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HSSB709: Something that Yan Zhaoge is drawn to


Seeing Zhou Haosheng extend a hand towards that Dim Radiant Lamp of legend, Yan Zhaoge said, “It would be best to be careful.”

Some of the Dim Radiant Sect experts looked warily about while the gazes of the rest all fell on him.

The meaning contained within their gazes was not difficult to guess.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “We all suspect that someone already entered beforehand.

No corpse can be seen inside the coffin of the Dim Radiant Emperor as well.”

“Whether someone entered or the Dim Radiant Emperor revived, the current situation is really too strange.”

“This place is completely empty aside from that Dim Radiant Lamp that is placed blatantly there, not having been taken away.

Doesn’t anyone find this to be unusual”

Yan Zhaoge surveyed the surroundings, “We indeed beat the Radiant Light Sect in arriving here.

Still, it would also be us to first experience the restrictions and mechanisms of the mausoleum.

Arriving at an earlier time is a joyful affair, yet scouting and setting off the traps for another is not so enviable.”

The Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners did not speak, but looks of agreements could be seen on their faces.

Zhou Haosheng’s expression was calm as he said slowly, “Little Friend Yan’s worries are not without reason.

Yet, there does not exist much time for us to slowly observe the situation.”

“Some risks must necessarily be taken, cannot be avoided.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “I do agree with that.”

Zhou Haosheng returned his gaze to the Dim Radiant Lamp, extending his hand forward.

As Zhou Haosheng’s palm neared the Dim Radiant Lamp, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered slightly, noticing an abnormality on his hand.

Amidst the dim darkness vaguely appeared an extremely bright speck of light.

The extremity of darkness birthing light was orthodox amongst the martial arts of the Dim Darkness Sect.

Yet, there actually seemed to be some other existence within that speck of light as well.

A silhouette gradually manifested from within that light.

While it seemed as small as a cob of corn, just the majestic, powerful aura contained within alone caused even Yan Zhaoge to feel shocked.

That actually seemed to be a late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint just like Zhou Haosheng was.

Next, however, Yan Zhaoge felt that despite this figure’s great might, it seemed to be lacking acuity.

Instead, it somewhat resembled those puppets that had been under the control of the mausoleum’s restrictions earlier.

“A Dim Darkness Adept” Yan Zhaoge realised.

While it was his first time seeing one, this should be the famed Dim Darkness Adept he had heard of.

This was a primary aspect of the Dim Darkness Sect’s foundation, having enabled its influence in the Royal Reed Sea.

It was from the predecessors of the Dim Darkness Sect willingly refining their selves with a secret art right before their deaths.

There were very strict requirements on the expert being refined, and the rate of success was abysmally low as well.

Still, as soon as the refinement succeeded, they would be able to obtain a mortal shell that had regained its vitality and possessed strength that was close to when it had still been alive.

It was just that its cultivation base could not be raised any further.

These Dim Darkness Adepts were an important reason why the Dim Darkness Sect was still able to compete with the Radiant Light Sect without falling to an obvious disadvantage despite not having any high-grade Sacred Artifact.

Currently, while Zhou Haosheng was indeed doing something risky, he was still not advancing rashly.

While he looked like he was reaching out to grab the Dim Radiant Lamp, it was really a Dim Darkness Adept that was doing so on his behalf.

This Dim Darkness Adept was actually doing what was equivalent to setting off the planted mine for Zhou Haosheng.

Still, while it was not Zhou Haosheng himself who was being put at risk, if they were to lose a Dim Darkness Adept that was at the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm from this, it would still be an extremely immense loss for the Dim Darkness Sect, harming their vitality and paining them greatly.

It could be seen how incomparably resolute the Dim Darkness Sect was in having entered the Dim Radiant Mausoleum this time.

Looking at that lone lamp that was half-black and half-white, Yan Zhaoge did not do anything, not speaking as well.

Yan Zhaoge too felt enticed by this truly good item, yet he was still feeling greatly doubtful about it.

It was not just that someone might have already entered the mausoleum chamber previously and that the Dim Radiant Emperor’s corpse had vanished.

Before entering the mausoleum, Yan Zhaoge had vaguely felt that there seemed to be something within that was calling out to him.

