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HSSB707: Killing formlessly


After the radiance had dissipated, Yan Zhaoge carefully appraised the world before him.

The heavens and earth that they were currently in were rather strange.

They had the distant horizon as a boundary, black and white being distinctly separate.

The great earth beneath their feet flickered with dense radiance, preventing one from being able to clearly discern the truths contained within.

Above their heads was endless darkness.

Even while light illuminated upwards from the great earth down below, it still remained pitch black.

Streams of light that were composed of spirit patterns could be seen between the heavens and the earth, resembling numerous chains as they connected the darkness above and the radiance below.

Dim, gloomy auras coiled as they wreathed those chains, collectively forming layer after obstructive layer that resembled numerous light veils.

Yan Zhaoge knew that these were numerous layers of restrictions that protected the Dim Radiant Mausoleum even as it prevented outsiders from entering.

Looking over, there was a massive mausoleum silently erected there.

It was this that the restrictions outside were meant to protect.

Due to the treasures they possessed, their group had directly passed through most of the restrictions on the outer layer, directly arriving in close proximity to the mausoleum itself.

Looking from the outside, the mausoleum of the Dim Radiant Emperor, Yin Tianxia, resembled a massive altar.

The surface of the altar circulated with radiance.

Yet, it did not seem bright, instead emanating a dim, gloomy feeling.

The dark sky and the bright earth seemed to have combined their forces to construct this piece of architecture that had a grand, mighty aura.

Etched inscriptions could be seen on the altar’s surface, as though time had been condensed.

Zhou Haosheng and the others simultaneously kowtowed to the Dim Radiant Mausoleum even as they admired it inwardly.

These Martial Saint experts were even trembling slightly as they spoke now, so irrepressible were their emotions.

Yan Zhaoge could empathise with this.

The one who lay in rest here was one of the most important figures in the whole history of the Dim Radiant Sect.

Sometimes, even this ‘one of’ could be negated.

Aside from the founder of the Dim Radiant Sect himself, there should be no one else who could be mentioned in the same breath as the Dim Radiant Emperor, Yin Tianxia.

Whether it was his personal strength or the glory of the entire Dim Radiant Sect when he had been alive, Yin Tianxia was unquestionably the number one figure in history, surpassing all predecessors.

The Great Calamity had discontinued countless legacies.

Yet, the Dim Radiant Sect had attained unprecedented heights beneath Yin Tianxia.

The more glorious it had been, the more the Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners who were currently in a bad slump would naturally feel more respectful of and yearning towards that era.

Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu entered, bowing solemnly towards the mausoleum as well.

After entering the mausoleum, there was the possibility of them obtaining treasures and fortune for themselves.

This was only required manners.

Zhou Haosheng and the others looked back, directing a deep glance at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge could tell that they actually weren’t all that happy about someone like him who was not of the Dim Radiant Sect’s lineage entering the Dim Radiant Mausoleum.

Now, seemingly because of their approach, a sound actually resounded from within the mausoleum.

Zhou Haosheng’s expression changed slightly.

He had not the leisure to pay any more attention to Yan Zhaoge’s group as he hurriedly looked in that direction.

Several silhouettes had actually appeared atop the mausoleum that was in the shape of an altar.

These silhouettes gradually turned into humanoid form, their bodies half-black and half-white with light and darkness intersecting, emanating a strange feeling.

Carefully looking over as well, Yan Zhaoge’s trio found that these people were all expressionless and with blank gazes.

They appeared totally devoid of vitality, resembling puppets.

Yet, the flourishing qi and blood of martial practitioners emanated from the bodies of these strange figures.

This meant that they were actually all martial practitioners, yet had lost their minds as they were like the living dead.

“Spirits that guard the mausoleum But the Dim Radiant Emperor did not have anyone follow him into death that year,” As Yan Zhaoge looked at it, his expression gradually turned strange, “Could it be that someone already entered the mausoleum previously in an attempt to look for the treasures, eventually having died beneath its restrictions as they themselves ended up enslaved by it But…”

But their cultivation bases were really a little low for if their purpose was to guard the mausoleum.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze swept over.

There were more than ten figures who had appeared.

One of them was a Martial Saint, the remainder all being Martial Grandmasters.

Generally speaking, this would already not be considered a weak force.

It would be sufficient for them to control a territory and develop someplace within the World beyond Worlds at the very least.

In the lower worlds, they would already be a hegemonic power.

However, what place was this This was the burial ground of the Dim Radiant Emperor, Yin Tianxia.

While Yin Tianxia had died so many years ago, the restrictions of his mausoleum had still been able to easily keep two Exalts out.

If one said that these people were guarding Yin Tianxia’s mausoleum for him, that would really be a terrible joke.

The problem lay therein.

Where even two Exalts had not managed to forcibly intrude and enter, how had these people entered the mausoleum that year

Zhou Haosheng’s face was livid.

He said not a single word as he strode into the mausoleum.

The other Dim Darkness Sect experts all followed suit.

The current situation meant that someone had already arrived before they did.

The people here who had already turned into puppets were not important.

More importantly, there would most probably have been experts who had brought them here for them to have successfully entered like this.

Those people might not have been refined into puppets.

They might already have entered the depths of the mausoleum, obtaining gains.

Looking at the backs of Zhou Haosheng and the others, Yan Zhaoge shrugged.

No one could know how long ago it was that those people had arrived.

They might already have left long ago, already having benefited greatly from their trip.

It was just that there was no need to say this and aggravate Zhou Haosheng’s group.

The Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners were already looking depressed to the brink of imploding.

Ah Hu secretly sent via sound transmission, “Young Master, someone already arrived before we did.

The treasures might all already be gone.

Is there still a need for us to take the risk and still enter it”

“We enter,” Yan Zhaoge said, taking the lead in following Zhou Haosheng’s group.

He gazed at the Dim Radiant Mausoleum before him that contained dim, distant scenes.

He vaguely felt as though there was something calling out to him.

As they approached the mausoleum that was in the shape of an altar, those puppets naturally came to intercept them.

As he paid attention to their stances, Yan Zhaoge instantly frowned.

He discovered that their cultivation bases aside, the martial arts currently executed by these martial practitioners were clearly extremely profound.

They were around the same level as the Time Flowing Sword of Shen Lingzi’s lineage, being superior to the legacies of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the Dim Darkness Sect and the North Sea Sword Pavilion!

Yan Zhaoge appraised it carefully.

The martial arts executed by a martial practitioner who had been a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster when he had been alive actually seemed to be of the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture’s direct lineage!

“These people surely have extraordinary backgrounds,” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes somewhat.

Looking at these puppets, Zhou Haosheng’s face was sunken as he inhaled deeply, “Late Emperor, please forgive this disciple’s incivility.”

The difference in their cultivation bases was just too great.

With a casual sweep of his palm, those puppets all shattered instantly.

Zhou Haosheng strode at the forefront, entering the mausoleum.

Yan Zhaoge and the other Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners entered as well.

As they truly walked within, they did not feel any force obstructing them, also seeming not to have set off any of the mausoleum’s other restrictions.

Yet, a feeling of extreme danger suddenly arose within Yan Zhaoge’s heart.

The interior of the mausoleum was illuminated by dim radiance, the path seemingly having no end.

Possessing the lowest cultivation bases, Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu were the first to be affected.

Yan Zhaoge noted how Ah Hu’s gaze gradually turned dazed completely without him noticing it.

Meanwhile, the Cold Sun Divine Sabre sheathed on Feng Yunsheng’s back now left its scabbard.

Even Feng Yunsheng was taken slightly aback as dim blue radiance suddenly shone within her eyes, resembling two cold suns.


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