly descend to the lower worlds, it will be detrimental to their bodies.

Just based on their indebtedness alone, we might be able to invite martial practitioners of the North Sea Sword Pavilion and the Dim Darkness Sect to temporarily descend within the Eight Extremities World and provide assistance, but them staying there for the long term would be impossible.”

“If they are experts below the third level of the Martial Saint realm, it would be difficult for them to ascend back above after having descended.

At the very least, they would be unable to do so freely.”

Yan Zhaoge spread his hands apart, “We do not know when the Radiant Light Sect might make its move.

It is easy to be a thief for a thousand days but hard to guard against one for the same period.”

“If we look to find trouble for the Radiant Light Sect on our own, while the Dim Darkness Sect might be pleased, this might not be so for the North Sea Sword Pavilion and Copper Men Island.

After all, the Grand Xuan Dynasty still remains, and the verdict of the Southeastern Exalt is still uncertain.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, Ah Hu shook his head, “From the comparison in strength between the two sides right now, if it is just the Dim Darkness Sect, I fear…”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Don’t be so certain.”

Ah Hu’s spirits rose, “So you have already long since thought of a plan, Young Master.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “In having come to the World beyond Worlds this time, it was primarily to resolve the threat that is the Radiant Light Sect.

However, we also needed to guard against the Grand Xuan Dynasty greedily eyeing us from behind.”

“First selling out the Grand Xuan Dynasty and establishing friendly relations with the Southeastern Exalt to get the latter to suppress the former is something that I do not regret.

Still, the problem of the Radiant Light Sect’s chains being released as a result was also something that I naturally had to consider early on.”

“Whether this method is useful still cannot be said for certain now.

I will first have to meet the Chief of the Dim Darkness Sect, Zhou Haosheng, before being able to say for sure.

I have already given out an invitation through Wi Zixiu for this.”


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