However, he had not discovered anything after having entered.

He could be sure that it was not this Dim Radiant Lamp before him which he had been drawn to.

What in the world might it be then

Ignoring the somewhat wary gazes of some of the Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners around him, Yan Zhaoge slowly appraised this dim mausoleum chamber that he was in, considering slowly.

While it was a mausoleum chamber, it was actually extremely grand within as it resembled the great hall of a palace.

It was just that dim light was scattered everywhere, causing everyone to lose their sense of distance as they were somewhat unable to distinguish near and far.

Aside from those puppets they had met at the start, no other guards could be seen in this place.

Still, with that dim light that killed formlessly, there actually didn’t need to be other guards.

That light would turn all foreign invaders into puppets that guarded the mausoleum.

The likes of Seeing Divinity Martial Saints and even Immortal Bridge Martial Saints might not be able to resist it for certain.

Yan Zhaoge and the others had only been able to enter the mausoleum chamber thanks to the treasures that shared its legacy.

Meanwhile, there were numerous restrictions about the outer regions of the mausoleum as well.

Thinking back for a moment, Yan Zhaoge could be certain, “There should definitely have been some others who entered before.

Otherwise, the appearance of the martial practitioners-turned-puppets outside just cannot be explained.”

Looking over, he saw that the Dim Radiant Adept on Zhou Haosheng’s palm had not regained its ordinary human size, still remaining the size of a cob of corn.

Still, as this Dim Radiant Adept reached out, it was like he was going to grab the heavens and the earth with his palm as the dim night sky enveloped the Dim Radiant Lamp.

Suddenly, the darkness dispersed.

A speck of light suddenly blinked into existence with no prior warning whatsoever!

The Dim Radiant Lamp had lit up!

Bright light instantly suffused the entire mausoleum chamber.

Having originally been filled with dense, dim light, it was now lit up brightly and dazzlingly.

If it had just been an ownerless, damaged high-grade Sacred Artifact, it might not be able to do much to Yan Zhaoge’s and Zhou Haosheng’s group.

Now, however, the Dim Radiant Lamp stimulated the entire Dim Radiant Mausoleum, causing it to seemingly shake in its entirety at this moment.

The Dim Darkness Adept on Zhou Haosheng’s palm suddenly grew bigger, turning into a tall old man.

Strands of black qi surged continuously from this old man’s body.

Yet, illuminated by that all-encompassing brightness, it dissipated unceasingly.

Zhou Haosheng’s expression did not change as he emitted a low roar, pushing his palm forward.

That Dim Darkness Adept performed the same action.

Accompanied by their palms, the extremity of darkness suddenly birthed bright, dazzling light.

As this light met the glow that was being emitted within the mausoleum, they seemed to resonate.

The other Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners all performed the same action as well.

Bright, dazzling radiance that was supremely pure, repelling all foreign objects.

For all that existed as dissimilar, they would be repelled and destroyed, cleansed and extinguished.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze turned deep and distant as he circulated the subtle profundities of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture once more.

The next moment, the radiance that was bright and dazzling to the extreme suddenly vanished.

The Dim Radiant Lamp was extinguished.

Everyone could only feel as though all was dark before their eyes as they were unable to see anything at all.

The interior of the mausoleum chamber vanished, the stone coffin vanished, the Dim Radiant Lamp vanished, only all-encompassing darkness remaining.

Everyone was unable to feel the presence of their companions at this moment.

Circulating the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, all light and darkness returned to formlessness.

Thus, Yan Zhaoge was able to see that the space he was currently in was in the midst of changing unceasingly.

The massive mausoleum chamber that had originally been grand and majestic seemed like it had suddenly turned into chaotic flows of space now.

Yan Zhaoge and the others all tried to keep themselves in place as best they could.

Yet, they could not stop themselves from being swept into different spaces.

The one with the highest cultivation base, Zhou Haosheng, raised the Soul Brocade Banner, doggedly pursuing the stone coffin and the Dim Radiant Lamp along with the Dim Radiant Adept beside him.

Now, Yan Zhaoge again felt that there seemed to be something drawing him over.


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